25 Fun Pranks to Do on Friends That Are Harmless And Never Get Old

Here are some hilarious pranks to do on friends that may seem innocent enough not to do any real damage, but creative enough to guarantee they'll get a laugh!

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Pranks to Do on Friends
Pranks to Do on Friends

Having fun and playing tricks with your friends is a great way to have a good time. With just a bit of creativity, you can pull off some hilarious pranks on your friends and make them laugh. From funny to tricky to downright scary, there is something everyone can enjoy.

No matter what type of prank you choose, just remember to be respectful and pull off the joke with a lighthearted spirit. Birthdays, get-togethers, or alumni meets are the perfect time to break out your bag of funny pranks and get ready for some good-natured fun. So try these 25 amazing harmless pranks to do on friends and make your meeting with friends a memorable day.


25 Most Epic Pranks to Do on Friends They’ll Never Expect

Friends bring so much joy and laughter into our lives — so, once in a while, there is no harm in making them giggle by pranking them. Here is our list of some of the amusing pranks you can easily pull off and make your friends roll with laughter. 


Easy Pranks to Do on Friends That Won’t Get You in Trouble


1. Brussels Sprout Cake Pops


Pranks to Do on Friends


Make Brussels sprout cake pops that look so unassuming and delicious but pack a surprisingly sour, salty, and bitter punch at the first bite! Enjoy watching your friends take a bite, struggle through the taste, and try to remain polite—while you can’t control their reactions. 



2. Red-colored Shower

Unscrew the shower head and pop in a red color bar into the attachment. When they turn on the water, they’ll be drenched in red color, surprising and confusing your friends. Make sure you get your camera ready and capture the priceless expression on your friend's face!


3. Tragic Oreo


Pranks to Do on Friends


Swap a few of the Oreo cream filling with toothpaste. Keep the cookies back together and serve them with milk to make them appear like a normal snack.


4. Rubber Snakes

Rubber snakes are the perfect way to prank your pals and have a good laugh. They can be placed just about anywhere, in the fridge, under the pillow, or the shoe cupboard, it's up to you to surprise your friends with a good old rubber snake. 


5. Donut with Mayonnaise


Pranks to Do on Friends

Fill the donuts with mayonnaise and make them look like regular donuts, but when your friend takes a bite, their face will be in for a hilarious surprise. 



Pranks to Do on Friends at Home That Will Have Them Laughing out Loud


6. Potato Sundae


Pranks to Do on Friends


Prepare a fake sundae using potatoes in the form of squash and garnish with caramel toppings, whipped cream, cherries, and nuts. Place this on the table and watch the disbelief on their faces as they realize what they are eating.


7. Tie up the Laces

One of the funniest, easiest, and yet effective pranks that you can play on your friends is tying their shoelaces to their chairs or tables. All you need to do is tie the shoelace of one of the victim’s shoes to their chair or table and watch them struggle to get out of their seat. But make sure you are there and don’t take the prank too far, otherwise your bestie can get hurt. 


8. Spice up the Drink 

Try adding a splash of soy sauce to your bestie’s beverages to add a unique flavor to the drink. Make sure to use a subtle amount to ensure it doesn’t overpower the flavor. 



9. Balloon Pillow
The other classic way is to replace one pillow with a couple of balloons on the bed. Place them in such a way that it gives the illusion of a regular pillow before they go to bed and watch as they jump out of bed, shocked! 


Tricks to Do on Your Friends That Will Leave Them Guessing


10. Honk And Smile

Discreetly place a sign that reads "honk and smile" inside your friend's car, making sure it is concealed and out of sight. And let them wonder why others who seem more flirtatious than inconvenient are constantly beeping at them.


11. Broken Phone Screen


Pranks to Do on Friends


Nothing is more annoying than a broken phone screen — except when it’s a prank. You can buy a special “fake” screen protector that has a crack in it for your friend’s phone. As soon as your friend notices it, you can listen to them scream and yell in disbelief before you reveal that it was all a joke.


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12. Fake iPhone Gift


Pranks to Do on Friends


Pretending to give someone an iPhone is a classic April Fools' Day prank. Just find a box the right size, wrap it up, and place a similar-looking phone inside. Your friends will be surprised and disappointed when they open their expected gift.



13. Reverse Trick 

The reverse trick is great for pranksters who like to play pranks on their friends. All you have to do is find something that your friend wants and wrap it up as a gift. When your friend opens it, there’ll be something unexpected inside.


14. Draw a Lamp Bug


Pranks to Do on Friends


Outline a frighteningly large bug on a piece of paper, then outline the shape with different colors. Then wait for the person to come and flip on the light.


15. Nugget Soap


Pranks to Do on Friends


This prank includes giving your friend a bar of soap that looks like a Nugget. Slice the soap bar into tiny shapes with the help of a razor. Put a few drops of food coloring in each square and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the food coloring has dried, give the soap to your friends and watch as they grab a square and start to lather up.


