EXCLUSIVE: Pawan Sachdeva on Babil Khan as a muse at FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week, his collection and more

Fashion designer Pawan Sachdeva, known for his impeccable contribution to menswear fashion, discusses his collection, showstopper, his favourite designer and all things fun.

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EXCLUSIVE: Pawan Sachdeva on Babil Khan as a muse at FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week, his collection and more
EXCLUSIVE: Pawan Sachdeva on Babil Khan as a muse at FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week, his collection and more

Back to Mondays, back to regular weeks. We hate to be in the mindset of no more fashion shows. A whole lot of looks came our way sufficient to binge on for life and fashion was at its classy best. As the last day at the FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week had many head-turning lines put on the ramp, designer Pawan Sachdeva too defined an A for Awesome kind of a game with Babil Khan as the showstopper for his collection 'People of Tomorrow'. 


Menswear that is both comfortable and fashionable is something that the Delhi-based designer's creations speak volumes about. His newest included futuristic aesthetics added to bring athleisure to formal wear made to wear for all age groups. No one does it like Pawan, no one does it like Babil. While the designer played cool with Aztec prints, the latter pulled off a tailored athleisure look on a suave note. 


We quizzed Pawan about his latest collection, his signature techniques, and more about menswear fashion. Here's an exclusive chat.


Babil Khan as a showstopper.


1) How has menswear fashion evolved under your hands?

A: It's the law of nature. Everything evolves over a period of time and the same goes for fashion. When I started designing for menswear, it was a totally different kind of fashion. It wasn't very bold, it was all fitted garments, very basic. Not too much styling, it was more focused on formal. There was nothing to do with casuals, it meant just denim and normal t-shirts. Formal pairs of shirts, pants, and suits were fashion. With time it's changed in terms of colours, and bolder prints and now there is a change in fits and styles. 


The current fashion is a mixture of too many things. There is no rule for fashion now. You can mix and match anything. You can wear a snug with an oversized jacket. So, now no selected thing is in fashion alone. Everything is in fashion. Now I see more comfort and style in menswear. And, men's fashion has become really bold now. 


2) What does designing mean to you? What is the best part about being a fashion designer?

A: For me, designing is from passion. For me designing is creativity, to create something new every day. And, is the way to express your style, your feelings, your emotions, and your garments which you can do just like an artist who paints everything on the canvas expressing his thoughts. It's the same way it's the design. We design and show our style, feelings, and emotions in the garments. So, being a designer is a very good, wonderful feeling because you get to see every day something new, something very creative, and you're free to express your thoughts in your garments. 


3) Outfits for all age groups in 'People of Tomorrow' is something that intrigued us, what led the way to this?

A: First thing I'll say, now 50 is the new 40. And, people with awareness about their diet and fitness, everybody looks so young. So, everyone wants to experiment and when they were young, I think they wouldn't get a chance to wear such amazing clothes as now. Fashion has no boundaries, it's the same style for all age groups. It's just about confidence, and how you carry it, it depends from person to person but it truly has no boundaries. 


4) How extensively does this collection focus on futuristic elements?

A: Our collection 'People of Tomorrow' speaks for itself. It is futuristic fashion. The type of fabrics we've used are natural fibers mostly and we've brought an amalgamation of leather, denim, and crepes. So, we've gelled all fabrics which are like the future of fashion and these fabrics are maintenance-free fabrics. And, that's how it is futuristic. The silhouettes and styles are relaxed and comfortable. That's the future of our young generation. They are so carefree and relaxed people they want even their outfits to be so relaxed and comfortable like they want their life to be. 



5) A few signature Pawan Sachdeva techniques incorporated to bring this collection together?

A: My signature style is a belted Kimono jackets and those big patch pockets which I use mostly in all my collections. 


6) Could you describe Babil Khan as a showstopper? Why did you pick this ensemble for him?

A: Babil is an upcoming artist. A promising actor. He is young, energetic, and dynamic and so is my collection. It's very young, edgy, and stylish like the showstopper. 


7) What does this collection have in store for the public?

A: My collection is good for all events from car to carpet. And, from carpet to street. It's best for occasions from car to carpet. It's for the red carpet, it has luxury streetwear which is good for clubbing and partying. It has streetwear which is good for day-to-day wear so it fits all occasions, all the time, all the seasons. 

It's not restricted to the ramp alone. It's extremely wearable. You can use it as a set, or you can use it as separates. For instance, you can use jackets and team them up with trousers and tee-shirts with jackets of your choice. It's very sellable and pocket-friendly too. 


8) An athleisure look isn't complete without?

A: Without a pair of good sneakers and the attitude you carry.


9) A fashion designer you adore and why?

A: Tom Ford because of his personal dressing sense, his style, and his creativity. He's rare among the other fashion designers. 


Pawan and Babil Khan.

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