EXCLUSIVE: Gully Boy Ranveer Singh says,'became fearless post Ladies VS Ricky Bahl as he was horrendous in it'

Ranveer Singh, in an exclusive chat with PINKVILLA, revealed if he feels scared about taking risks with his movie choices. Read on.
EXCLUSIVE: Gully Boy Ranveer Singh says,'became fearless post Ladies VS Ricky Bahl as he was horrendous in it'EXCLUSIVE: Gully Boy Ranveer Singh says,'became fearless post Ladies VS Ricky Bahl as he was horrendous in it'
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Ranveer Singh has always shown his acting prowess with the roles and characters he has chosen in the last few years. In the last one year itself, the actor stunned everyone as the despicable Khilji in Padmaavat followed by a raunchy Simmba in the movie by the same name and now is all set to leave us shocked in Gully Boy. The wait for the movie is getting longer with every passing day and with just three days to its release, we caught up with Ranveer Singh in a candid chat along with Alia Bhatt wherein he spilled a few beans about his process as an actor and more. 

During a chat, when we asked Ranveer if the idea of them taking risks with movies scare them. What if it doesn't work out, ever cross their mind? To this, Ranveer said, "I actually read a quote by Jack Nicholson recently which read 'once you are very terrible in a movie, it brings about a certain fearlessness.' Like, I was terrible in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, I was horrendous," he laughed and added, "After that, I developed a certain level of fearlessness because how bad can I be? When you have done Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, how bad can you get?"

About taking risks, Ranveer shared, "Risks excite me and in order to push myself and not stay in the comfort zone, it is important for me to take risks. I take high risks at every level and aspect, whether it is the choices I make or choices in performance, even in life, sometimes. I like to play high risks because it excites me. For instance, playing Khilji was a huge risk. People said, 'he is such a despicable character with a homosexual undertone and people will hate you,' but I feel like nothing ventured, nothing gained."

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"I think I get a kick out of it," he smiled. 

Well, do you agree with Mr. Singh? Let us know in the comments below. Gully Boy releases on Valentine's Day. 


Ladies vs Rickie behl may not have worked that well on the BO but his acting was natural on that movie...

I enjoyed watching Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl and he was good in it, whatever the role was he did it amazingly well and his body language was great in all the different roles he played within the movie and OMG his body was amazing lol.

He's right about Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl being terrible. Ranveer has literally only done 10 movies... that's not a diss on him, all people who premiered around the same time as him, Parineeti, Alia, etc. have only done about 10 movies not counting pointless cameos. But that makes him no expert to talk like this when he has literally no roles to talk about, that's why all he has to talk about is Khilji over and over. Those extra few years people like Deepika, Ranbir, Anushka, make a lot of difference.

Um lootera, band baaja baraat, ramleela, bajirao mastani, padmaavat. he's given 5 solid performances. and all these films were hits bar lootera. so i think its unfair to say he has literally no roles to talk about. yeah he had to accept a lot of crap films early on that happens when you dont have a silver spoon in your mouth. his current lineup speaks volumes of what he has achieved, no?

You were awesome in ladies vs. Ricky..... Your body language was too good in that movie....

At this point I think he's always good. It's the stories though that make the difference. Hopefully he'll keep getting good scripts.

He is so boring and overrated

He is still going on and on about Khijli

Ranveer you were good in all the movies !

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