50 Amazing Long-Distance Date Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Thriving

Maintaining long-distance relationships can be a challenge. Check out these amazing long-distance date ideas to keep the romance alive from afar!

Aastha Pahadia
Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
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Best Long-distance Date Ideas to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship Alive
Best Long-distance Date Ideas to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship Alive

Distance should never get in the way of love, whether you're balancing a career or furthering your studies, or if your significant other is oceans away. Staying strong in a long-distance relationship can be challenging, but don't lose hope. We've got some exciting and innovative long-distance date ideas that will put the spark back into your relationship. These simple and creative date ideas will not only strengthen your bond but will also create happy and unforgettable moments with your partner. 

1. Cook Together

Cook Together Long-Distance Date Ideas

Cooking can sometimes make you feel lonely but by turning it into a date, you'll not only have fun with your partner in the kitchen but also support each other in making healthy and exciting meals. It's a great opportunity to bond, learn about each other's cooking styles and preferences, and create new memories over delicious food.

2. Share Lunch During Work

Whether you're both working from home or at the office, taking a break to enjoy a meal together can be a great date idea for long-distance to mix things up and unwind while you work. Just make sure to choose a day with a lighter workload, and have your meal prepared in advance so that you can focus on each other and not on cooking. With a little planning and preparation, your long-distance lunch dates are sure to be a hit!



3. Work Together

Don't limit yourself to traditional date night plans; sometimes, the most intimate moments come from sharing everyday experiences. Consider dedicating a day to working together, even if it's just for a few hours. This could be a fun opportunity to learn from one another and discover new talents, all while spending quality time together. 

4. Jam to Music Together 

Are you and your partner musically inclined? Have a long-distance date night by pulling out your instruments and jamming together over video chat. You can even utilize specialized apps to enhance the quality of your sound and make it a more professional experience. Allow the music to be the ultimate stress reliever as you unwind and create beautiful moments together, even from miles away.

5. Create Something Together

Create Something Together long-distance virtual date idea

Indulge in your love for all things artistic with your significant other and create a masterpiece. Experiment with different mediums like acrylics or watercolors on canvas, or try your hand at online doodles and DIY crafts. Use your imagination and the latest co-creation technology to collaborate in real time and bring your creative vision to life. It's a great long-distance virtual date idea to strengthen your connection while tapping into your artistic flair together.

6. Take Online Relationship Quizzes 

If you and your significant other are craving some exciting introspection, then get ready to be dazzled by an evening of relationship quizzes! Surf the net and pick from an array of amusing quizzes designed to deepen your connection. Discover how much you really know about each other or if your lover has what it takes to make a perfect travel companion. Unwind, let loose, and enjoy a fun-filled evening with your loved one!

7. Organize a Virtual Trivia Extravaganza

For all you quiz aficionados in long-distance relationships, spice up your virtual dates by organizing a thrilling virtual trivia night! Amp up the excitement by offering exciting prizes to the triumphant champion (and hey, don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild). Feeling a bit cheeky? Add a fun drinking challenge to keep the night buzzing. So grab a beverage, gather your knowledge, and get ready to compete with your long-distance partner in the ultimate showdown of the minds!


8. Embark on a Virtual Holiday

Transport yourselves to far-off lands and make memories without leaving your own living room. From the pyramids of Egypt to the beaches of Bali, you can experience it all with your long-distance lover thanks to the magic of virtual reality. Allow yourselves to get lost in the immersive beauty of these destinations and explore the hidden gems they have to offer. 

9. Read Snail Mail to Each Other

Include reading physical love letters sent via snail mail as part of your long-distance date ideas list. This traditional form of communication can be a delightful way to convey your feelings to your partner. You may explore various stationery options that match your taste or your partner's, such as handmade paper or modern designs. The most enjoyable part of this experience is reading the letters aloud to each other during your virtual date.

10. Virtual Game Night

Virtual Game Night Long Distance Date Ideas

Digital game night is a unique way to bring some excitement into your long-distance relationship. Bring back childhood memories with online versions of classic board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Chess. The possibilities are endless! Just remember, while competition is fun, the ultimate goal is to bond with your significant other. So, get cozy, grab your controller, and prepare to ignite your relationship through the virtual world of gaming!

11. Visit a Virtual Haunted House

When it comes to long-distance date night ideas, visiting a virtual haunted house is an absolute must-try. This activity promises tons of fun, giggles, and spine-chilling moments as you both navigate through the spooky house together. The thrill of it all is sure to add some excitement to your relationship and make for a memorable date night.

