EXCLUSIVE: Reports of Ranbir-Deepika Returning 15 crores to Tamasha Producers are Untrue!

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Rumour mills have been abuzz with reports of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone returning 15 crores to the producers of Tamasha. Many media sites have been reporting that while Ranbir has returned Rs 10 crore to the producers of Tamasha, UTV and Sajid Nadiadwala; DP has returned Rs 5 crores so that the distributors don't suffer high losses.

Reportedly, Tamasha was sold to the distributors at a very high price due to the golden pairing of ex-lovers, Deepika and Ranbir. Although the film won critical acclaim, it didn’t make the kind of money expected out of it, thus making it an average grosser. To make the movie more viable for the producers, reports were doing the rounds that RanDeep decided to return a part of their remuneration to the producers of the film.

However, when team Pinkvilla spoke to Tamasha and Deepika’s spokesperson, they out rightly refused the news. “Ranbir and Deepika story is untrue. They both are proud of the film and a lot of people have loved the movie. As far as returning the money is concerned, it is ABSURD,” they said.


tamashaa wasn't flop. it's average and both did great job.

Ranbir probably gets paid twice as much as Ranveer. Is that why she looked so clingy with him ? or maybe just desperate to sell movie? Oh well, on to Befikre!

DP seemed so desperate during the promotions of the movie.That's why it failed!!

I agree. She still cannot open up about current relationship but has no problem looking so despo when promoting Tamasha.

Argh! Vile creature, give it a rest . DP is a million miles above you in everything from looks to fame , youre not fit to clean her shoes . She doesnt know you even exist. Stop embarrassing yourself

Success party was for what?

Success party was for what?

They are all laughing their way into the bank - all of them - they have won life. Good for them all .

Don't drag Kat's name into this people..... Let her rest for once.we know d one who has a desperate pr

Why? When u guys drag dp everywhere on kat post so why cant we? Yes we all now katrina aunty has a desperate Pr. We r seeing it since 2013 n recently too diring tamasha promotions(rk n his dad exposed her) n last week too(kissing pics) pv plz post u arent posting my comments

Oh and the countless posts about RK marrying Kat, GQ interview for attention whats all that . Kat PR is most desperate

This movie flopped all thanks to deppy aunty's behaviour during its promotion.....don't blame RK

Movie made decent business because of DP , BV lifetime collection 25 crores . Lol

so was finding fanny lol and that was also declared a disaster by the same trade analysis's and websites that said that about bv. point is neither are superstars. only the khans can make crappy films work at the box office. everyone else needs good promos, music and after release, wom. pv ii dare you to post this.

Okay, for all those saying that Ranbir can’t bring in crowds, Tamasha had an opening day collection of 10 cr+. And please don’t say that was for Deepika, because Piku’s opening day was half of that, and BM’s was 11cr, which is not much of a difference. Also, Tamasha was an average grosser only DOMESTICALLY, worldwide it has recovered its budget and is a semi-hit. So, please don’t call it a flop. Now, please go and read the reviews of Tamasha. There are a lot of good things about the film – the music, the performances, the locations, and the whole concept. However, the execution was flawed, and Imtiaz Ali tried to incorporate a lot of things in the film, which is why the reaction has been so polar. Ranbir’s acting has been UNANIMOUSLY praised, and he has been receiving best actor nominations also.

Anyone can go through a bad phase. Without failures, success means nothing. Ranbir has been making admirable choices for his films, but right now he needs to go a bit safe to come back on track (Commercial/ Ensemble films). And yes, he needs to cut his pay, because he is NOT the frontrunner anymore. True, he has achieved much more than Ranveer/Varun, but those guys are fast catching up and they charge a lot less than he does. Also, the wage gap based on gender needs to be reduces ASAP. Ranbir is talented, no doubt, and he has a LOT of good will from the industry, and he is still getting a lot of good projects, but he is no more in a place to charge such an exorbitant amount of money. PV please post.

BM's opening day was 11cr inspite of Dilwale clash... SRK under-estimated DP's popularity just like you....

