EXCLUSIVE: DRIPPIN on Beautiful MAZE comeback, channelling complex emotions and 5-year goals

In an exclusive conversation, boy group DRIPPIN spoke about making a comeback with their single album Beautiful MAZE and their goals this time around. Read more below.

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DRIPPIN: courtesy of Woollim Entertainment
DRIPPIN: courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

DRIPPIN has entered their Beautiful MAZE era. My first chat with the boy group was a happy introduction to their music about 2 years ago when the then-septet dropped Villain as a part of their 2022 comeback releases. Over time, the boy group has grown in more ways than one and this comparison can clearly show you how. 

Member YUNSEONG seems to be in agreement as in an exclusive chat with us, he dished that rather than having an intense release like Villain which focuses on worldview, the team went for a calmer track for their title song which can be easy to listen to. He affirmed that listeners can gradually adapt to it and I couldn’t agree more.


The team has been around for 4 years now, with members delving into various other projects to maximize their reach over time. When asked about their biggest learning so far, JUNHO shared that having more peace in mind would be a good thing for DRIPPIN. Meanwhile, MINSEO emphasized the importance of taking care of his body, calling health his top priority.

Staying in good health seems even more crucial for the group as just ahead of the album release, member CHANGUK announced that he’ll be on a hiatus due to a respiratory disease.



DRIPPIN: courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Beautiful MAZE comeback and DRIPPIN interview

Comprising members Hyeop, Yunseong, Changuk, Dongyun, Minseo, and Junho, DRIPPIN released their single album Beautiful MAZE with a title track of the same name alongside 2 B-sides, Get Loud and Black Mirror. Prior to the drop on April 3, the boys shared their views on the album and spoke about how it’s the most DRIPPIN song so far. Read full interview below.

What is this release about and how does it fit into the whole concept of DRIPPIN?
The concept of this album is the image of boys who seem to contain the pain of something vague.
MINSEO: Beautiful MAZE is a song about innocent love, and like the other songs on the album, it contains a “DRIPPIN-like” song overall. 

How do the complex emotions in your songs bring your singing to life and how do you channel them?
Since we are people who directly express ourselves through songs and on stage, we always remember the concept while performing on stage.
HYEOP: It adds a little more earnestness and sadness.

Do you have any particularly memorable moments from the music video shoot?
All members were shivering because it was really cold during the music video shoot.
DONGYUN: There is a brief scene of a campfire, and it was really cold that day and the fire was very warm. 

What are the three strengths of DRIPPIN?
Musically diverse, close with Dreamin, quick when choosing menus.
HYEOP: Teamwork, pure, consistency.
MINSEO: Visuals, performance, purity.

What would DRIPPIN be doing 5 years from now? What would you like to have achieved by then?
I hope that in 5 years, DRIPPIN will win lots of awards and hope that I can continue to have fun with Dreamin.
JUNHO: I hope there is a song that pops out immediately to mind when people think of DRIPPIN, and all six members of us can do everything together. 
DONGYUN: I think I will spend my time communicating with many fans! We will also go on a world tour and try other things as well. 


What is your goal for this album?
I hope the song that comes to mind when thinking of DRIPPIN is our comeback song.
MINSEO: 1st place on a music show!

What’s your message to your fans?
This album is also different from the previous album. Dreamin you wll like it, right?! Let’s have fun with this promotion as well. We’ll show our good side as well. It’s our comeback after a year, so thank you so much for waiting!! Love you
JUNHO: Thank you for waiting so long, we will make it to you with a great performance!
DONGYUN: As it has been a long time since we came back, we will show you a cool and energetic DRIPPIN!! Thank you always, my fans.
HYEOP: First of all, it’s been a long time since we made a comeback and I missed you so much!! Dreamin also missed us a lot, so let’s do our best to make up for the shortcomings in this activity as much as possible! I love you!
MINSEO: Thank you so much for always believing and supporting us. We will work hard to become an even better artist in the future. I love you Dreamin!

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