21 Tips for Surviving a Long-distance Relationship Without Despair

Explore a few tips to survive long-distance relationships and make it work with a heart full of trust, loyalty, and commitment. Go, deepen your bond virtually!

Anubhuti Mishra
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long distance relationships
Long Distance Relationships

To survive a long-distance relationship, you need a heart full of honesty, trust, and commitment. Of course, it is challenging to make things work while being miles apart. But what counts is your effort to stay connected. For long-distance relationships, distance is just a number only if you crack the code to how to maintain your emotional connection with constant support and feelings of intimacy. 

Geographic separation between long-distance couples is totally worth it as long as you don’t keep taxing emotionally and mentally with agonizing feelings. With so many distance relationship tips available, you need to have an open mind to implement it all and stand the test of time with realistic expectations. Moreover, you need to be your partner’s pillar of support through thick and thin. 

Be it sharing romantic quotes, writing love letters, planning virtual dates, or crafting love poems, everything works to let your relationship sail through all odds. The most common long-distance relationship advice is to have patience and a deep understanding. Come what may, you need to be there for the love of your life every day, from time to time! 

As you scroll, we will help you learn how to make long-distance relationships work, how different it is to live in an actual relationship, and how to survive over time without despair, but with optimism and strong two-way communication. 



How Different Are Long-distance Relationships?

long distance relationships

Besides distance, there are a lot of other things that set long-distance relationships apart. It is a bond between long-distance dating partners who immensely care, support, and love each other with commitment and willingness to face all odds on their minds.

In a long-distance relationship, there isn’t any physical proximity; instead, virtual communications replace face-to-face conversations that enhance emotional intimacy. It is more of being together without being together physically. trust and honesty within a relationship

On the other hand, a long-distance relationship has a set of challenges that you need to overcome as a couple. Distance isn’t the problem here, but an asset that strengthens your ties and deepens your bond for an enduring commitment. Of course, to make the relationship work, you need to understand each other outside the physical aspects of your bond. Nevertheless, with the right approach and sufficient maturity, you can make things work within your companionship. 



Long-distance Relationship Date Ideas to Stay Connected

Long-distance Relationship

When in a long-distance relationship, dates are important. They help you come closer without actually being together in real time. Following are a few date ideas to stay connected and spend quality time together virtually. 


1. Watch Party

Pick a movie that you both love or wish to see and plan a movie night. Watch it together, share your reactions, discuss the plots, and have a gala time.


2. Get Into Gaming

Long-distance Relationship

Play virtual games that you both equally enjoy. You can think of playing puzzles, ludo, chess, or any complex video game for a bit of extra fun. 


3. Groove on the Playlist

Create an old-school mix tape, featuring songs that capture your emotions the best. Sharing music will help you groove to beats and stay connected. 


4. Cook/Bake Together

Long-distance Relationship

Cooking is a therapy and also a stress-buster if any one of you is having a rough day at work. Decide on a recipe, experiment with new flavors, and share the meal virtually once done. 



5. Plan a Tour

You can plan a virtual tour of museums, galleries, beaches, or anything that interests you and your partner. This way you can experience the adventure and have fun. 


6. Plan a Question And Answer Night

Plan a quiz or prepare a list of questions that you would like to know the answers to. You can make your conversations cheesy, humorous, and romantic and spend your best time confessing your love for each other. 


7. Read a Book 

Read a book together. Decide on reading a few pages together. Discuss the characters, talk about the storyline and share experiences. 


8. Watch Sunrise Or Sunsets if in the Same Timezone

Head out to watch sunsets or sunrise. Stay connected on call and feel connected. 

These were the top 8 date ideas that will strengthen your bond and keep the spark of your romance alive. Now, let us quickly run you through a few tips to survive a long-distance relationship. 


21 Tips for Surviving a Long-distance Relationship 

1. Stay Connected Via Phone Calls And Texts

Long-distance Relationship

Pick up your phone no matter how busy you are for the day. Always make time for your special one. Let your beloved know that you are busy and you will catch up later. It is important to stay connected and let the other person understand what is going on with you.


Let your partner know your schedule in advance. Don’t rely only on texts, pick up your phone, connect via a call, or simply, FaceTime them. This will help you make in-depth conversations. 


2. Check on Each Other Every Morning And Night

Long-distance Relationship

Drop in a good morning or good night message. It is important to know how your partner is feeling in the morning and night. It is also a cute way of letting them know that you are thinking of them every day and night. Secondly, this way you can make each other feel connected. This will also help you provide emotional support during tough times. 


3. Try to Plan Your In-person Meets

Long-distance Relationship

Plan your meetings in advance, depending upon the distance. Decide whether you would like to see each other monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Doing so will make your wait worthwhile. 


4. Plan an Outing Together

Long-distance Relationship

If it is difficult for you to decide on a particular meeting period, then simply plan an outing. You can plan a spontaneous trip to hang out with others only after considering the distance. You can go on adventures, hiking, camping, etc., to spend time together doing things that you love. 