You believe that 10 crores is good? A 20% occupancy is good? you just compared the opening with BM wow, did you forget that BM released with a SRK-Rohit Shetty film? Semi-Hit? My God your paragraph is amazing, let me tell you that Tamasha has lost 38-39 crores INR after domestic, overseas, satellite, music, branding - I know this as i belong in the distribution and exhibition circle. Every site, trade pundit, producer, exhibitor has termed this as a flop, so where did you get semi-hit from? As for the film being praised, wow - twitter does not make for 2% of the movie goers, this was a rehash of all of Imtiaz Ali's previous movies with a change of scenario. Fact is this, Ranbir has had a Disaster in Bombay Velvet and a Flop in Tamasha in 2015, a terrible year (I won't add Roy as majority of viewers knew he has a smaller role compared to Arjun Rampal) The luck will not change unless he changes the people he is working with - Jagga Jasoos looks like a flop, ADHM might hit the average status. He used to work with Prakash Jha, Rajkumar Santoshi and Siddharth Anand I think he should go back to them as they are far more commercial than Kashyap, Imtiaz, Anurag Basu and the only reason that I'm saying he should go back to those commercial directors is because if you want to be a superstar then its vitally important your films are commission earners, hits, super hits and blockbusters not one blockbuster in YJHD then follow it up with three Flopbusters!

Ranbir and Deepika loved each other as lovers do but they now love each other as friends and are basically making do. The reason for this is society's expectations ( including his family ) that he brings home a fair bahu. These expectations made it easier for him to cheat. I LOVED TAMASHA ! Wish them well.

Even Depikas current bf is basically making do ! He is waiting for the perfect moment to move on to someone prettier like Kriti. Wishing everyone well.

She has the looks , charisma, fame, money and a bf . While you are probably fat with a desk job and no romance . Hurts doesnt it

Evidence of Kat's pr getting desperate.

Not as desperate as your PR queen deepika.....its an open secret

whatever - like them together (on - screen!)

Love seeing ranbir and deepika together onscreen and offscreen. There is something so sweet and innocent and pure when they are together.

whatevver box office says but i really loved the movie and especially their chemistry

sidd and ranbir is the biggest stars in young generation..they both are good looking,they both are talented..love u both

The another reason that tamasha didn't do so well is ranveer singh..too remember he used to come everywhere rkdp promoting
..with his ugly face..go to tamasha screening without invitation..why just for free dinner shame on him..actually it's deepika ranbir polite behaviour that they not throw ranveer out of the studio...I am not hate ranveer singh...but he is such irritating..pv plzzz posttt

ya you will never hate Ranveer!! We got it.. thanks.. n we understood that never ever we would have to explain anything to you n it would be a sin to talk to you about anything at all..

Ranbir has lost his charm and I doubt he will regain his glory again. Fans can defend him and provide other reasons for Tamasha failure but truth is even with good acting from his side and lengthy OTT promotions, no one other than the fans came to watch this movie...and mainly it was Deepika's star power. Deepika can try her best in showcasing as if their pairing is the best chemistry in planet Earth, but sorry lady....even with lots of kissing scenes in this movie, it is nothing to brag about!

Lots of kissing scenes in Tamasha?! Were you watching Ram-Leela by mistake?

Producers need to get the hint that people are not interested to see Ranbir on big screen anymore. Same coming of age movie with same looks and dialogue delivery is not working. Four consecutive flops is no coincidence. Truth is without deepika his last release would have been a bigger flop but the thing is when he tries to do something different like BV the audience react by throwing their footwear at the screen...

Deepika and ranbir need to marry each other they look so good with each other...

Ranbir deepika best couple...

Tamasha isn't flop guys if u see it released on 2100 screen and 500 overseas and it collects more 111 crore worldwide u can't call a flop....ya it didn't collects as excepted bcoz of golden pair rkdp...but still it is average grosser

No one can ever dream that bajirao mastani and brothers can collect more then tamasha...

Obviously why won't it make more money given that both are different types of genre. Tamasha was a different film dealing with bipolar etc. while BM is the total opposite. If Tamasha was a regular love story I guarantee you it would've made much more money.

Tamasha collection only 64cr, industry insiders were laughing it was big joke, even mary kom did better LOL...

No doubt on this man talent..the most hottest man...!!!

Ranbir is most handsome actor after hritik and salman no dout...

I read somewhere that deepika is also working on Akshay Kumar's formula for remuneration, they take a certain percentage of profits. Having said that, if deepika had a bigger role in second half also, the movie would have been a super hit.i I am confused about Ranbir's fan base. Does he have one? i know the Ranbir haters are Salman and Deepika fans. The only Ranbir fans are Kat shippers. That is all. He has to develop his own status.

