23 Most Reliable Signs She Loves You Deeply

She loves me; she loves me not! Stuck? From showing you affection to giving you a first-name basis, here are 23 irrefutable signs to tell if a woman loves you.

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Uncover the Most Reliable Signs She Loves You Deeply
Uncover the Most Reliable Signs She Loves You Deeply

"She loves you" is a phrase that different people interpret in different ways. It can mean that she loves you as a friend, as a brother, or even as a father figure. You can also interpret this phrase to say that she loves you and wants a romantic relationship with you. If she is always there for you, wants to spend time with you, listens to you, or respects your opinion, you may take these as obvious signs she loves you secretly. Simply put, her words, actions, and body language can tell you if she wants you to ask her out and if she is truly in love with you and maybe hiding it.

However, it is not always easy to figure out what a woman is thinking. Sometimes, a simple caring act may lead to a false assumption of romantic interest. Worry not; this article will help you figure out whether she is madly in love with you or is just a very good friend. Read on!

23 Most Reliable Signs She Loves You

1. She Often Says "I Love You"

Most Reliable Signs She Loves You

When a woman has strong feelings for you she will usually find ways to convey them to you — either by directly (and frequently) saying the three magical words to you or by leaving subtle signs in the form of good morning messages, romantic quotes, reels, etc. She will also make sure you know that she wants to be a part of your life for the long haul and how she genuinely feels about you.

2. You Are Her Priority

Another big sign she loves you is that she will always treat you as her priority. She will make sure to involve and include you in her daily routine and ask for your opinion on the crucial things in her life. She will also put in time and effort to connect with you frequently.

3. She is Your Best Friend

When a woman tries to make sure that you are super comfortable around her, you can take it as a sign that she is romantically interested in you.  When a woman loves you, she will also show off her sense of humor, be goofy around you, and tease you playfully. In short, she will try to be your best friend so that you think of her in every situation.

4. She Deeply Respects You and Cares About You

When a girl genuinely likes you, she will always respect your feelings by acknowledging your opinions and points of view. She will also be considerate and participate actively in working on the things that worry you. From minute hints to bold gestures, she will never miss a chance to show you that she cares about you.

5. She is Reliable

You will notice that she has feelings for you when she will dedicatedly be there for you in times of need - be it good or bad. Not only will you find her loyally standing by your side, but she will also ensure that you are okay. She will also make a genuine effort to keep her words and promises and help you understand that you can rely on her for anything and share everything with her. 

6. She Actively Listens to You and Your Needs

When she starts taking an active interest in your personal life, it is a sign she likes you secretly. She will fondly listen to you - your likes, dislikes, needs, desires, and ambitions. 

7. She Happily Accepts You for Who You Are

One of the primary signs she loves you romantically is that she will never try to change you. She will happily accept you for how and what you are as a person, despite your imperfectly perfect appearance, flaws, weird habits, silly mistakes, funny laughter, etc. Her feelings will entirely be unconditional.

8. She Remembers Even the Smallest Details About You

She Remembers Even the Smallest Details About You

She will not only listen to your stories but will even remember the slightest of details about you and everything that you share with her. She will put effort to make you feel special by pointing out those minute details — maybe she will plan a surprise or gift your favorite item.

9. She Loves Being Around You

You will know that she likes you when she will make effort to find ways to spend quality time with you in any which way possible. She will love to be around you or include you in her plans simply because she loves your companionship.

10. She Always Tries to Make You Smile

From casually teasing you to being playful or silly, a woman in love with you will put in extra effort to make you happy. She will try to do everything to a smile on your face, especially during difficult times.

11. She Talks about the Future

Be it a future job location or meeting with parents, her conversations will more likely be about the future because she wants to see herself with you. This is yet another prominent sign she loves you deeply and is considering a long-term relationship with you.

12. She is Your Major Cheerleader and Happily Celebrates Your Victories

She will be happy about your success and will be always there to cheer you and hype you up. From your smallest victories to your major life events, she will be there to celebrate your achievements with you at every stage in life.

