Yeo Jin Goo's Beyond Evil is no more about catching the culprit but rather about perfect synergy and bromance

Beyond Evil has reached a peak only midway through its course. Here is everything that has happened so far!
The official poster for Beyond Evil. Yeo Jin Goo's Beyond Evil is no more about catching the culprit but rather about perfect synergy and bromance
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JTBC's "Beyond Evil" has crossed the eight-episode mark and it is showing no signs of cooling down. In the latest episode of the series, the Lee-Han pair have caught the serial killer but they actually need conclusive evidence to convict him. With an average nationwide rating of 5.4 percent and 6.5 percent in the metropolitan area, the series has broken its personal record.


The Korean name of the series, "Monster", seems more apt as the story progresses. We were shocked to discover that Shin Ha Kyun's character, Lee Dong Sik, placed the fingertips of Kang Min Jeong near Manyang Supermarket but now everything is clear. It's not easy to catch a monster unless you become one. And Lee Dong Sik took that task upon his shoulders.

The Serial Killer

The series had been pulling us by the nose, making us suspect the awkward but mysterious Park Jeong Je. But the criminal turned out to be someone completely unexpected, Kang Min Jeong's father Kang Jin Mook. The sequences of him killing the victims and the detailed sequence of killing his wife's daughter do give an insight into how he chooses or rather stumbles upon his targets.


The best part about the town is how tightly knit the people are. The scene in episode 5 when Han Joo Won was targeted by journalist Im Gyu Seok is a very good example of this. The entire Manyang Substation goes against him, finally driving the guy away in a relatively funny way. There Lee Dong Sik says, to Han Joo Won, something along the lines of what happens in Manyang must end here. The residents may have conflicts, may diss each other but they protect each other against external forces.

The Bromance

You can never ignore the bromance between Lee-Han partners. It's so very entertaining that you can't ignore it even if you want. Han Joo Won might still want to arrest Lee Dong Sik, especially after the illegal methods he uses to bring forth hidden evidence, but he trusts the guy. The way he literally binds Lee Dong Sik to himself to stop him from doing something reckless in order to save Yoo Jae Yi means he knows his partner's personality well. And when Lee Dong Sik follows and advises Han Joo Won subtly, even to Busan, it seems like he's training a hoobae on how to handle situations.

Lee Yoo Yeon

By the end of the eighth episode, Kang Jin Mook seems to have committed suicide in the holding cell of Munju police station. On the walls he wrote that he didn't do anything to Lee Dong Sik's sister Lee Yoo Yeon. Then what happened to Lee Yoo Yeon? The police started digging people's backyards. They found the skeleton of Yoo Jae Yi's mother but no signs of Lee Yoo Yeon. But we remember her fingertips displayed outside the Lee house.

The story is no more about finding the killer now. It's a hunt to find the bodies of the remaining victims and Lee Yoo Yeon. Han Joo Won and Lee Dong Sik are in the open. But the enemy, if any, is hidden in the dark. Now, all we have to see is how these partners overcome their personal problems and form an even stronger team.

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