"Akshay Kumar's formula for remuneration, they take a certain percentage of profits" Honey that ain't only Akshay's formula. Almost all the men in Bollywood do that. All the Khans, Hrithik, Akshay, Ajay, Saif, etc. Some like Aamir only take a percentage of profits, while others like Hrithik get a fixed amount, and then more percentage of profits. Deepika does not do that. Unfortunately, Bollywood is still very male dominated, and Deepika, despite being highly popular, would not be considered on the same league by the industry. The only actress who ever got a fixed remuneration, and on top of that a percentage of profits is Kareena Kapoor for Heroine (Aishwarya Rai was also in negotiations for this deal when she was signed on for the same film). Maybe after Deepika's Hollywood film releases will the industry give her more respect, despite the fact that she is a superstar. And I'm not undermining Deepika's talent or popularity, just saying what a male dominated industry like Bollywood thinks of her. I agree with you on the rest of your comment. PV post this, you never post my comments and they're never offensive.

Doubt film stars return money...

Aside from the fact that dp was given less screen time I think the way the story was structured might have been a bit tedious for some. It did not flow in the way that people have become accustomed. Having said that, for me deepika and ranbir were brilliant. As such it should not be expected that they return anything. As for rk's paycheck.. we all negotiate for the best terms it is up to the producers to say yay or nay. And I do agree that dp should be paid more.

I am not surprised with Tamasha not being a big hit. It was nowhere near YJHD which led to disappointment in audience and only fans were left to watch this movie. Secondly I agree with the comment below that "People were fooled" that DP was nowhere in second half. Honestly she nailed her character. For me that scene where she begs for love and says sorry to Ved before agar tum saath ho song is the best acting i have ever seen by any actress in the history of Indian cinema and she got rave reviews also but her not being in the second half made the movie less about a love story and more about male actor story. That is where audience loose interest.People were going to watch it for DP-RK story instead it turned about a RK story with DP supporting him. And plus the movie was shown in such a complex Way with all those fictional characters and the child artists and so many unnecessary overly dramatic ranbir scenes which were literally dragging the movie. Not saying that Ranbir didn't did a good job. It was his best performance after Rockstar. The movie simply couldn't connect with a vast audience but those who connected with it loved it and are calling it best movie of the year but universally the films stands ambiguous. PV kindly post my comment.

Depika bad simply actress

DP charged about 8 crores for her movies in 2015. If she returns 5 crores then she will be left with 3 cr.She charges that much for commercials.All her financial decisions are made by her management and they won't take such a decision. When she shot for an item number for SRKs movies (Billu) , DPs management sent the invoice to producers it seems.It is business and there is nothing wrong in charging for your work.For Tamasha she didn't charge exorbitantly like RK. So the returning money story was indeed absurd.

They made posters with RomeoJuliette/ LailaMajnu - Why always the same story. Tell me, what does that make you think ? That Tamasha will be a love story right ? It wasn't !! It was about Ranbir and DP just had a stretched out cameo. As soon as word got out about that, I knew the movie was doomed. Just like how word got out about Katti Batti being the same old nonsense Imran Khan-film. Ranbir was good in it, but overall the film was boring. Same old coming of age crap ! PV, pls post !

Hands down that if Deepika was not in the movie...it would have done worse!! And it is because Ranbir is getting really unpopular. Find out when his next movie comes...no one will go to see it! No matter how much of a good actor he is, people just do not seem to want to watch him!

Tamasha wasn't an average grosser it wasn't able to recover its budget which makes it a commercial failure. i think ranbir should only be signed onto movies based on a profit-sharing model. he's only had flops for the past 3-4 years but for some reason producers still keep putting him as lead actor in movies with big budgets. i understand they might have a lot of faith in his talent but profit-sharing reduces the chances of the film being a flop. As for deepika she shouldnt have to give any money back. a lot of people credit her for the collections being higher than any of ranbir's past flops.

What rubbish!!the movie was a hit not a big one but neverthless a hit..ranbir was fantastic and so was deepika..ranbir deserved all that he was paid..love you ranbir!

it would have been a hit for star cast, but certainly not for distributors and producers

just because it is a flop everyone is blaming ranbir, but if it were a hit then you people would all say it was only thanks to deepika. Like whats up with these double standards. The movie flopped because of the story and the lead PAIR failing to deliver what they overhyped during promotions

Deepika does pull the crowds, what worked against the film is it's early release in the west... I myself did not watch it coz of the reports that there is very little of DP and more of Ranbir glorification in it....

