‘Ni-ki I'm an auntie’: Squid Game’s Jung Ho Yeon leaves adorable message for her ENHYPEN look-aike on Hyeri’s Hyell’s Club; WATCH

Squid Game star Jung Ho Yeon who recently appeared on Hyeri’s talk show Hyell’s Club left a message for her look-alike ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki as she acknowledged their resemblance. Know more!

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Jung Ho Yeon (Image Credits- Netflix), Ni-ki (Image Credits- BELIFT LAB)
Jung Ho Yeon (Image Credits- Netflix), Ni-ki (Image Credits- BELIFT LAB)
Key Highlight
  • Jung Ho Yeon acknowledges her and ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki’s similarities
  • She also leaves a message and calls herself his aunty

Squid Game star Jung Ho Yeon, who recently featured on Hyeri's talk show Hyell's Club, left a message for her look-alike ENHYPEN's Ni-ki, acknowledging their resemblance. Previously, ENHYPEN members also noted the striking similarity between them, mentioning how Ni-ki could easily pass as her brother.

Jung Ho Yeon talks about her look-alike, ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki

In the July 5th episode of Hyeri's YouTube talk show Hyell's Club, Hyeri and Squid Game star Jung Ho Yeon engaged in lively conversations and discussions. Among the topics discussed was Jung Ho Yeon's striking resemblance to ENHYPEN's Ni-ki. Hyeri brought up the resemblance and asked Jung Ho Yeon if she was aware of it. Jung Ho Yeon acknowledged the similarity, and Hyeri showed her a collection of pictures comparing their appearances.

During the episode, Hyeri asked Jung Ho Yeon to leave a message for ENHYPEN's Ni-ki. Jung Ho Yeon playfully asked what she should say and humorously repeated whatever Hyeri instructed her to say. She then sweetly invited Ni-ki to meet up sometime. Later, Hyeri inquired about Ni-ki's age, and upon learning he was born in 2005, both Hyeri and Jung Ho Yeon burst into laughter at how young he was.

Jung Ho Yeon then affectionately remarked, "Ni-ki nim, I'm an auntie," playfully acknowledging their age difference.


Watch the episode below-

ENHYPEN acknowledge the similarity between Ni-ki and Jung Ho Yeon

After the release of their album, ENHYPEN featured on the 1theK Originals series IDDP. During the episode, the members engaged in a segment where they searched their names online to see what results would appear. Specifically, when it came to the youngest member, Ni-ki, they stumbled upon a post highlighting his resemblance to a beloved character from Squid Game which was played by Jung Ho Yeon.

The members were taken aback by the post's popularity and the number of views it had garnered.

Upon seeing the clip, the ENHYPEN members couldn't contain their reactions. The entire group was astonished by the resemblance, with Heesung commenting, that they looked so much alike. Their amazement grew when they came across a tweet swapping pictures of Ni-ki and Jung Ho Yeon, highlighting their striking similarity even more.

Turning to Ni-Ki to compare directly, Jake expressed disbelief, exclaiming that they look the same. Jay chimed in, suggesting that the two could easily pass as siblings due to their remarkably similar facial features.


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