What is Christina Aguilera's Net Worth? Exploring Early Life And Other Details Explored

Christina Aguilera's net worth is something you should know about if you are a fan of her amazing voice. Here are the details of the artist who brought forth some of the greatest hits.

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What is Christina Aguilera net worth?
Christina Aguilera (Instagram)

The American singer has been the queen of many hearts, since her greatest releases in the ‘90s. But did you know Christina Aguilera's net worth? While there are multiple tracks you can name instantly, you may not have any idea of the Genie in a Bottle Singer's earnings. Well before we begin to discuss the net worth of Aguilera, we would like to give you an idea of the singer's other names such as Chrissy, X-Tina, Baby Jane, and Candy. 

Known for her provocative personal style and absolute vocal power, Chrissy is also one of the most popular pop artists from the 2000s era. For those teens who have turned into an adult, and are waiting to know the net worth of Christina Aguilera, here are the details of the celebrity's earnings we all still love.

Christina Aguilera's net worth

As per the website Celebrity Net Worth, Christina Aguilera's net worth is $160 million. While discussing Baby Jane’s empowerment, which she has chased throughout her career, it’s crucial to know that she has enjoyed nonstop growth. With her name being amongst the best pop artists in the world, Aguilera has even ventured into the Hollywood movie industry. Her acting career is one of her greatest achievements, and her movie credits include names such as Burlesque, Get Him to the Greek, and more. 

She has starred alongside a bunch of great names from the movie industry such as Jonah Hill, Rose Byrne, Russell Brand, Rebel Wilson, as well as Elizabeth Banks. She was also seen alongside another legend from the thrash metal music industry, Metallica’s drummer, Lars Ulrich. Besides, her acting career and impressive tracks, the Genio Atrapado singer has even served as a coach on an acclaimed television show The Voice.


Christina Aguilera​​​​'s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on December 18, 1980, Christina María Aguilera is the daughter of Shelly Loraine and Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera. While we speak of the parents of Christina Aguilera, she was born in Staten Island, New York City, to an Ecuadorian emigrant father from Guayaquil. 

Talking about her mother, she is of German Irish, Welsh, and Dutch ancestry. This makes Christina Aguilera’s race a mixed one.  Her father had served in the United States Army as a sergeant because of which, during her young days, she had to constantly move from many places. 

However, the whole family settled in Rochester, a Pittsburgh suburb, after her parents' divorce when she was six years old. She started living with her mother and her sister Rachel. 

It seems that Christina Aguilera picked up her liking for music from her mother's side as Shelly Loraine happened to be a violinist in the American Youth Symphony. However, the mother later became a Spanish translator.


Christina Aguilera’s Musical Career

In 1991, Aguilera gave an audition for The Mickey Mouse Club. She however joined the show, two years later, alongside Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Britney Spears. 

Christina Aguilera had sung the song Reflection for the acclaimed movie Mulan, which was released in 1998. The song was later included in the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart at number 15. 

Following this success, she soon signed with RCA Records, and the label rushed into the production of her album. This is where Christina Aguilera's net worth started gaining numbers. Her song Genie in a Bottle was released in 1999, which brought great stardom to the artist. 

The song reached its height and was included in the US Billboard Hot 100. During the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards in February 2000, the I Turn to You singer won the Best New Artist award. She then went on to release two new albums Mi Reflejo and My Kind of Christmas. 


Christina Aguilera’s first concert lasted from mid-2000 to early 2001. She covered North America, Europe, South America, and also Japan.

Christina Aguilera's Other Pursuits

While having a successful career in the music industry, Christina Aguilera's net worth also stems from her acting career. She is known to have starred alongside multiple acclaimed actors in various, which also includes Cher in the 2010 movie Burlesque. 

The movie also starred Kristen Bell, playing the role of Nikki, and was nominated for Best Motion Picture at the 68th Golden Globe Awards.

Besides this, Christina Aguilera also went on to become the judge on the famous TV reality show called The Voice.  Here Christina Aguilera's net worth again climbed up as she earned $15 million per year. 

She was seen on The Voice for seasons 1 to 3, then 5, 8, and 10. 

After having great success on screen, Aguilera also gained popularity through various products. Till now she has released several fragrances including Xpose, which was released in 2004, then Simply Christina which the artist launched in 2007, and the last one released in 2008, named Inspire. 

About her endorsements, the brands include Sears, Levi's, Skechers, Versace, Oreo, Coca-Cola, as well as Pepsi.

This again pushed Christina Aguilera's net worth as she earned about $300,000 for simply opening the summer sale of Harrods in London in 2004. 


She even released her first clothing brand at São Paulo Fashion Week in 2011. Talking about her other projects, she and her fiancé, Matthew Rutler,  went on and founded their own production company, MX Productions. She was then also announced as the co-founder and chief brand advisor of Playground, which is a sexual wellness brand.

Christina Aguilera​​​​'s Personal life

Getting a bit away from the topic of Christina Aguilera's net worth, and talking a bit about her personal life, Christina Aguilera got married to a marketing executive named Jordan Bratman. 

The couple got married on November 19, 2005, after dating for almost two years. Later on January 12, 2008, the artist welcomed her first child. Unfortunately, the couple parted ways in September 2010 and filed a divorce on April 15, 2011. 

She then started dating Matthew Rutler, who was the production assistant of the Burlesque. They both got engaged in February 2014 and welcomed their daughter in August, that same year.

Christina Aguilera's Real Estate

In 2007, Christina Aguilera bought a mansion in Beverly Hills for $11.5 million. She then went ahead and sold this house in 2013. The mansion on Beverly Hills was sold for $13.5 million.

Soon, she bought a new property in the Mulholland Estates for $10 million. This was a private gated community in the Santa Monica Mountains.


Disclaimer: All amounts mentioned in the article are sourced from public platforms. In some cases, celebrities or their teams give their inputs too, which we incorporate if provided by them. We take all efforts to share possible accurate numbers, however unless otherwise mentioned they are all approximates. We are open to feedback and suggestions on editorial@pinkvilla.com.


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How many kids does Christina Aguilera have?
Christina Aguilera has two kids Max, 16, and Summer, 9.

Who is more successful Christina or Britney?
Britney Spears sales, popularity and recognition make her more successful.

Who is Christina Aguilera's husband?
Christina Aguilera was married to Jordan Bratman till 2011. She and Matthew Rutler have not tied a knot yet.

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