EXCLUSIVE: Sara Ali Khan has a fitting answer to the nepotism controversy; watch video

With nepotism being the most discussed topic in the country today, Sara Ali Khan, despite being born to actor parents, has a different answer to the same issue. Watch what she said.
EXCLUSIVE: Sara Ali Khan has a fitting answer to the nepotism controversy; watch videoEXCLUSIVE: Sara Ali Khan has a fitting answer to the nepotism controversy; watch video
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In the last few years, one word that has been particularly the most discussed in the country would be nepotism. While it always existed in every industry, it was Kangana Ranaut who brought out the issue during one episode of Koffee with Karan. Ever since, starkids have been questioned about the same. Recently. Ananya Panday got trolled on social media after she gave her opinion on the same. While there are always two sides of the coin, it seems one section of the audience is completely against nepotism. But what about the actors who are extremely good at their jobs and hail from a film family? The debate is ongoing...

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Here, we caught up with Sara Ali Khan who had a fitting and more sensible answer to the whole thing. When asked if she's pressurised by her legacy, she shares, "I believe that anything in life is as much pressure as you take. I love my job and every day of it. I never looked at it as pressure. I also realised and recognised that if I feel pressurised with the fact that I'm Saif and Amrita's daughter, which is also something that I'm immensely proud of, then I really won't be able to perform. So taking that pressure is not smart."

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She further adds, "Yes, I do have the advantages but what am I doing with that if I sit here getting pressurised. I didn't choose to be Saif and Amrita's daughter, even though I'm really proud I'm. Everyone has their own journey and the audience is extremely smart. At the end, if you have it, you will make it. If you don't, you won't. Every day has different starting points but it's all about how you grow." 

Watch the video of Sara Ali Khan's right here:

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Overacting ki dukaaan

Overacting very annoying femake

Just two movies old and this girl is already bagging movies left, right and center. She does have to thank her privileged lineage for that but she is also indeed quite talented. She does stand out from the rest of the nepotism brigade.

Nayandeep and all the others blidnly defending nepotism will be eating their words and regretting their fakeness amd overconfidence when Love Aaj Kal and Coolie No 1 releases. Likh ke le lo

None of the younger generation star kids are "extremely good at their jobs". Even the best talented insiders like Abhay Doel and Akshay Khanna have struggled. I don't know why Nayandeep is coming up with such weak and poor excuses

she is too clever ! she is snaching movies from other people. jahnvi is better than her. she doesnt petend to be too clever.

OMG! So much hatred. Ppl get alive. How can you say that she is not a good actor and not beautiful. She is good in her own way. So stop all this nonsense about Napotism.

when she entered Bollywood I thought that she is different, she is funny, smart and maybe has talent but with time I understood that she is a loud, talentless overrated star kid. Now she and her so-called funny side gets on my nerves and there is nothing cute about it, especially when I saw her horrible acting in simba

Agree she is not beautiful and doesn't have any talent.all overacting in the movies and interviews too.she is getting roles bcz of her father only.

She is obviously going to make the most of what she is born with, that is contacts in film industry, and the film producers are casting these mediocre star kids, the problem is these nepo kids are forced down our throats, but Here is the thing we have an option in this matter, audience need to stop watching any of the nepo kids movies like what many of us have, there is so much quality viewing out there might as well indulge in that than this mediocrity.

I never pay money to watch any nepokid's movie in theatre. Really Karan Johar and others who produce these mediocre kids believe that they have that power to make a star out of any nepokid they want because audience will go and watch their movies. I'd rather go and watch Ayushmann, Rajkumar Rao, Vidya and Tapsee's movies which I do btw

She is beautiful and fit , she has a bubbly confident personality , this is her own plus points and has nothing to do with nepotism . If she was an outsider she had 50-50 chances of surviving in industry based on these qualities . I agree that she isn’t a good actor.

No looks no talent yet u bagging movies with big actors and directors thanks to papas name aur kuch nahi

You are a bad actress and you are getting roles because of nepotism and aggressive PR

"f you have it, you will make it." but you are neither talented nor great beauty but reason you're grabbing and snatching films from those who have both , is simply because of nepotism.Watching your cingeworthy expression and dialog delivery, no director would cast such bad actors if not nepotism.stop singing ' i did not choose to be born as xyz daughter ..'You are making it only because of this factor you mentioned.Period.

I love you

Makes sense.

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