12. Host a Virtual Bucket-List Night

Instead of feeling disconnected, spend an evening virtually crafting your bucket lists for the future, and get to know each other on a deeper level in the process. Get creative with your ideas and share what drives and inspires you. By the end of the night, not only will you have discovered exciting new ideas to chase together in the future, but you'll have also made beautiful memories together.

13. Virtual Psychic Reading

Seeking the mystical together can be quite an adventure. With virtual psychic reading, you can journey into the unknown hand in hand from wherever you are in the world. And if you choose to go separately, the thrilling exchange of interpreting your fortunes over a video call will make for a captivating conversation that'll last through the night. Whether or not you put faith in the mystical, the laughter and awe you'll share with your special someone as you embark on this out-of-the-ordinary experience is sure to bring you closer than ever before.


14. Play 20 Questions

Take your long-distance relationship to the next level by playing the ultimate game of 20 Questions. Delve deeper into each other’s minds, interests, and preferences with this engaging activity. Add a fun twist by including a drinking challenge that will take things to a whole new level of enjoyment. Distance won't keep you apart any longer with this fun long-distance date idea that is guaranteed to take your relationship to the next level!

15. Virtual Truth or Dare

Why not try out the classic game of Truth or Dare for your next virtual date night? This is a great way you can discover more about your partner. So be sure to bring your best sportsmanship and honesty to the table, and let the good times roll!

16. Learn a New Skill Together

Distance doesn't have to stop you from learning something new with your partner. Find a skill that you both want to master and join an online class to learn it. Want to try something unconventional? Try practicing sign language together by watching online tutorials. Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow as a team, despite the miles that may separate you.

17. Get Intimate Virtually

Get Intimate Virtually Long Distance Date Ideas

If you are in a long-distance relationship and are missing the intimacy that comes with being together, you can always enjoy some intimate time together over video calls. You can use this opportunity to spice things up and explore new ways of keeping the romance alive. 

18. Dance Together

If you both love dancing, why not host an impromptu dance date? Dancing can increase endorphin levels in your body, which can elevate your mood and boost good mental health. It's a great way to let loose and have some fun with your partner.

19. Plan a Workout Date

 Plan a workout date together, and create new memories together. This can be a stimulating experience that will motivate you both to stay focused on your fitness goals. 

20. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Virtual scavenger hunts are a popular date idea for long-distance relationships. You both can solve riddles and look for the listed items together. It's a great way to keep the mood light and enjoy each other's company without the pressure of small talk.


21. Explore New Hobbies Together  

Long-distance relationships can sometimes become monotonous and boring, especially if you are always doing the same things every time you are on a video call. However, you can keep things exciting by exploring new hobbies together. You can pick a new hobby that you are both interested in and take turns teaching each other how to do it. This way, you get to bond over a shared interest and create new memories together.  

22. Plan Future Trips Together  

Long-distance relationships can be tough when you are not able to travel and explore new places with your significant other. But you can always plan future trips together as a way to stay connected and give yourselves something to look forward to. You can spend your video calls researching new destinations, activities to do, and accommodations to stay in. This will not only give you something to talk about but also help you plan for a future where you can be together in person.  

23. Take a Virtual Museum Tour

The world's most renowned museums have virtual reality experiences, making it possible for you and your long-distance partner to explore these exhibitions without ever leaving your couch. Discover new artifacts and art pieces, share insights, and experience something unforgettable. This is an exceptional long-distance date idea that'll transport you both to a whole new world without leaving the comfort of your homes.

24. Take an Artful Adventure

Are you and your beloved always up for exploring new art forms? With the world becoming more digital by the day, virtual tours are now being offered by numerous galleries for your viewing pleasure. Why not embark on a virtual art walk and marvel at various artistic masterpieces, then discuss the pieces that piqued your interest? Your joint admiration of the visual arts will surely make for a truly unique date experience!

25. Open Gifts Together

Open Gifts Together Long Distance Date Ideas

Gift your special someone presents for momentous occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions to make these events unforgettable. This unique activity is an amazing way to share a romantic and memorable experience while being far apart. Through the power of technology, you can even open the gifts on a video call and share your happiness with each other.


26. Have a Dinner Date

Dinner dates could be fun even if you are miles away from your partner. Dress up, light some candles, and prepare the same meal together over a video call. Not only will you enjoy a delicious meal together, but it will also give you a chance to connect and share stories while enjoying a romantic ambiance.

27. Plan a Movie Night

If you and your partner are cinephiles, then a movie night is a great way to bond over a shared love of cinema. With the help of apps like Netflix Party, you can watch a movie together and live chat with each other. Don't forget to stock up on snacks like popcorn and beer to create an authentic movie-going experience.

28. Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Show

A weekend spent binge-watching your favorite TV show can be just as fun as going out on a physical date. Take breaks to eat, drink, and discuss the storylines. It's a fun and creative way to maintain emotional intimacy in your long-distance relationship.

29. A Book Club for Two

With physical books, audiobooks, and e-books all at our fingertips, starting a book club with your long-distance partner is an easy and accessible way to connect over literature. Not only does this activity challenge you to read and think critically, but it also offers endless discussion topics to explore together. Choose a book that interests both of you and set aside some dedicated time each week to read and chat about your thoughts and impressions.

30. Have a Virtual Breakfast Date

Have a Virtual Breakfast Date Long Distance Date Ideas

Start your day off right with a virtual breakfast date! This is a great long-distance relationship date idea for early birds who enjoy getting their exercise in before the day begins. After a morning workout, make some coffee and enjoy a healthy meal together via video call. Take turns coming up with breakfast recipes to try out and share the results with each other.

31. Be a Part of a Masterclass Together

Explore new interests together by attending a virtual masterclass on a topic you both find fascinating. Whether it’s cooking, photography, or something completely unique, these classes offer the chance to become “learning buddies” and gain new skills. You can take notes and compare your experiences during a virtual date, sharing what you learned and how you plan to put it into practice. Not only will you grow together as individuals, but it’s also an exciting way to connect with each other on a deeper level.


32. Have Fun with Horoscopes

Zodiac compatibility has always intrigued couples who seek to explore and understand their relationship dynamics. It’s a great idea to incorporate this activity into your online date. Take a zodiac compatibility test together or read your weekly horoscope to see what’s in store for you. It’s a fun and exciting way to connect with your partner.

33. Virtual Cooking Class

Cooking is a passion for many couples. If you both love experimenting with new cuisines, then attending a virtual cooking class with a personal chef is an excellent date idea for long-distance couples. You can explore and experiment with new recipes while being in each other's company. This fun long-distance date idea will allow you to bond over your mutual love for food.

34. Have Meditation Sessions Together 

Connecting with your partner does not always require conversation. Sometimes, just sitting in silence and meditating can bring you closer. This activity will help you reflect, focus, and build mindfulness while growing a stronger bond between the two of you.

35.  Cultivate a Garden Together 

One of the most exciting long-distance date ideas is to tend your gardens together. It is a perfect activity for couples who love gardening. You can exchange tips, tricks, and insights about the world of gardening. 

36. Make a Digital Photo Album Together 

Creating a digital photo album together is a wonderful collaborative experience that will capture your love in every detail. You can use digital photo editing apps to create a memory book that reflects the cherished moments in your relationship. This could also be a thoughtful gift for friends and family. Whether it’s the goofy selfies or the moments of affection, the memories will forever be imprinted in the photo album.

37. Send Each Other Care Packages

Send Each Other Care Packages Long Distance Date Ideas

Send a care package as a reminder to show your partner how much you care about them. It could be a combination of their favorite items or something that they’ve been yearning for. Sending them a care package gives them a tangible gift that they can hold onto as a symbol of your love. You can add to the excitement by opening the package on Skype while on a video call. 


38. Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

Despite the challenges posed by time zones in long-distance relationships, watching the sunrise or sunset can be an exciting activity to share. One partner can capture the moment via video call while standing on a balcony or any spot that offers a breathtaking view of the sun rising or setting. Such moments create opportunities for sweet conversations, filled with compliments about the captivating beauty of the view.

39. Do Yoga Together

Yoga is an excellent activity for long-distance couples that entails learning new poses, working on existing ones, and supporting each other through daily fitness routines. 

40. Watch a Music Concert Together

Music can create a fantastic avenue for romantic connection and emotional bonding between partners. Most musicians stream their performances live or post recorded ones on social media, creating opportunities for virtual concert dates with your partner. It is an intimate experience that allows you and your partner to express yourselves freely through music, regardless of the distance separating you. 

41. Have a Game Night with Friends

Being in a relationship means more than just growing together with your partner, but also growing your connections. One fun way to achieve this is by having a game night with friends. From virtual board games to gaming apps, there are numerous ways to have a great time with friends and loved ones while keeping the romance alive.

42. Have a Fun Cocktail Night

Adding alcohol to your virtual date night can turn it up a notch! Consider having a fun cocktail night and engaging in drinking games like “Never Have I Ever.” This activity can act as a great stress reliever, which ultimately creates a more relaxing atmosphere for both parties to enjoy. Prepare yourself for fun confessions and plenty of laughter during your game night session. 

