45 Best Virtual Date Ideas to Bring You Closer to Your Partner

Love knows no distance! Enhance your romantic life despite the distance. Discover virtual date ideas to bridge the gap and build an unbreakable bond with them.

Aastha Pahadia
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virtual date ideas
virtual date ideas

Dating is always fun. But, for long-distance couples, it may feel like a challenging task because they believe they need to be with each other physically to enjoy each other's presence. But what if we told you that dating can be equally enjoyable? We present to you some brilliant and fun virtual date ideas to spice up your relationship. 

The next time you feel bored or miss the charm of being on a date with your partner, try these ideas and strengthen your bond. Keep in mind, distance may physically separate you from your partner. However, when it comes to emotional connection, you can always nurture it through long-distance virtual dating ideas.

Best Virtual Date Ideas to Build a Strong Emotional Connect with Your Partner

1. Dinner Date


virtual date ideas

Dinner dates are always a couple’s first choice to spend a romantic time. Don't get disheartened if your partner is away from you because you can still have a loving dinner date with them. Order your favorite item off the menu for each other. When the order arrives, join a video call together, and enjoy a hearty meal.

2. Enjoy Looking at Nature Together

Watching sunrise or sunset together can boost our mood and put us at ease. Even in different time zones, try to make things work by sharing moments of joy and optimism. You can have a delightful experience by calling each other while enjoying a beautiful view, inviting them into those precious moments of your life. 


3. Dance Party

Put on your dance shoes, get on a video call, and dance to your favorite songs on a weekend. This is undoubtedly one of the cutest virtual date ideas for all. Whether you're a skilled dancer or not, the sheer joy of moving to the beat can be an incredible sensation.

4. Do Meditation Together

Sometimes all you need is some time with yourself to take everything slow and easy. Plan a meditation or yoga session with your partner if you have been struggling with the daily hustle and bustle. Choose a meditation video and watch it together to practice in the morning. 

5. Movie Night

virtual date ideas

Watching movies makes us entertained as well as relaxed. We understand your desire to cuddle with your partner while watching a movie, but let's make the most of what we can do. If both of you are movie buffs, why not plan a movie night together and create a fun experience?


6. Play Online Games

Do not miss out on the fun of playing games just because you are away from each other. Take advantage of online gaming websites and bring yourself closer to your partner virtually. There are many games, including Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble, and card games, to play online. 

7. Virtual Bonfire

If you want to bring out your adventurous side, try this virtual date idea. Arrange a few snacks and get on a video call with your partner. Play a bonfire video, talk with each other, and play games to have fun. To make your date more exciting, you can play guitar or sing a song to make your beloved feel special. 

8. Cook a Hearty Meal Together

virtual date ideas

One of the most beautiful virtual date ideas is to cook meals together. Cooking is a stress-buster activity for many people, but when they are away from their partners, it can get lonely. Plan a menu and get on a video call to learn more about each other's eating habits and enjoy cooking together. 


9. Play Q&A Games

This is one of the most fun virtual date ideas for couples. Playing this game will not only recapture the magic in your relationship but also make you know more about one another. There are many question-and-answer games available online. If you don't want to play it online, you can grab a piece of paper and ask questions, then write answers on the same paper. Read the answers and get to know your partner better.

10. Shop Together


virtual date ideas

Shopping excites everyone, but when you do it with your partner virtually, it adds a fun element to the whole experience. If you are tired of sending selfies while picking an outfit for your partner, plan an online shopping session together. Browse websites while sharing the screen, and keep adding items to the cart. 

11. Digital Picnic

Virtual picnics can help you strengthen your bond and elevate your mood. Get a bag and pack of snacks, fruits, and other essential items needed for a picnic. Choose a picnic spot and get on a video call with your bae to gaze at the landscapes and enjoy a meal together. 

12. Virtual Karaoke

virtual date ideas

You can enjoy an entertaining night by performing a live karaoke session. Load some songs on Youtube, and enjoy an online karaoke session with your partner. 


13. Browse Through Photo Albums

Photos take us back to cherished memories and make us feel at ease. One of the most straightforward date ideas for long-distance couples is to go through online photo albums together and reminisce about the old days. 

14. Take a Museum Tour

Many famous museums offer online tours to get the experience virtually. Pick a museum with your date and take a virtual tour to spend a gala time together. 

15. Drink Coffee Together

virtual date ideas

Start off your day in the right mood by drinking coffee together over a video call. Indulge in a cup of coffee together to kickstart your day on a positive note, feeling energized and ready to embrace the moments shared. Don't miss out on the joy of a delightful morning coffee session.

16. Play Truth or Dare

One of the best long-distance relationship virtual date ideas is to play Truth or Dare with your significant other. Prepare some questions and dares, and make the date night fun. 

17. Play Drinking Games

Add a boozy twist to your date night with drinking games. Some of the best drinking games for couples include Two Truths And a Lie, Snakes & Ladders, Most Likely To, Charade, and so on. 


18. Learn Something Together

virtual date ideas

Many couples share similar interests and passions. If that's the case with your relationship, you can learn a skill together. Enroll in an art class, cooking class, or anything you two are interested in, and learn a craft together. 

19. Virtual Baking Session

Get all sweet and romantic with a virtual baking session with your loved one. Choose a recipe and bake something to satisfy your taste buds. This is one of the best long-distance virtual date ideas to kill boredom and have a sweet time with your partner. 

20. Read a Book

It might sound nerdy, but reading a storybook along with your partner while being on a video or audio call can bring you closer together. You can read your favorite story or part of a story to each other for a soothing experience. 

21. Play This or That Game

Playing this or that game is a leisure activity you must participate in to enjoy a good time with your partner. It's a quick and easy way to have a virtual date. You just need to plan a few questions with options and ask your partner to choose one. This virtual date idea is perfect for newcomers to the relationship, offering a great opportunity to connect and foster a deeper bond.

