EXCLUSIVE: Japanese rock legend GLAY dishes on whodunit collaboration with ENHYPEN's Jay, ever evolving music, and upcoming album

In an exclusive chat with us, Japanese rock band GLAY opens up about joining hands with ENHYPEN's Jay, the evolution of music in the past 3 decades, their upcoming album, and more. Read on!

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GLAY with ENHYPEN's Jay; Image Courtesy: Loversoul Music & Associates / For Life Music
GLAY with ENHYPEN's Jay; Image Courtesy: Loversoul Music & Associates / For Life Music
Key Highlight
  • Japanese rock band GLAY open up on teaming up with ENHYPEN's Jay for whodunit
  • GLAY talks about the ever-evolving landscape of music through their 3 decades of career
  • GLAY is coming up with new album Back to Pops set to release in October

GLAY, the legendary Japanese rock band, recently joined forces with ENHYPEN member Jay on their latest single, Whodunit, commemorating their 30th debut anniversary. Comprising Teru as the vocalist, Takuro and Hisashi as the guitarists, and bassist Jiro, GLAY has been a trailblazing act in the music industry since 1994. 

Get to know GLAY

Initially formed as a part of Japan’s visual kei movement in 1988, GLAY has since transitioned to a diverse rock and pop style incorporating progressive rock, punk, and other genres.

Known for their record-setting achievements, including the five-million-copy-selling album Review released in 1997 and the historic Expo '99 concert, GLAY has sold approximately 51 million records. 

Celebrating multiple anniversaries with new releases and tours, they remain influential in the Japanese music scene, evolving while maintaining a loyal fanbase.

About GLAY’s single whodunit with ENHYPEN’s Jay

GLAY's latest single, Whodunit, featuring ENHYPEN's Jay, marks a significant collaboration celebrating the group's 30th debut anniversary. Released on May 29, the hard rock track showcases Jay's impressive vocal harmonies alongside GLAY's lead vocalist, Teru. 

The song explores life's complexities, contrasting its fleeting nature with profound experiences, making whodunit a thought-provoking piece on the human condition. Directed by Bae Myung Hyun, the music video captures the dynamic synergy between Jay and Teru, especially in scenes where they compete for a microphone. 


Watch the music video for GLAY’s whodunit featuring ENHYPEN’s Jay here.

Interview with GLAY

With a storied career spanning decades, Japanese rock legend GLAY continues to captivate audiences with their ever-evolving music and groundbreaking collaborations. Their upcoming album promises to showcase their signature blend of rock and pop, marking yet another milestone in their influential journey through the music industry. In a candid interview with us, GLAY shared insights into their recent collaboration with ENHYPEN’s Jay, the evolution of the musical landscape over the decades, and their future projects.

Check out what GLAY had to share below!

Commemorating your 30th debut anniversary in April, you joined forces with ENHYPEN member Jay. Please share your experience working with him

GLAY: For the 30th-anniversary commemorative single, whodunit, we always thought that we would like a fierce rock track. Additionally, we wanted to create a thrilling sound where a double vocal could go toe-to-toe with Teru. It was then that a friend told us that a global K-pop group called ENHYPEN had a born star named Jay who loves guitar and rock music, was also born in the US, and speaks fluent Japanese. We thought this could be a very good stimulus for GLAY, so we made a proposal to Jay.


Whodunit beautifully narrates life from the concept of Yin and Yang; what was the inspiration behind the song, and what message do you want to convey to fans with it?

GLAY: The world is becoming increasingly divided in many regions. There are many conflicts, and it's devastating. However, we in GLAY believe that music can bring comfort and peace, even if only for a moment. Therefore, by collaborating with many talented artists, we are trying to signify our commitment to solidarity with others, something we deeply value.

Our inspiration comes from such encounters. The theme of GLAY’s music is all about love. Moving forward, we hope to continue meeting wonderful artists with a lot of love in their hearts and deliver the same to our fans through our activities.

In your 30 years of remarkable journey, what has been that one thought or motto you have held onto?

GLAY: Back when we had debuted, we never imagined we would still be in the band thirty years later. With the support of people, we’ve somehow reached our 30th anniversary. We believe that music brings joy, so we have reached this milestone with a strong desire to make everyone happy—our band members, staff, fans, and everyone involved with GLAY. With the determination and resolve to do anything and everything, whether it’s something new or something old, we want to ensure people enjoy it.


In your 3 decades of journey, from starting as a high school band to going global, what do you feel has been the biggest transition in the music industry, and how do you see it impacting music as an art?

GLAY: The environment surrounding us has changed day by day since 2000. With the advent of the internet, people’s lives have changed drastically, and since the music industry is one part of a larger society, it inevitably gets affected as well.

Reactions now reach people directly through social media and various subscription services, making things more convenient. However, at the same time, we often see the ugly sides of humanity, which were previously hidden, being exposed. We feel that behind the convenience, there are many people, including us, who feel exhausted.

As for the good sides, we have received feedback that people who have taken a break from listening to GLAY for child-rearing, studying, working, or other reasons are very grateful that when they come back to GLAY after things have settled down, they can find all the GLAY songs they have spent time with, as well as songs they didn’t know about, on subscription services.

It has made it easier for the younger generation to listen to GLAY songs, and we will continue to create songs that can be listened to by many different generations. No matter how much technology has advanced, in the case of GLAY, we are very happy that the concerts are effectively used as a reunion-like place for many fans to meet up with old friends.


What’s that one piece of advice you would like to give to the younger artists and one modern advantage you wish you had back in the days as young musicians?

GLAY: In today’s world, social networks have developed extensively, and as a result, there is an aspect of mutual surveillance. Because of this, young musicians inevitably find themselves in situations where they must create their own projects while being conscious of others’ opinions. We believe there is some room for sympathy in this regard. It might be difficult today to have the strength to firmly uphold your own will, even if it means facing societal criticism. 

As musicians, there are many who engage in their activities with the determination to sing out clearly what needs to be sung, including warnings to society. We silently support such musicians. In this era, new things are born one after another while moving at GLAY’s own pace. If there’s something we desire from the advantages of modern times, it might be the skill to use social networks effectively.

Your last album released was FREEDOM ONLY in 2021; do you plan to release one in the near future, and will it have more such collaborations?


GLAY: We are planning to release an album called Back To The Pops this October. This time we have taken “pops” as our starting point, and we think we have made an interesting album. We have also been able to work with some great musicians on this album, so there will be more information soon. Please look forward to it.

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