BTS’ Dance Leader JHope: Here are our 6 favourite JHope fancams that proved his dance prowess

Keeping the most-viewed fancams aside, check out our favourite fancams below. It might just have yours too!
J-Hope performing BTS' powerful song ON at MMA 2020 BTS' JHope performance photo at MMA 2020 (Pic Credits: News1)
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We don’t need a special occasion to talk about the hard work of our precious idols, do we? So today, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to list down our favourite fancams of the dancing machine of BTS, J-Hope. From being ARMY's hope, and their ray of sunshine, to always being there for the BTS members themselves, J-Hope’s (or Jung Hoseok’s) cheerful personality is extremely addictive. 

Adorable sound effects and the giggles that bless our ears - are the many things that make J-Hope’s personality lovely. But, it takes a complete 360-degree turn as soon as he steps on the stage to perform. He transforms from the adorable, always-cheerful member to a seductive, flawless yet powerful dancer and rapper on stage. While we stay stuck at home and reminisce about the concert days, today, let’s live one too! 

Take a look at are our favourite J-Hope fancams here:


Starting off the list with one of the most legendary fits to ever be worn by J-Hope. A purple velvet suit with a deep neckline. With his hair slicked back and forehead exposed, the timeline was filled with this J-Hope on the day of their MMA performance. And why not? 

MIC DROP - 180622

Second, on the list is the Mic Drop performance at the Lotte Family Concert in 2018. With a color palette of black and grey, J-Hope wore a black choker, grey t-shirt paired with a black jacket and denim which made his sleek body figure more apparent. To top all that are his intense expressions and powerful dance moves. How can one not fall in love with this performance? 

LET GO - 191215 

In this fancam, J-Hope held the whole galaxy in him. With each move being extremely smooth, coupled with his brown highlights hair, J-Hope looked nothing short of an angel performing. ‘Let Go’ is a song that makes one feel all the emotions and the middle part which has J-Hope rapping and singing makes this fancam more beautiful. 


This performance deserves to go down in history. BTS created such a huge stage for their IDOL performance that I’d hardly seen in any other performance stages before. The group showing off their roots is not a new thing - they’ve always taken pride in it. J-Hope wore hanbok and performed a traditional song barefoot, way up on a ledge hitting every single beat of the music. He danced so effortlessly, we almost forgot it was just an introductory stage. 

NO MORE DREAM - 160723 

Even though this isn’t an entire performance and is just 51 secs long, this is another iconic dance break of J-Hope’s that will go down in history. There’s only a limit till when fans can afford to watch their idol being hot, and J-Hope broke that limit long back in 2016. 

MIC DROP - 190811

There’s either something in Mic Drop or long hair - or well, it’s just because J-Hope looks top-tier level whenever he performs on stage. Especially if it's an intense song. His signature smirk and growling do come up in this fancam a lot. How can one not fall in love with his flawless moves and intense expressions after watching this fancam? 

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Hobi is the best dancer

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Hobi is the best dancer

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I think hobi the best Korean k pop

Anonymous 2 weeks ago