5. Confess Your Feelings 

Long-distance Relationship

Confess your feelings and ask how your partner feels about you. Show your care and concern. Look for ways to support your partner emotionally and mentally. Reflect on each other’s thinking patterns, emotions, and thoughts. Doing so will help you feel connected and less isolated. Let clarity exist to know each other better than before. 



6. Prepare Yourself for Emergency Visits

Long-distance Relationship

Prepare yourself for emergencies. Long-distance relationship is challenging wherein you need to assure your beloved that you are there for them through thick and thin. If you or your beloved is feeling extremely low or disconnected, plan a visit. 


7. Surprise Each Other with Gifts 

Long-distance Relationship

Send gifts over to your special one. Showcase your thoughtfulness in creative ways and pamper your partner without needing to be around. You can also send flowers, cakes, or things that they need to wish to own. 


8. Send Sensual Messages 

Long-distance Relationship

You can send intimate messages to reignite the romance. Find a time that works best for both of you to engage in intimidating conversations. 


9. Get Romantic Virtually

Long-distance Relationship

Romance is one of the keys that will bring you closer and keep the attraction alive. The best to romance virtually is by complimenting and flirting with each other. You can plan an impromptu virtual dinner date and talk about the special moments of your life. 


10. If Something Bothers You, Talk About It

Long-distance Relationship

Talk about all the odds or anything that has been bothering you for a long time. Don’t contain it in a jar. Speak out to let your companion know and understand your state of mind. Ask what has changed or what you feel like changing. Keep things clear and crisp. 


11. Prioritize Each Other

Long-distance Relationship

Long distant relationships aren’t easy. They require hard work to make things fall in the right place at the right time. Hence, always prioritize each other. If you feel that your partner is withdrawing, speak to them. Understand their thoughts and address issues patiently. 


12. Self-reflect 

Long-distance Relationship


Take some time out to reflect on yourself. Make yourself aware of the things that your partner needs at a particular period of time or in a certain situation. Talk to them freely to let them know what you expect from them to make things work better. 


13. Be Positive 

Long-distance Relationship

Look at all the positives. Don’t take each other for granted. Focus on your actions as well as understand your beloved’s way of functioning. Think of the future or work on the present with a positive outlook. 


14. Cherish Special Moments 

Long-distance Relationship


Cherish the special moments that you spend together virtually. In a long-distance relationship, time has to be valued a lot, especially if you are in a different time zone. Always try to live in the moment. When you are together, concentrate on being there for each other. Remove all distractions and enjoy each other's presence. 



15. Listen Mindfully 

Long-distance Relationship

Listen and communicate mindfully. Put in extra effort to be a part of each other’s lives. It is important to make your partner feel that he or she is heard, valued, and respected. Hence, while communicating, be clear and open. 


16. Pay Attention to Minute Details

Long-distance Relationship

At times, sharing the smallest detail of your life can make your partner feel a part of it. Not all of the discussions and conversations that you have should be big, emotional, and deep. Short and quick calls of you sharing your day-to-day deets can help a lot to help them know your state of being. 


17. Kickstart Future Planning

Long-distance Relationship

It is true that you just can’t get into a long-distance relationship without any goal. You need to plan your future together as a couple. Try to keep your relationship hopeful and goal-oriented. 


18. Establish Healthy Boundaries 

Long-distance Relationship

Create clear boundaries for yourself and your partner. Always be patient with the challenges and be open about your expectations. It is vital to have trust and honesty within a relationship even if you are not physically close. Avoid annoying each other by communicating excessively or minutes after minutes. 


19. Don’t Be Judgemental 

Long-distance Relationship


 Don’t make assumptions or judgments by being irrationally possessive. It might affect your mental and emotional health if you get insanely jealous. Put a full stop to irrational fantasies and stop being or expecting your partner to be too perfect in everything. 


20. Know Each Other’s Love Language 

Long-distance Relationship


Learning each other’s love language can strengthen your ties. The most common words of affirmation include acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Physical touch won’t be possible, however, you can send over gifts, share quotes, or your videos saying words of affirmation. 


21. Look At It As an Opportunity And Learn

Long-distance Relationship

There is so much to learn from a long-distance relationship. It is your test of time as a couple. It is the phase of life wherein you learn more about yourself and your personal needs above anything else. Plus, you get a chance to maintain a balance between your love and family life. All that you need is to remind yourself of the reasons why it is all worth it!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and that’s true when you wish to make your long-distance relationship work without any despair or sorrow. It is a journey that gets you closer to your partner each day. With healthy communication, trust, honesty, and enduring love, you can survive it with ease. 


Yes, maintaining a long-distance relationship with your partner can be challenging, but you can deepen your bond with all the tips to make it worth the wait. Go, set out, and be the epitome of a trustworthy commitment where distance is just a number!


How can one cope with a long-distance relationship?
You can cope with a long-distance relationship with hope in your eyes and trust in your heart.

Do long-distance relationships last?
Yes, long-distance relationships do last no matter what comes their way.

How do I know that your long-distance partner loves me?
Through the way of communicating, actions, confession of feelings, and expression of thoughts will help you know that your long-distance partner loves you.

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