Here’s how to quit bad relationships and attract the love you deserve

Read on to learn how to quit settling for less than the best and start receiving what you really want to be happy in love.

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Due to self-esteem issues or insecurities, we occasionally settle for relationships that are less fulfilling than what we deserve, and sometimes we are unaware that we are doing so. However, if you appear to be in bad relationships often, it may be an indication that you would prefer to be with someone instead of being alone. But the truth is that you won't ever feel as though your values or worth are being compromised in a healthy relationship. Your needs are generally addressed in various ways even if all of your aspirations and expectations aren't being realised.

Read on to learn how to quit settling for less than the best and start receiving what you really want to be happy in love.

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1. Expect more and receive more

Unfortunately, we attract to us what we let into our lives. We can adjust our desires and then achieve them. Remind yourself that wanting more is okay because you deserve it.

2. Establish tighter boundaries

You must be vocal about what is and isn't acceptable if a partner is damaging your self-esteem. Never accept disrespect. From one such instance, keep an eye out for any changes they do or don't make to improve their behavior. You should be accepted and valued at the end of the day.

3. Stop giving them third and fourth chances

Pay close attention to the justifications they are putting out. You probably aren't your best self with that individual if you consistently put their wants above your own and tolerate all inappropriate behaviour. Never accept your partner's unruly behaviour. It's important to hold everyone accountable.


4. Stop compromising all the time

In relationships, each party must give their all. If you realise that you are the only one contributing, this is a sign that your investment is not being respected, and you may need to date someone else who will value the effort you put into your commitment.

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5. Make sure their words and deeds are consistent

If you've come to terms with the fact that your partner doesn't follow through on their commitments, you know you've compromised in your romantic relationship.

Being honest and having no ulterior motives is what integrity entails. Words and conduct must coincide for a foundation of trust to grow and flourish!

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