7 fascinating truths about the shape of your face: An exclusive guide

Did you know there are 7 different face types? And knowing the shape of your face can HUGELY help you highlight your hairstyle and features. Curious, right?!

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7 fascinating truths about the shape of your face: An exclusive guide
7 fascinating truths about the shape of your face: An exclusive guide

How often have you wondered about the shape of your face? Or have you ever wondered why the professionals take a deep look at your general face before suggesting what eyebrow style or haircut or hair color should you go for? The answer is quite simple, isn't it? Just think about it: when you understand what type of face shape you have, you can effortlessly decide your hairstyles, makeup, beard style, etc., and amp up your persona.

Now rather than randomly googling about how can you tell the shape of your face, why not just give a couple of minutes to this very article?! We have done the research and brought you the 7 different types of face shapes. Plus, we have also taken it upon ourselves to list out what style suits every face type.

To further raise your interest, we have also mentioned some fascinating truths related to the shape of your face. We all have heard that the eyes are expressive. BUT...did you know even face talks? Every different face shape reveals some compelling personality traits. Read on and see if that personality matches your face shape.

How do I know my face shape? Or how to find the shape of your face?

In order to understand your face shape, you need not more than a couple of minutes of time.

There are primarily three things that define the shape of your face; these are -

Your face length,

Your widest part of the face (head or cheekbone), and

Your jaw shape.

Now, you can go two ways to determine the type of face shape you have - either by clicking a picture of yourself looking straight into the camera or by taking a measuring tape and noting down the exact measurements (one by one) of your entire face. Alternatively, you can also use the numerous online apps to understand what type of face shape you have.

Here we have a video tutorial that will guide you step-by-step on how to measure your facial features. Watch it carefully and follow the procedure, then read on.

Once you note down the exact measurements of your face (if you are unable to do so, ask someone for help), you need to ask yourself a few questions. These questions will give the precise answer to your question.

• Forehead - How is your forehead - rounded at the hairline, making a straight line, smaller than your cheekbones, etc.?

• Cheekbone - How wide is your face - minimal curves, widest, same as the forehead, etc.?

• Jawline - How defined is your jawline  - rounded, angled, squared, or pointy?

• Face length - What is the length of your face - long, short, or equal in width and height?

With your measurements, you will definitely get the above answers. From there, it is child's play to figure out the type of face you have.

Also, remember not everyone's face will fit a cent percent to the above statics. There are numerous people (even famous celebrities) who own a combination of two different types of face shapes - so you need not worry!

Different face shapes

In real life, everyone has a beautiful face shape that has uniquely different characteristics. In practicality, there are way too many face shapes that a person can count. Even a minute change in the width gives rise to the new shape of your face. However, to keep things simple to understand, we will only list the most common types of face shapes. There are 7 types of face shapes all across the world. Let us talk about them, their personality traits, and the kind of hairstyle (or haircut) that best suit them.

1. Heart face shape or Strawberry face shape

Facial features -

This type of face has a prominent forehead, strong cheekbones, and a pointy chin. Basically, you have a wider forehead and a narrow (slightly protruding) chin. Other common names for this shape of your face are the strawberry face and inverted triangle face.

Personality trait -

You may have splendid inner strength. You come off as a strong-headed and stubborn person when it comes to achieving your goals. You have little bursts of energy and can be a little handy (or pushy) at times. You may have a powerful intuition and are very creative in your mindset.

Hairstyle -

Adding hair around your face helps to subdue the width of the cheekbones and forehead. Keep your hairstyle fuller around the jaw to add weight and highlight your narrow chin, like long bobs, lob with curtain bangs, side-swept bangs, pixie cuts, long layers, brow-grazing fringes, or wearing your hair around your face.

2. Oval face shape

Facial features -

This type of face has prominent cheekbones, a wide forehead, and a softly curved chin. Basically, you have a face shape that resembles an egg. You may or may not have a tall forehead, but your face will surely be slightly more long than wide.

Personality trait -

Just like the balanced shape of your face, you know when to say and what to say. You have the charm to make someone feel welcomed and comfortable. However, at times you may just be carried away by speaking only what is right despite the circumstance, this quality may then tend to backfire on you.

Hairstyle -

Owing to your proportional face shape, almost all types of hairstyles and haircuts work wonderfully to accentuate your facial features. You can add layers towards your chin area, get an angular bob cut or choose beachy waves. However, remember not to add height to your hair since you already have a longer face shape - go for bangs rather than puffs.

3. Diamond face shape

Facial features -

This type of face has prominently angular with a narrow chin and forehead and high and wide cheekbones. Basically, you have a face shape that is wider in the middle section and pointed at the bottom. This type of face shape is not that common around the world.

