10 Best Summer Romantic Comedies To Watch This Season On Netflix

Summer is a season of love and holidays, and what better way to spend the summer nights with a romantic and hearty summer movie? Here are the top 10 movies to watch this season on Netflix:

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10 Best Summer Romantic Comedies To Watch This Season On Netflix
10 Best Summer Romantic Comedies to Watch this Season on Netflix (Picture Credits: IMDb)

The summer film season has finally come. It is perhaps the most exciting time for cinema aficionados and general audiences, when they can literally walk into a movie theater at any time and see something huge, expensive, and stunning, as well as a range of smaller and more unusual films. Summer romance movies virtually write themselves, from beachside campfires to late-night conversations with a nice wind blowing. The summer season brings back memories for many folks of being out of school, having their first job, and fervently hoping to be invited to those gatherings that bring everyone together.

It's a moment for teenagers to unwind and escape from the problems that plague their schoolyard. Many of us are drawn to the warm sun's beams on our skin and the distant sound of crickets.

Summer is also a season for daring moves and open discussions. Warm weather seems to boost confidence, and people take risks they never would have imagined possible. Some become daredevils to wow the crowd, while others grow closer to a certain person. In any case, plenty of meet-cutes occur, and sparks fly. If you, like the majority of people, desire simpler times, check out the 10 best romantic comedies to watch this summer season from the comfort of your home on Netflix. 


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Along for the Ride


The summer between graduation from high school and college is an important period in a young adult's life. They want to cling on to the innocence and tranquility of childhood, but the prospect of moving on and becoming independent is just too appealing. In Along for the Ride, Auden West decides it is the ideal moment for redefining herself by relocating in with her divorced father and attempting daring bets with things she has never done before. While on a weekly promenade, she meets a boy named Eli, who likes Auden's approach to her final carefree summer. The two go on adventures together; Eli introduces Auden to new experiences, and secrets are revealed during the long nights.

The Last Summer

From approaching love as a business venture to hooking up with some older women, The Last Summer's ensemble cast ensures that there is never anything boring during their summer break before college. Couples like Phoebe and Griffin, as well as Erin and Alec, put their relationships to the test by allowing other things and people to come between them. 

Then there's Audrey, who is doing her absolute best to focus on herself and plan out her future, while a boy named Foster has set himself the aim of sleeping with multiple young women before the sunny season ends. Finally, Chad and Reece simply want to maintain their businessman facade around the ladies. Stories intersect, but in the end, everyone understands what they have to do for what’s best for themselves. 

Endless Love

Nothing makes two individuals desire to be together more than being told they must separate. In Endless Love, Jade's father is the one desperately trying to drive them apart for Jade's future. The two go to great lengths to be together, and Jade's mother, Anne, even attempts to assist David and Jade in making it work. After Jade's father successfully separates the two with a restraining order, the rest of the family begins to crumble, revealing how much he has wrecked their lives. Jade and David eventually reunite, but not without a terrible tragedy that nearly destroys a couple of lives.

The Choice


People either love or loathe their neighbors, and Travis and Gabby in The Choice experienced both emotions. Gabby initially considered her bachelor neighbor insensitive and disrespectful, as he played loud music to his intact canine, which caused her dog to become pregnant. Travis originally tried to brush her off, telling his sister that the new neighbor bothers him, but he couldn't help but smile as he said it. From feuding to friendship, these couples eventually got fond enough of each other to start a romance. When Gabby's boyfriend returns to the United States, their love story is thrown off track, but Travis remains certain that she is a woman worth fighting for.

A Week Away

Summer camps are the places where children go to make memories, and in A Week Away, Will Hawkins was given the choice between camp and juvie. Will quickly develops feelings for Avery, an outgoing girl at camp. Will makes every effort to stand out from the crowd in order to get her attention. The two connect, and they both admit to feeling like they are living a lie. Will is hiding his emotional pain from his past, and Avery feels compelled to please everyone at the risk of suppressing her genuine self. From the musical numbers to the traditional summer pastimes that we all miss, this summer romance was bound to happen.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

Aiden pursues Clare in their senior year of high school, but she rejects his romantic behavior because she refuses to believe in high school love. Clearly saddened, Aiden makes an unusual decision: they will only date until the end of the summer, when they must separate ways for college. They will have a quick and enjoyable relationship, and the outcome is already determined. Clare agrees, and when summer arrives, Aiden wishes to retract his statements. He tries to show Clare how much fun they have together, and she briefly reconsiders her feelings. At the end of Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between, both characters reveal their true intentions and feelings.

Dear John

Dear John stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfriend as two people who like each other but never seem to have the best timing. When John (Tatum) and Savannah (Seyfried) first meet, they have an instant connection. They spend their days and evenings together, getting to know each other's interests and backgrounds. However, because John is in the United States Army, his duty requires him to return overseas. The couple chooses to maintain their relationship through letters, but after years apart, the bond eventually deteriorates.


Rip Tide

This summer coming-of-age picture stars Debby Ryan as Cora Hamilton, a young model. After a video and photos of Cora in a highly vulnerable circumstance are revealed, she decides to abandon her entire life in New York and fly to Australia to live with her aunt. Cora finally feels free in a place where no one knows her and there are no strict schedules or high expectations. Cora's attention is drawn to a local surfing instructor, and their new romance begins to take off. Cora learns a lot about herself, her family, and her own wants in Rip Tide, but she also discovers what it's like to be loved without expecting anything in return.

Love and Gelato


There's something about young Americans in European countries that makes for the ideal romance with a dash of eccentric fun. In Love & Gelato, Lina Emerson feels compelled to do something significant with her life before leaving for college, so she books a trip to Rome to learn about her late mother's origins. While there, she embarks on solo adventures, finds friends, and falls in love with two gorgeous young guys. Lina believes her biggest issue is deciding between the two, but she soon realizes that there are more crucial factors to consider.

Resort to Love

Erica Wilson (Christina Milian) feels like the entire world is against her when her huge breakthrough fails in Resort to Love. Erica's best friend arranges for her to work at an island resort in Mauritius, where she may forget all that has happened to her. While Erica is regaining her confidence as a singer, her ex-fiance shows up for his wedding weekend. Erica struggles with her affections for him, and she eventually confides in his brother, Caleb. The honest chats lead to a lot of time spent together, and Erica's desire to reclaim her ex-fiance melts away.

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