My 600-Lb Life: Where Is Irene Walker Now? Everything We Know So Far

There has been much intrigue around cast member Irene Walker, who was introduced in a Season 9 episode in March 2021. Fans are now wondering if she was able to finally get her life on track.

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Irene Walker (YouTube/TLC)
Irene Walker (YouTube/TLC)

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to drug addiction and domestic violence.

TLC’s My 600-Lb Life documents the life of eight overweight people, weighing over 600 pounds, as they tackle everyday challenges that stem from being on the extreme side of the scale. There has been much intrigue around cast member Irene Walker, who was introduced in a Season 9 episode in March 2021. 

Fans are now wondering how Walker is doing and if she was able to finally get her life on track, as she was last seen showing major developments in her weight loss journey from 600 lbs. She reportedly sized down 60 pounds from her weight and had continued to drop 10 pounds. But recently, she has steered away from the spotlight that led to speculation.  

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Where is Irene Walker now?

Irene Walker is currently based in Houston, Texas, as per her Facebook profile. While not much is known, mostly about her weight loss transformation, it is speculated that Walker did overcome her drug addiction and is working towards a healthy lifestyle. She often shares pictures of her family on social media, per sources. 

Since first appearing on My 600-Lb Life, fans are curious to know if Walker was finally able to cut down the extreme weight that limited her from doing basic daily activities in her life, three years later. On social media posts, she generally posts selfies and close-up pictures of her face that address little about her weight loss. 


Irene has drifted away from the spotlight following her appearance on the TLC reality show. She even fooled her fans by posting about a relationship that fed into the popular desire to see her in a healthy relationship.

It was later revealed that she was joking and is happily single, per ScreenRant. She is currently working to get her kids back from Child Protective Services after they were taken away from her due to her drug abuse at 34. 

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Irene Walker was heading toward a positive outcome

In Season 9 of My 600-Lb Life, Irene Walker, then 39, was featured as a 603-lb individual struggling with her unhealthy diet and lifestyle. She was given an ultimatum by Dr. Younan ‘Now’ Nowzaradan that if she could lose 60 pounds in two months, he would sanction her bariatric surgery. He provided her with three chances and Walker was successful in her resolve and dropped down the required weight. 


By the end of the episode, she was showing sincere development, losing 10 pounds each month. Viewers presumed Walker kept up with her progress and was eventually able to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. But there’s no record of it and her social media hardly provides any evidence to her weight loss journey. 

Walker revealed during the show that her dependency on food was borne out of her childhood trauma. Her father abused her mother while Walker turned to food for happiness and to shut out all the negativity. However, she ended up getting addicted to junk food, also perpetuated by her family members later on. 

The castmate had an additional battle with drug addiction following an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend. He reportedly left her after she was pregnant which compelled her to rely on drugs to cope with the stress around her life. 

Walker is not expected to return for Season 12 of My 600-Lb Life but the curiosity around her life remains intact amongst fans. 


Disclaimer: If you need support or know someone who is struggling with domestic violence or assault or abuse, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist, NGO or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same

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