What Does Taylor Swift's Father Scott Do For a Living? All We Know

Taylor Swift's parents, Scott and Andrea Swift, have been pivotal in her rise to stardom, supporting her musical dreams from childhood and ensuring a balanced, pressure-free environment.

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Key Highlight
  • Taylor Swift's parents nurtured her talent from a young age
  • The family moved to the suburbs of Nashville to support Taylor's career

Taylor Swift’s journey began with her parents, Scott and Andrea Swift supporting her every step of the way. They have acted as Taylor’s biggest fans and have constantly supported her from early days when she lived in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania to date where she is a global music icon.

Early encouragement and nurturing talent

Before Taylor became a Grammy-winning artist, her parents played a fundamental role in nurturing her musical talents. This involved listening to her sing karaoke as well as taking her around for local gigs. Referring to Taylor’s early years Scott Swift recollected “She was always singing music when she was 3, 5, 6, 7, years old. It's Taylor doing what she likes to do.”

Scott and Andrea were determined to ensure that Taylor enjoyed an ordinary childhood despite having extraordinary talent. She emphasized their provision of an “escape hatch” into normal life thereby allowing Taylor to disengage from her music if she wished. Thus; she was able to succeed while not putting much stress on herself.

Taylor Swift’s father Scott

Taylor Swift’s endorsement of two Democratic nominees in Tennessee after years of silence created some controversy not only to the public but also within her family. The move has been highlighted in her Netflix documentary “Taylor Swift: Miss Americana” which deeply troubled her father Scott Swift.


Scott Swift has always played an active role in Taylor’s life and career. When hundreds of fans camped overnight for Taylor's Good Morning America appearance in August 2019, he delivered 30 pizzas to them. Taylor started off with her Eras Tour in March 2023 as well as receiving support from Scott.

In Houston, Texas, she gave special recognition to her parents’ stating how important Houston is to their family history. This included a May 2023 concert in Philadelphia where he also spent time with Taylor’s suspected boyfriend Matty Healy.

Taylor’s relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce brought a new fandom into the Swift household. While in Argentina for Taylor's Eras Tour, Scott met Travis who made him become a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. As such, Taylor was accompanied by Scott to attend two NFL games in December 2023 when his interest for the Chiefs became evident. In February 2024, they even celebrated their Super Bowl win.


In February 2024, during Taylor's tour in Sydney, Scott was accused of assaulting a photographer. A statement from Taylor’s spokeswoman clarified that two people were aggressively trying to get to Taylor and there was pandemonium. The incident was looked into by Australian police and concluded in March, 2024 that no further action would be pursued.

Scott Swift went from being concerned as a parent to being an active supporter of everything she does which shows the strength they share. Despite all odds however it is still evident that this family unit has its share of testaments through thick and thin.

Life on a Christmas Tree Farm and moving to Nashville

Taylor was brought up in the family tree farm covering fifteen acres together with her younger brother Austin. The family moved into Nashville suburbs after Taylor landed her first major record deal at fourteen years old. They termed it this way so that her career could benefit but without mounting any pressure on the girl.


Andrea accompanied Taylor on several trips while pursuing dreams together such as distributing demo tapes in Nashville. She took these tapes there by driving them all night long due to the conviction of what could be done with them, demonstrating faith in the potentiality of Taylor. This influence led Sony/ATV Publishing company to be one among those who sought Taylor hence making their family move from Hendersonville, Tennessee.

The influence of her parents

Scott and Andrea’s financial backgrounds had a bearing on their parenting styles. They named Taylor with future business in mind believing that an unisex name would help her avoid discrimination on the basis of gender. This foresight along with their parental support are crucial in ensuring that she has achieved what she has today.

Taylor has always acknowledged all the sacrifices and efforts made by both parents. In her 2021 song titled Christmas Tree Farm she paid tribute to her childhood on the Christmas tree farm where they lived which was characterized by happy moments and strong family bonds that eventually shaped who Taylor really is.

Scott Swift and Andrea Swift’s unwavering support coupled with well-thought guidance have so far been instrumental in Taylor Swift's journey. They made it possible for her to pursue dreams amidst providing a safe loving base for the lovely girl while chasing them down. 


No matter record-breaking records continue being broken or hearts are won globally by Taylor, it is still through influence that those stories emerged from those family members’ lives including his mother as told chronologically till now.

Scott’s support for his Daughter and worries

Scott Swift is another person who has been instrumental in shaping up Taylor’s life both professionally and personally. As a father who actively participates in some of his daughter’s shows as well as getting involved with fans’ interactions.  

However, when Taylor chose to present her political opinion in 2018, this overprotective nature of Scott came into light. In the Miss Americana documentary, he voices his concern for her safety. Thus, the choices she had made reflected a tension between her public positions and her family’s anxiety.

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How did Taylor Swift's parents support her early music career?
They drove her to local gigs, supported her musical pursuits, and later moved to Nashville to help her secure a record deal.

Why did Taylor Swift's parents choose her name with a business career in mind?
They believed an androgynous name like Taylor could help avoid gender discrimination in the business world.

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