Personality trait -

Are you someone who loves everything in control? You may want things around you to follow a certain way like a perfectionist. You tend to focus on details and produce quality work. Since you give attention to details, you are very good while communicating and listening. However, you can also be harsh when things do not go your way or someone tries to cross your methodology.

Hairstyle -

Hairstyles that best suit this shape of your face have fullness at the chin and narrower sides like a lengthy soft fringe, textured shags, long layers, side-swept bangs, chin-length bob, and mid-length waves.

4. Square face shape

Facial features -

Just like how a square has equal and proportionate sides, your face shape has equal length and width, i.e., you have a wide forehead and a wide jawline. Basically, you have a straight face with angled jaws and a minimally curved chin.

Personality trait -

This shape of your face generally refers to people who are immensely proactive. They are the ones who are mostly enthu-cutlets when taking on bigger projects due to their overwhelming stamina and triggered happiness.

Hairstyle -

Choose a hairstyle that adds a little height on top, narrowness, or fullness at the sides while softening the corners. Deep side parts, long layers, texture waves, soft curtain bangs, angled bob, and side-swept bangs are some hairstyles that will enhance your facial features. Also, try to avoid straight haircuts.

5. Round face shape

Facial features -

Just like a circle, you will have the forehead and the chin of the same width with rounded, wide, and protruding cheekbones. Basically, you have a soft bubbly face (what people refer to as a baby face) with fuller cheekbones and a softly curved chin.

Personality trait -

Are you soft-spoken and a people person? Do you tend to prioritize others over yourself? You are very kind, nurturing, giving - an over-giver. This also has its downsides. You attract a lot of narcist people who only want to take advantage of your kind nature. So, try to prioritize yourself every once in a while and balance your give-take equation.

Hairstyle -

Opt for longer haircuts like long bobs or chin-length layers that either highlight your round face or add height to the shape of your face. You can also go for side-swept bangs, short layers, long bangs, wolf cut, wavy tresses, etc.

6. Triangle face shape or Pear face shape

Facial features -

This type of face shape showcases a narrow or small forehead with a large or wide jawline. Basically, you have a face that resembles a triangle or a pear shape. It is the exact opposite of a heart-shaped face.

Personality trait -

This type of face shape indicates that you enjoy being in control or in charge. You love the limelight. Also, you are driven, passionate, and tend to be immensely successful in whatever you do in your life - both personal and professional front.

Hairstyle -

Any long hairstyle will highlight the shape of your face. So, you may want to choose hairstyles that add volume towards the top of your face. If you are more bent toward short hairstyles, you can opt for curtain bangs, side-swept bangs, or a fuller fringe. Also, you can go for loose and messy ponytails, low updos, low ponytails with puffed tops, and wavy lobs.

7. Rectangle face shape or Oblong face shape

Facial features -

This type of face shape showcases a narrow and long bone structure resembling an elongated rectangle. Basically, your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline will almost be of the same width with a minutely curved chin and a tall face. This type of face shape is also known as a long face or oblong face.

Personality trait -

This type of face shape indicates that you are an ardent lover of logic. For you, logic wins despite the situation. You also, at times, tend to go into an overthinking mode. Since logic means everything to you, you really love to plan out things to avoid any mishaps. On the downside, you tend to hide your feelings and divert your mind by over-working.

Hairstyle -

Choose hairstyles that will add fullness to your sides to make the shape of your face less elongated. You can go for shorter hairstyles or wavy and curly layers to lift up your facial features. Some hairstyles that you can flaunt include soft waves, long pixie, long and face-framing layers, long wavy hair with bangs, shoulder-length messy hair, and chin-length bobs.

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Can stress change the shape of your face?
Yes, excessive stress may change your face shape. When you are over-stressed, your body releases a hormone, Cortisol. This hormone negatively impacts collagen and breaks down the connective tissue responsible for keeping your facial muscles firm and taut.

Can I change my face shape?
The answer to this question is both no and yes. No, because the face shape is defined by genes and both structures, and is tough to change those. Yes, because there are multiple options available in the market today to alter your face shape in some way or

Can braces change my face shape?
No. Braces may cause an extremely minute change in the jaw structure but no visible impact on your face shape.

Can botox change the shape of your face?
You can slim, sharpen, or contour your face structure with the help of botox. So, yes, the shape of your face can change.

Can wisdom teeth change the shape of your face?

Does the shape of your face change with age?
Yes. As you age, you tend to lose your muscle tone, and your skin starts thinning. These together may cause a change in your face shape, like jaw sagging or droopy face. These changes usually occur between the ages of 40 and 50, i.e., during your menopaus

What is the most popular type of face?
Oval face shape.

What is the rarest type of face shape?
Diamond face shape.

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