Welcome To Samdalri: Top 4 reasons to watch upcoming rom-com K-drama starring Ji Chang Wook, Shin Hye Sun

Welcome to Samdalri is set to release on December 2nd. Starring popular actors Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun, here are top four reasons to watch this upcoming feel good K-drama

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Welcome to Samdalri (Image Credits- JTBC)
Welcome to Samdalri (Image Credits- JTBC)

The upcoming K-drama Welcome To Samdalri is set to premiere on December 2nd. This heartwarming romantic comedy features acclaimed actors Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun, among others. Directed by Cha Young Hoon, known for his work on When the Camellia Blooms, the series follows Ji Chang Wook in the role of Jo Yong Pil. He is a dedicated individual who has spent his entire life in his hometown on Jeju Island, committed to safeguarding its residents.

Shin Hye Sun portrays Jo Sam Dal, Jo Yong Pil's childhood friend who, unlike him, aspires to break free from their small town and relocate to Seoul. Here are four reasons to look out for in the upcoming K-drama.

Friends to lovers and second chances

The K-drama Welcome To Samdalri will incorporate not just one but two classic tropes with its main characters, Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun. Having shared a childhood, they evolved from friends to dating, experienced a breakup, and ultimately reunited. The narrative traverses through the four significant stages of their lives, from their births to Yong Pil's confession, Sam Dal's decision to end the relationship, and the moment Sam Dal returns to Samdalri. The story's focal point predominantly begins with Sam Dal's return to the town of Samdalri.

Yong Pil and Sam Dal share a unique bond, born on the same day with a mere five-minute difference, hinting there is destiny at play. Their connection dates back to infancy, symbolized by their constantly holding hands. They've stood by each other throughout the highs and lows, exemplifying a profound companionship. "For 30 years since birth, there has been no Jo Yong Pil without Jo Sam Dal and no Jo Sam Dal without Jo Yong Pil."


In a pivotal moment, Yong Pil musters the courage to confess his feelings, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives as a couple. However, their joy is abruptly cut short when Sam Dal unexpectedly declares that she no longer has romantic feelings for him, suggesting a sudden and unexpected turn of events.

After some time has passed, Yong Pil and Sam Dal meet again in their hometown, Samdal. Yong Pil warmly greets her, but Sam Dal avoids him and doesn't acknowledge his presence. The chemistry between them hints at the upcoming twists in their relationship. As they reconnect, there's a chance for them to fall for each other once more, presenting an opportunity for a second chance in their journey together.

Feel-good genre

The K-drama is under the direction of Cha Young Hoon, renowned for creating heartwarming and uplifting K-dramas, as seen in his previous work When the Camellia Blooms. The director is known for crafting exceptional slice-of-life narratives. Multiple teasers of the upcoming drama suggest a promising and brilliant healing storyline that viewers can anticipate.

As Sam Dal returns to her hometown and reconnects with people from her past, including Yong Pil, she embarks on a journey of healing past grudges, overcoming present failures, and rediscovering herself alongside others. The comedy in the series showcased through banter between characters, complements the healing journey each character undergoes.

This blend of humor and personal growth promises to bring a smile to your face as you witness them overcoming inner traumas and conflicts while growing and healing.

Amazing side characters

The supporting characters in the K-drama are noteworthy and add depth to the storyline. The relationships that Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun's characters will form with others are expected to infuse vitality into the narrative. Shin Dong Mi takes on the role of Jo Sam Dal's older sister, Jo Jin Dal, while Kang Mina portrays her younger sister, Jo Hae Dal.

The trio of sisters in Samdalri—Jo Jin Dal, Jo Sam Dal, and Jo Hae Dal—each characterized as strong, eccentric, and spirited, respectively, bring unique personalities and diverse dating styles to the story. Their interactions promise to contribute both charm and variety to the overall plot.


The eldest sister, Jin Dal, holds a formidable reputation not only in Samdalri but also across Jeju Island for her strength. During her school days, she was known for her unwavering sense of justice and frequently stood up against delinquent students, earning her a reputation as someone not to be trifled with.

On the other hand, the youngest sister, Hae Dal, is affectionately referred to as "the cheeky one" due to her fearless nature in expressing herself to anyone, regardless of age or gender. Despite her boldness, tragedy struck at a young age when Hae Dal, a resilient and courageous individual, experienced the loss of her husband in a car accident before their daughter was born. This heartbreaking event left her to navigate the challenges of raising their child on her own.

The supporting cast in the K-drama includes notable characters who add depth to the narrative. Kim Mi Kyung portrays Go Mi Ja, Sam Dal's mother and a respected leader among the haenyeo, the female divers in the South Province of Jeju. Seo Hyun Chul takes on the role of Jo Pan Sik, Sam Dal's father, who works as a bus driver on Jeju Island. 

The family dynamics are further enriched by Yu Oh Seong playing Jo Sang Tae, Yong Pil's father, employed as a contract worker in the civil affairs team, and Jeong Yumi as Bu Mi Ja, Yong Pil's late mother, contributing to the emotional depth of the storyline. Additionally, Kang Young Seok portrays Boo Sang Do, the best friend of both Sam Dal and Yong Pil, serving as a symbol of wealth within the village and adding a unique dimension to the overall narrative.

Visuals and cinematography

The K-drama unfolds in the scenic backdrop of the South Province of Jeju, set amidst the countryside. The storyline's locale promises visually stunning cinematography bound to captivate viewers with its beauty. Expect a mesmerizing palette of warm hues and pastels, complemented by the picturesque sea serving as the backdrop. The visual aesthetics are poised to evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling, enhancing the overall viewing experience with the charm of the countryside's natural beauty.

The enchanting hues of Jeju Island are set to amplify the feel-good essence of the story. As the narrative unfolds, delving into the lives of Ji Chang Wook, Shin Hye Sun, and the ensemble of characters, the breathtaking beauty of Jeju becomes an integral part of the visual experience. The island's diverse palette, from the vibrant spring to the serene winter, features captivating blue skies, contrasting colors of the seas and beaches, and delicate pink blooms. These visual elements not only enhance the show's aesthetic appeal but also contribute to making the viewing experience even more enjoyable and captivating.


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