If only the movie had more of Deepika...

Why would the producers pay Ranbir 38 cores? I'm sure Deepika only got paid between 7-9 cores. Actresses like Priyanka, and Deepika have the power to create decent openings at the box office, and someone like Ranbir with 4 major back to back flops gets 38 cores? I have no words about this disparity in Bollywood. These producers need to goto business schools. I don't think actors should return the money since it's the producers fault for being stupid.

it was a really good movie, one of my faves in 2015! i should have done better business...dont think that they returned the money. and why should they, they acted very well!

it was a wrong news spread by jealous kat PR to bring dp down. she always does like that. even she uses her bf and make him embarrassed too.

Then HOW MUCH should the likes of Katrina, Sonam, Kangana, Kareena and any of the males return for their FLOPS! Too much! Absurd news spread by a jealous DP rival.

If the movie didn't work then it's nor Ranbir or Deepika's fault. It's the script which was same story again and again, it was bore in some parts, it was less love story which was promissed by makers and more " A rich man trying to find himself" which would not click with many people plus all the Tamasha off screen by the lead pair which turned off many people, also Tamasha's PR team worked really hard to create the magic pair from Ranbir-Deepika, they promoted this pair as next SRK-Kajol which is funny and now these actors should give them money back. They worked hard and did good job and it's not Ranbir's fault that despite his flops some producers for some reason still ready to pay him big money while they can cast someone else with less money who can do the same job

What is happening in our industry, Badlapur made more than 100% return on investment and Varun charged merely a crore approximately for it. And in case of Tamasha, Ranbir charged 38 while the movie made loss, forget about the return. Actors' fee to some extent should also depend on the performance of the movie.

I bet if u ever been in love u will cry after watching their break up scene...magical chemistry

Ranbir is really a superstar..after giving three flops he charged 38 crore..i agree he look handsome and act good but 38 crore is too much..

It's exceptations was so high bcoz of rkdp pairing and it would not collect as much as excepted..but it's not a flop and to be honest there was no justice to rkdp pairing in the flim..but netherless they look good together...hoping to see them again

the wage gap is insane, my respect for RK has gone down the drains, who in their right mind charges so much and for what?!? But i guess the most stupid ones are the producers who fricking agree to give him half the budget

It's RK who should be returning 28 cr of his 30 cr fee. No one wants to see him. dP on the other hand is grossly underpaid and should be given a chunk of dough from the money returned from RK ;-) everyone went to the theater to see her anyway and Imtiazz dissapointed by giving RK almost all the screen space. big Mistake, HUGE !

The producers are at fault - if they believe that Ranbir Kapoor is worth the amount quoted, I'm sorry THEY (producers) are at fault. Who pays an actor 38crores who can't attract an opening? he is not worth more than 6-7 crores AT MOST!

Ranbir should seriously consider taking a pay cut. The higher he charges, the less money his movies make. It's the logical thing to do and it'll ease the pressure off him believe it or not. It's not like he needs the money. He should charge less, reestablish his box office clout and steady his wobbling career.


Can't believe Ranbir is getting paid these huge amounts despite having delivered four consecutive duds. I thought it was a sincere sign to return it though. People don't really realise how much is at stake when a movie fails. Their PR kept saying Deepika-Ranbir were the next Kajol-SRK pair and on that bases sold their initial rights for a huge price. The rumour must have started somewhere. I initially read that the production house had demanded them to return the money given the poor result of the movie at the box office, then rumours were rife about Ranbir and Deepika deciding themselves to return the money and now suddenly a denial. It's sad Tamasha just did average, it was a good movie...maybe not really innovative though.

then rk says he doesnt have a pr. lol every star has and so does he.

I guess if there was no Dp in the film it would have make 2cr :/
I like Ranbir but with actress that can ACT and a story like Konkona, DP or PC.
Sonam has improved her acting SO much, Parineeti is so good even Sonaski or even Kalki.

first makers themselves spread this news to keep tamasha in buzz now deny. bw has become a joke

This movie would have made much more if there was more a DP-Ranbir love story like YJHD or BAH !
Honest opinion : people were fooled, they all came to see DP (paired with Ranbir a lil bit) but she was barely here in the second half which turned boring !
KRK's critic was true (and I usually never agree with him...)

yeah right! and I am the queen of England.. People have good sense of humor..

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