Taapsee Pannu on nepotism & getting replaced in films by starkids: People felt I won't last long; I had cried

Taapsee Pannu talks about creating her own identity in a world that reeks of nepotism, privilege and recommendations, and the struggles that came along with it. Watch the full video inside.
Taapsee Pannu on nepotism & getting replaced in films by starkids: People felt I won't last long; I had cried Taapsee Pannu on nepotism & getting replaced in films by starkids: People felt I won't last long; I had cried
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Taapsee Pannu is clearly one of the biggest frontrunners today when it comes to completely shifting the ball game in favour of actresses. There was a point when female actors weren't given their due - in terms of pay, content or respect. Today, the tide is slowly and steadily shifitng and how. Taapsee who's received a thunderous response to her layered performance in this week's release Thappad, happened to be the first guest for Pinkvilla's latest series Woman Up!

Known to be a firebrand of sorts, Taapsee made quite a few revelations while discussing the journey she's had charting her territory and creating her own identity in the film industry. She said that there was a point where people had written her off completely. "Nobody bothered to notice me for the longest time. I was never the centre of attention because people thought I won't last long. I have had people openly writing me off saying 'nobody wants to meet you'. Even when I had successes, people felt ek do aur, zyada se zyada and then she'll fade off," Taapsee smiles. 

Today, after delivering back to back successes, she's being hailed as the queen of word of mouth. Tell her that and she reminisces the times when she battled through nepotism. "There was a time when it happened to me and I had cried. I have been rejected and thrown out because of starkids. But it doesn't mean it won't happen now. It can happen to me today as well," she further adds stating that now, she has got a defence mechanism working that keeps her going. "ou know that there will be nepotism and favouritism here like any other industry. You can just keep whining and crying about it. Or you can just make your way through it because it's not something that will change anyway."

Would life have been easier if she had a godfather? Pat comes the response, "If I delivered a few flops in the beginning of my career, I wouldn't have got another chance. If I had a godfather, I would have been more relaxed. I would have thought that even if 2-3 films didn't work, I'd still get another chance." We can only say, more power to you, girl!

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Agree, Taapsee is not a sasti copy of anyone. Only problem I have with her she thinks she is very smart. First said there is no nepotism in industry but saying its there now.

She had never raised voice against violence all of a sudden Biggboss ma violence and all that, SELECTIVE Stand.

Its ridiculous that people call taapsee sasti maal for deepika and alia like dude seriously are you blind alia has got all the awards in 2019 for best actress for gully boy i mean seriously are you crazy her acting didn't deserve a best actress and people should stop comparing alia with taapsee shez got a good advantage because of karan johar and lets just leave ananya out of this people who think ananya is a good actress are dumb idiots

Tapsee is a product of nepotism of some directors too.

Whatever, this Tapsee looks ugly and her acting is just overrated. Attention seeker, wannabe.

Laughable - please keep dreaming of snatching brands from Alia & Deepika. Alia, ananya and Bhumi have left no room for her :S

Tapsee is being promoted by some left wing directors - she is herself sasti alia Bhatt in that sense. Her image is also manicured like alias stop copying Alia & deepika

She is herself a product of nepotism thanks to extensive intense promotion from anuraag kashyap - irony died

She reiterates several times 'I don't take myself seriously'. Perhaps you do and that's why the need to emphasize it. Also cute hands but those nails need some trimming!

Makes sense, but it is weird to see producers hiring star kids when in that money they would be able to hire charismatic people

She said there is no nepotism at judwa 2 releasing time. I cant understand her limited stands!!

With exception of a few the biggest legends of Bollywood have been outsiders. Star kids should hang their heads in shame that they steal other people’s jobs when they are less deserving. I’ve always liked Taapsee - had a hunch she would rise to the top. At least she can hold her head up high in satisfaction.

Yes unfortunately it is not regulated industry such as you need a proper acting degree and then only you will be considered for projects, the problem with nepotism is that many star kids like Alia, Ananya Pandey have mentioned that they always wanted to be actors but they have never gone to acting school and gotten a degree and then plunged into acting with a proper resume like required in other professions, in some sense I still respect actors like Sara, SRK’s kids whom he has specifically stated have to be educated and graduates first before acting

Great Woman Up show

Bollywood does not have an official status of an industry therefore it is not regulated. The producers have initially been using their private wealth to bankroll projects and now it has become corporate but the concept remains the same ie. it is a business and not "art". The male star system they created at the expense of female characters over decades except (sridevi), was to ensure return on their investment. That is why to outsiders it is nepotism but for insiders it is their family business. Hence they will never understand why their choices should be dictated by "outsiders" when they are investing their personal money into projects. That gives them a right to hire whoever they want and merit becomes irrelevant.

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