13. She Shows Immense Affection and Support

Words are one of the biggest measures of affection. You will notice that she will speak positively about you often. She will be a significant support system in everything you do. She will try to show affection by saying nice things to you, pampering you, or giving you gifts.

14. She Flirts With You

She Flirts With You

She will send you flirty texts or call you by name. She will try to open up about herself, will smile when you look at her, and her body language will be nuanced or shy when you are around.

15. She Is Brutally Honest With You

She will be blunt and honest with you when it comes to her opinions. If she likes you, she will neither lie nor keep a secret from you and will be totally open about things important to her.

16. She Shows Subtle Signs of Jealous

When a girl is into you she might give you hints of getting jealous, especially if she feels that someone else is getting more important to you. Also, understand that irrational jealousy is not unhealthy and there is a fine line between being cutely jealous and showing red flags of enviousness.

17. She Unknowingly Mirrors You

She will start showing empathy towards you. She may unknowingly start mimicking your body language, speech, facial expressions, or more. This lowkey sign also indicates that she may be getting connected to you on a deeper.

18. She Willingly Takes Initiative to Work on the Relationship

A woman will often take the initiative and put in effort for the relationship if she is in love with you because she wants it to work. She will try to initiate a conversation, suggest activities that both of you can be part of, and find other interesting ways to bond and connect with you.

19. She Does Not Back Down from Difficult Conversations

She Does Not Back Down from Difficult Conversations

It is rare for a woman in love to back down from a tough conversation. Instead, you can see it as a sign that she loves you deeply if she is mostly trying to get through sensitive discussions. You may actually have a lot more difficult conversations if she is serious about you because she sees a future with you and cares about making it work. She knows that life can get hard at times, so she will always try to be a problem solver rather than have a victim mentality or play blame games.

20. She Seeks Your Advice, Opinions, And Perspective

Yet another huge sign she is in love with you is when your opinion matters to her and you are the first person she comes to for any advice. She will want you in her life and will be willing to know your point of view about things.

21. She Makes Sure to Include You In Her Life

Her plans will mostly revolve around spending time with you. She will happily talk about you to her friends and will proudly make them meet you. She will try to include you in every activity of hers - be it shopping, brunch, a get-together, or a family gathering.

22. She Never Makes You Doubt Her

If a woman is in love with you, she will never leave you in a situation where you will feel confused about her feelings. She will understand how critical assurance is and will always go the extra mile to make sure you are well aware of her emotions and love through her words and actions alike.

23. She Tries To Win You With Not Only Words But Also Actions

Last but not least, a highly underrated sign she loves you is when she tries and puts in the effort. Rather than speaking empty yet lovable words and making fake promises, she will back those with actions to make sure you feel special and loved. For example, she will make your favorite snack if you did not get time to eat or she will postpone a pre-booked dinner date on realizing how exhausted you are.


If a woman is into you, she will make it obvious that she loves you profoundly in no time. But even so, it may become confusing at times, as every woman is different and has their own pace and way of expressing love. For moments when you feel she likes you but is hiding it, this list of 23 surefire signs she loves you deeply will prove to be your guide. However, the most important thing to understand here is that you can not force someone to love you. You have to do your best and respect her enough so she can either accept you or walk away.

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How does a woman show love to a man?
If a woman is in love with a man, she will make a consistent effort to win him over. These efforts may include listening intently, wanting to spend more and more time with him, telling him why he means so much to her, showing generous affection, etc.

How does a woman act when she's falling in love?
hen a woman is falling in love with you, she'll smile more and be happier in your presence. Plus, she will buy you gifts, be spontaneous, and be more conscious of your needs. She may also find ways to subtly touch you (probably a slight kiss on your cheek) or hold hands. All these signs indicate that she is in falling in love with you.

How do you know if a girl is serious about you?
The primary sign to identify that a girl is serious about you is if she starts loving you unconditionally and becomes clear and vocal about her true desires and feelings. She may also make sure that you become a part of her circle and even invite you to meet her family. She may also start having frequent conversations about being together in the future.

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