EXCLUSIVE: GHOST9 does arm wrestling, wishes to collab with EXO’s Kai & SHINee’s Taemin

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GHOST9: courtesy of Maroo Entertainment

Boy group GHOST9 entered the world of K-pop in 2020 by debuting with EP ‘DOOR’ and thus began the tale of powerful choreography layered over intense music. Now, 5 mini-albums later, the group seems as ready as ever to charge ahead. Displaying a force like no other, the group has made a comeback with ‘NOW: Who We Are Facing’, a 6 track record that spans over high tension songs undoubtedly filled with heavy beats and instances where the skill-set of the members is very well presented.

Their ambitions as the new generation of K-pop and their continued release of catchy music has upheld a very strong base for the seven men from Maroo Entertainment who talked about everything from the perks and losses of living with each other to their very confident plans of visiting India and their personal playlists in an exclusive interview.

Congratulations on the release of ‘NOW: Who We Are Facing’. How does the story of GHOST9 proceed with this album?  

Junhyung: Our new album “NOW: Who We Are Facing” intrigues with its story about a war we will have to face and talks about important encounters and the value of the people we have met so far.

What are your thoughts about the ‘Control’ music video? Is this your favourite one so far? If not, which one is?

Woojin: Among the songs we’ve released so far, I personally think that this new one, “Control,” is the best one. I really like the shot of Woojin in the mirror, that’s why I chose it.

Jinwoo: I also love “Control,” but my favorite is from our 2nd mini album that we released in May. The shot of me in the mirror in that one is cool, too.

Check out the 'Control' music video below.

You have released 5 mini-albums. How do you think releasing a lot of music has worked in your favor? Please explain the concept of GLEEZ for people who might be new to the GHOST9 universe.

Junhyung: Yes, of course! Yes, I think this helps! If we can show this many songs and albums, the variety of things we can show increases which I think helps us stay competitive. I’ll also quickly introduce our character to you, the Gleez.

You can traverse through the center of the earth. On the earth’s surface, there is us, and inside the earth, there are our friends, the Gleez. We will share the stories of the journeys we make to meet each other. And I think that these stories can also give hope and courage to all our friends around the world.

With just over a year since your debut, what was the one moment each member thinks that defined the shift from trainees to idols for you?

Kangseong: When we were trainees, we’d spend a lot of time inside the company practicing. What changed the most from this period is that now we have fans and that we have more events to attend outside the office, so we get to gain different kinds of experience.

Shin: I think that everything goes through some kind of change. I think we really feel now that we’ve become idols.

How is it living with 6 other boys? What do you like or dislike?

Jinwoo: I really like it when it’s clean in the dorm. And I really don’t like it when it’s dirty.

Woojin: The good points are: the house is nice, eating snacks at night with Shin Hyung is nice, and playing games is nice. What I don’t like - nothing.

Kangseong: The good thing is that we get to experience every new day together and that it’s always loud. The bad thing is that it’s always loud. And that sometimes it gets dirty again right after I clean.

Junseong: I like it when it’s quiet. And I don’t like it when it’s loud.

Shin: I think I also like what Woojin said, eating snacks together late at night.

Junhyung: We can share our happiness.

Prince: The good thing is that you’re never alone. The bad thing is that I seem to like being alone.


What do you think has been one piece of advice that you think will help you in GHOST9’s growth?

Junhyung: The actor Denzel Washington has a phrase among his acting advice called ‘Fall forward’. And I think this is something I would follow. It means to fall forward, so you can get up again.

Shin: For me the most important thing is to focus on your own work.

Prince: For me it’s ‘Don’t have any regrets’.

Jinwoo: For me it’s ‘Nothing is impossible’.

Woojin: I don’t really have a motto but I will try my best.

Kangseong: Instead of not trying and worrying, it is better to try than to regret.

What are some artists that are staple in your playlists? What are some of your dream collaborations?

Prince: I really like Taylor Swift.

Junseong: I really like the band Oasis, I’ve been listening to them a lot lately.

Jinwoo: I like the singers Boyz II Men and D’Angelo.

Junhyung: I want to do a collaboration with Taeyang sunbaenim.

Shin: I would like to collaborate with Kai sunbaenim or Taemin sunbaenim. And Dawn sunbaenim is also very cool.

Have you heard any Bollywood songs or watched Bollywood movies? What do you know about them?

Prince: I’ve seen Bollywood dramas before. And it is surprising how the actors act very expressively. For example, someone gets hit lightly, but they react like “OH”.

Junhyung: Among Indian movies, I really like “3 Idiots”. It left a deep impression on me. The story and emotions it relays are really amazing. And Bollywood movies also need to have dance performances. And I think that this is a really beautiful part of the culture.

Please share a message for Ghosties in India and all over the world.

Junseong: Our Ghosties in India and around the world, we will go to meet you, so wait for us.

Shin: Thank you for sending us this much love even from so far away. We will always do our best and will become an even better version of ourselves. Thank you!

Junhyung, Shin, Kangseong, Junseong, Prince, Woojin and Jinwoo got down to some serious business when they were asked about muscle strength and took to arm wrestling. Who do you think won the game? Find out in the full interview below.

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