43. Start a Reunion Countdown

Start a Reunion Countdown Long Distance Date Ideas

Sometimes, distance can take a toll on a relationship, but a countdown app can serve as a source of motivation to get through the tough times. Customizable countdown apps can make the countdown personal to you and your partner. A constant reminder of when you will finally be reunited can be just the push you need to stay positive during this challenging period. 


44. Make a Special Playlist

Another creative long-distance date idea is to curate a special playlist for your partner. Music has a way of bringing people together, and a playlist of your wife’s favorite songs can do just that. Start by including your partner’s favorite songs, as well as some old classic romantic songs. The playlist can serve as a virtual mixtape that will keep your partner connected to you, even if you’re miles apart.

45. Have Fun with Pinterest 

Create a Pinterest account along with your long-distance partner where you both can start adding boards with things like “fun long-distance date ideas, “relationship goals,” and more. You can also share articles, recipes, and other things that interest you. By using Pinterest, you can stay connected with your partner and have fun exploring new ideas together.

46. Exchange Perfumes with Each Other

Our sense of smell is closely linked to our memories, so exchanging perfumes and colognes can be a powerful way to stay close to your significant other. Send each other your favorite scents and create a strong sensory connection to feel closer to your long-distance partner.   

47. Go on a House Hunt

If you are in a long-distance relationship and are thinking about moving in together, then a house hunt might be a great idea for you both. You can explore different properties, dream about the perfect home, and discuss the practicalities of living together. You'll discover shared values, and it can bring you closer together.

48. Meet Each Other’s Family Members

Meeting each other's family members is an essential milestone in a long-distance relationship. It's a significant step towards a future together, and it demonstrates commitment and trust. You can organize virtual dates with them, chat, laugh, and get to know each other. 

49. Go on a Spa Date

Even though you are in a long-distance relationship, you can still have a spa date. This activity involves dedicating time to each other, relaxing, and doing something fun. You can also make each other's skincare products or share beauty tips. Taking care of yourself, as well as your partner, will enhance your bond, and bring you closer together. 

50. Get into Deep Conversations 

The beauty of long-distance dating is that it can often lead to a more intimate connection, and there's no better way to achieve that than by getting deep into a conversation. If you find it challenging to find new topics to discuss each day, fret not! Search on the internet or Pinterest for an array of engaging and stimulating questionnaires tailored to draw out meaningful dialogue with your beloved.

With communication being the heart and soul of any long-distance relationship, don't let distance dull the spark between you and your partner. Uncover new dimensions of your partner's personality, perspectives, and desires as you explore each other's minds.


In this world of modern technology, long-distance relationships have become more common than ever before. While it's easy to get carried away with daily life, it's important to prioritize your relationship and keep the spark alive.

It's the little things that make all the difference, and planning creative long-distance dates is a sure-shot way to bring a smile to your partner's face. Whether it's getting dressed up and having a fancy dinner over a video call or binge-watching your favorite shows together, every activity is a chance to grow closer and strengthen your bond.

So don't be afraid to get imaginative and have some fun with these 50 creative long-distance date ideas. Whatever idea you choose, take comfort in knowing that you're not alone, and that love can flourish even from afar.

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What to do on a long-distance date?
You can have a virtual dinner date, where you and your partner prepare your favorite meals and eat together over video chat. You can also plan a movie night and watch a film together, using a streaming platform that allows for synchronized viewing. For something more interactive, try playing a game or completing a puzzle together online. Lastly, don't forget about the power of communication - use the time to talk and connect with each other on a deeper level.

What activities can I do with my long-distance boyfriend?
You can schedule virtual dates and movie nights using video chat services like Zoom or FaceTime. You can play online games together, or take turns sending each other care packages filled with cute gifts and treats. Don't forget about planning a future vacation or trip to meet up in person — it's something to look forward to and bond over!

What do couples do in a long-distance relationship?
In a long-distance relationship, couples engage in various activities to stay connected and maintain their intimacy despite the distance. Some of the things that they can do include virtual movie nights, playing online games together, sending care packages, and video chatting. They also share daily updates and check-ins, exchange letters, and surprise each other with thoughtful gestures. While being apart can be tough, couples in long-distance relationships find ways to stay emotionally and mentally close to each other, ultimately making their love stronger.

How can I seduce my long-distance girlfriend?
Sending her unexpected love letters or packages, planning virtual dates, regularly complimenting her, and creating intimacy through video calls can help you seduce your long-distance girlfriend. Remember to communicate your feelings openly and make an effort to make her feel loved and desired.

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