Jennifer Lawrence talks about experience of filming nude scenes in No Hard Feelings : 'And then I disrobed'

Jennifer Lawrence and co-star Andrew Barth Feldman discuss their experiences with nudity and the bond they formed on set.

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(Credits: YouTube/Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings (Credits: YouTube/Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Key Highlight
  • Jennifer Lawrence starrer No Hard Feelings is set to release on June 23
  • No Hard Feelings is directed by Gene Stupnitsky, known for his work on The Office and Good Boys

In a recent interview, Jennifer Lawrence shared her candid thoughts on the nude scenes featured in the upcoming film No Hard Feelings. Lawrence revealed her initial hesitations and the importance of feeling safe while disrobing for the raunchy romantic comedy. Her co-star, Andrew Barth Feldman, also joined the conversation, highlighting the discomfort associated with appearing nude on camera. Together, Lawrence and Feldman reflected on the support they received during the filming process and the unique bond they formed on set.

Jennifer Lawrence talks about the unusual circumstances

During the interview, Lawrence described the moment she started filming the nude scene, stating, "I took a deep breath and then I disrobed." Despite her initial apprehensions, she emphasized the safety and kindness exhibited by the film's crew, ensuring her comfort throughout the process. Feldman echoed Lawrence's sentiments, acknowledging the inherent weirdness and discomfort of appearing nude on screen, but added, "But it was so incredibly safe... Everyone was so kind, constantly checking in that we were okay." Their shared experiences on set allowed them to form a strong bond, both as actors and friends.

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The origins of No Hard Feelings and the perfect casting

Director Gene Stupnitsky, known for his work on The Office and Good Boys, co-wrote the script with John Phillips, drawing inspiration from a real Craigslist ad. Lawrence reflected on the initial idea behind the film, stating, "Gene read the Craigslist ad to me, and I died laughing." She expressed her delight upon receiving the script a couple of years later, hailing it as the "funniest script I've ever read in my life." Recognizing the inherent awkwardness of the story, Stupnitsky envisioned Lawrence as the perfect fit for the role, given her ability to bring authenticity to uncomfortable situations.

As Lawrence and Feldman eagerly anticipate the release of No Hard Feelings, they expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to work together on a project that pushed boundaries and allowed them to explore vulnerable moments on screen. Lawrence's affinity for cringe-worthy humor and discomfort-inducing comedy shines through in her comment, "I do like the idea of comedy that makes people uncomfortable. I love when people are watching through their hands, through their fingers. Nothing makes me happier." With its blend of humor and poignant self-discovery, the film promises to captivate audiences when it premieres in theaters on June 23. 

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