Pranks to Do on Friends at Work to Lighten Their Mood


16. Mess with Sensor


Pranks to Do on Friends


Jokesters can cover the remote sensor with a thin layer of tape that won't be noticed at first. Then, when the person goes to change the channel, they'll be baffled as the TV won't respond. 



17. Popcorn in the Keyboard 


Pranks to Do on Friends


This prank is a classic for the office. Put a handful of popcorn into the keyboard of your coworker’s computer and watch as they try to figure out what’s going on.


18. Key Switch

All you need to do is switch the positions of two keys on the keyboard. For example, replace the letter “a” with the letter “p” and vice versa. When your friends start typing, they won’t be able to understand what they’re writing!


Cool Pranks to Do on Friends When You Are Bored


19. Cheesy Deodorant


Pranks to Do on Friends


Put some cheese cream into a deodorant container and place it back where it was found. As your friend slides the deodorant across their underarms, they’ll be in for a surprise!


20. Scary Wallpaper 

The basic idea is to create a fake wallpaper on the screen of your friend's laptop. To do this, you'll need some wallpaper software that can replicate the real virus. Your friend won't be expecting it, and the realistic wallpaper and error messages will look exactly like a real system crash.


21. Egg in the shoe


Pranks to Do on Friends


It's a classic prank that never gets old and it is one of the funniest pranks to pull on April Fool's Day. To pull this off, all you have to do is slip a raw egg into one of your friend's shoes. When they put on the shoes, they won't be able to move without cracking the egg first. 


22. Trap the Mouse

Just place a piece of tape or a rubber band underneath the mouse, and watch them attempt to figure out why their mouse isn't working. 


Crazy Pranks to Do on Friends Without Getting Caught


23. Switch Canisters

Switching canisters can be a great way to pull a prank and make your friends laugh. It involves switching cooking ingredients like flour and sugar, spices, condiments, and more to create a funny, chaotic result.


24. Paper Brownie


Pranks to Do on Friends


All you need is a piece of brown construction paper, scissors, and an unsuspecting friend! Start by cutting out a paper brownie shape. Take a few extra minutes to make it look as realistic as possible. Maybe add some chocolate chips to give it a more authentic look.


25. Grape under Wrapper


Pranks to Do on Friends


Switch out the wrappers of the candies and place them over the grapes. Your friends will be confused when they see the colorful foil and think they’re getting a delicious treat only to get a sour surprise. 



Why Is It Fun to Prank Your Friends?


1. Humor And Entertainment


Pranks to Do on Friends

Pranks are often intended to be humorous and entertaining. They provide amusement not only for the person pulling the prank but also for the friends involved. It brings joy and laughter, creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.


2. Breaks the Routine

Pranks disrupt the ordinary and mundane aspects of everyday life. They inject an element of surprise and unpredictability, making things more exciting and dynamic. Pranks can break the monotony and add a sense of adventure and spontaneity to friendships.


3. Bonding And Camaraderie


Pranks to Do on Friends


Engaging in simple pranks with friends can strengthen the bond between individuals. It fosters a sense of camaraderie, as everyone involved shares the experience and the laughter that follows. Pranks create shared memories and inside jokes, contributing to a deeper connection among friends.


4. Boosts Creativity


Pranks to Do on Friends


Planning and executing pranks often requires creativity, ingenuity, and quick thinking. It challenges individuals to come up with clever prank ideas and execute them successfully. It can be intellectually stimulating and a way to showcase one's creative problem-solving skills.


5. Makes the Environment Light-hearted 


Pranks to Do on Friends


Pranks allow friends to engage in playful teasing and lighthearted banter. It creates an environment where friends can poke fun at each other in a harmless and affectionate manner. It demonstrates a level of comfort and closeness within the friendship.


6. Adrenaline Rush


Pranks to Do on Friends

Pulling off a prank can give a sense of excitement and an adrenaline rush. The thrill of planning and executing a prank, while trying to maintain secrecy, can be an exhilarating experience. It adds a sense of adventure and mischief to the friendship.


7. Creates Lasting Memories

Memorable pranks often become stories that are retold and cherished over time. They become part of the shared history of the friendship, creating lasting memories and strengthening the bond between friends. Pranks can create unique and unforgettable experiences that are cherished for years to come.

It's important to note that pranks should always be lighthearted, harmless, and respectful. It's crucial to know the boundaries and sensitivities of friends, ensuring that the prank does not cause any harm or discomfort. Respecting each other's feelings and maintaining trust is essential in maintaining a healthy and enjoyable friendship dynamic.

Pranks can add fun, laughter, and excitement to friendships, creating memorable experiences, strengthening bonds, and providing a break from daily routines. However, it's crucial to exercise caution and respect when planning pranks to do on friends. Approaching pranks with humor, kindness, and the intention of bringing joy is essential. Ultimately, the true value of pranks lies in the laughter, shared moments, and memories they create.


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