This superstar's BODY DOUBLE shoots for almost 70 per cent of all the scenes in his blockbuster movies!

The actor’s lifestyle and timings are known by all and hence, he is signed only by filmmakers who are desperate to work with him
Guess Who,guess who,bollywoodThis superstar's BODY DOUBLE shoots for almost 70 per cent of all the scenes in his blockbuster movies!
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We know that stars have body doubles or duplicates who stand in for them sometimes, for high-risk, challenging action sequences or long shots (on rare occasions) if they are extremely busy with other work. But one particular star, uses his body double for almost all his scenes, because he is usually unable to reach on time for his shoots, due to various reasons. There’s an advantage to this – his duplicate bears an uncanny resemblance to the star and can emote well so using him is easier for directors and producers or it would mean cancellation of shoots.   

The star loves partying and late-night get-togethers, till the early hours of the morning, either at his home or seven-star hotels. When there are early morning shoots, the actor can never reach on time, so his duplicate is called on the sets. The way, the star ends up shooting only 30 per cent of his scenes in a movie – mostly consisting of extreme closeups. The rest are shot by his duplicate. Not just tough action sequences but all the long shots of the star’s movies are shot with his duplicate too.

The first day of an action drama that released this year was shot in a Middle Eastern country with only the body double, as the actor had not arrived by then, as he was busy shopping with his girlfriend. He came a day later, took his time getting ready and came a day later on the sets, by which time, the director had canned a couple of scenes with his duplicate. No doubt the director was miffed but because the star is known to give blockbusters, he kept quiet till the movie got over.

His friends and associates know his timings and style of work, so only those who want him desperately to work in their movies, sign him. The star is a blockbuster actor and even for those 30 per cent scenes that he does is worth signing him for, as he rakes in the money.

A close friend of the star refused to do a movie with him because of these kind of work methods that the actor employs – not arriving on time, wanting producers, directors and writers at his beck and call and the late night parties which create havoc with his health and baggy eyes. No amount of makeup or designer shades can camouflage the bags under his eyes, hence the actor prefers to let his duplicate take over on the sets.

Right now the actor is enjoying a great run at the box-office and producers and directors still queue up outside his residence to sign him up for their movie but he should heed the advice of his seniors carefully and take his buddy's refusal to sign him as a wakeup call. If the star is not careful, very soon other filmmakers too will shy away from working with him – especially if his BO status drops drastically.

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