Some examples of questions are:

  • Coffee or tea
  • Thriller or romantic movies?
  • Night bird or early riser?
  • Call or text?
  • Outdoor or indoor?

22. Workout Session

virtual date ideas

Get all pumped up and enjoy a good virtual date by arranging a workout session together. Many fitness studios offer online classes, so you can sign up with your partner, and spend quality time together, while also investing in your own physical and mental well-being. 

23. Gift Unboxing Activity

Long-distance couples often send each other's gifts, regardless of the occasion, to make each other feel special. The next time you want to go on a virtual date, you can try this idea — send each other gifts and plan a gift unboxing session online. 

24. Make Mix Tapes

Making mix tapes for your loved one is a romantic gesture that can never lose the charm. You don't need to get a cassette tape for this activity. With various online music streaming services, you can easily create a mixtape in the comfort of your home. Make mix tapes and listen to your favorite songs on a virtual date night with your partner. 

25. Watch a Music Concert Together


virtual date ideas

This is one of the best online virtual date ideas for music lovers. There must be a musician that you both love; you can attend a virtual musical concert of the musician with your partner to have an intimate and musical date experience. 

26. Play Would You Rather

Whether you are just getting to know your partner or have known them for years, this is a great game to play and have an uplifting experience with your beloved. Create a list of would you rather questions in advance, get on a call with your partner, and play the game with them. 

27. Watch Your Favorite TV Show Together


virtual date ideas

Is there any series you are looking forward to watching with your partner? Or any TV show both of you love? If yes, you can enjoy a date with your long-distance partner by binge-watching your favorite series. While watching the show, you can discuss the storylines, enact the character, and share hearty laughs to make things more exciting. 

28. Virtual Prom Night

Relive your high school days by going on a virtual prom night date with your partner. Pull off the date by wearing a fancy dress, sipping wine, and eating together. Click photos and enjoy the night. 

29. Watch a Game Together

If you both are ardent fans of any sports, then you can watch it together. It is one of the coolest virtual date ideas for a sports fan. 

30. Eat a Meal Together

virtual date ideas

One of the disadvantages of being in a long-distance relationship is that couples don't get to have a meal together. But this problem can be sorted with virtual romantic dates wherein you, along with your partner, can select a date and time to have a meal together. 

31. Attend Cooking Classes Together

Wear your chef hat and kill the monotony in your relationship by attending online cooking classes together. This is one of the best virtual date ideas for couples. 

32. Send Love Letters And Read Them

While you can always send a text to your partner, sending them a love letter might be more special. Write a heartfelt letter to your lover and make them write one for you. Read them one by one on a call and experience love in its purest sense. 

33. Take Wine Tasting Classes Together

Wine lovers won’t let go of a chance to indulge in some wine tasting. Wine tasting is a fun activity for which you should sign up if you both are wine-lovers. Brush up your knowledge of wines and bond with your partner with this fun-filled activity. 


34. Cocktail Night

virtual date ideas

Grab a couple of cocktails and dance to the tunes of your favorite songs while on a video call with your partner. You can also try creating each other’s favorite cocktail to add a creative spin to it.

35. A Themed Dinner Date

Dress up as your partner’s favorite fictional character and make it a fun themed dinner date. You can also add a bit of themed decorations for an elaborate set-up. This is one of the most creative virtual date ideas for couples. 

36. Take a Virtual Acting Session

One of the unique virtual date ideas is to take an online acting session together. Later you can enact various characters and make your partner guess the name for fun. 

37. Play the Relationship Quiz

virtual date ideas

A couple always strives hard to know everything about each other's strengths and weaknesses in the relationship. There are many relationship quiz games online that you can play together on a virtual date night. The questions can be funny, intimate, or profound. You can level things up by making this a drinking game and have a great date night.

38. The Storyteller Game

Playing this intellectual and creative game is among the best online date ideas. You take turns and show three objects to the other one through a video call. You and your partner must build a story around these things or tell silly secrets.

39. Host a Singing Show

Bring out the singer in you with this awesome game. Make a list of the songs and sing along with your partner. Keep the magic alive in your relationship with a musical night. 

40. Be Artistic 

virtual date ideas

If creativity is your thing, plan an artistic date with your partner. You can do painting, create doodles, or make handmade cards for each other and show it online to get intimate virtually. 

41. Take a Tour of a Haunted House Virtually

Do you love watching horror movies? If yes, then get a new experience by taking a virtual tour of a haunted house with your partner. You'll feel a rush of emotions when you explore this activity. This is one of the best spine-chilling virtual date night ideas for couples. 

42. Plan an Intimate Night


virtual date ideas

Cuddles and hugs are something every long-distance couple misses. But you can enjoy companionship through the virtual dating concept. Slip into comfortable clothes and have a video call with your partner. Engage in romantic conversations, and experience the intimacy of falling asleep and waking up together.


43. Online Treasure Hunt

Indulging in adventurous activities help you come out of the mundane routine and keep things stimulating. Many virtual treasure hunting games include solving puzzles, finding the treasure, etc. Play these games online for an enthralling experience with your beloved. 

44. Laughter Club

Laughter is regarded as the best medicine in the world. So, attend an online comedy session with your partner and have a joyous date evening. 

45. Do Household Chores Together

virtual date ideas

Who said dating is all about wine, snacks, and movies? You can keep things simple and sober by tending to your household chores together. While doing the activity, converse with your partner on the call and talk about your day and how much you missed each other. 


Relationships grow strong when couples make daily efforts to keep each other happy. Whether you live together or are in a long-distance relationship, there are always ways to keep the spark alive and make a healthy bond that can never be broken. These fun virtual date ideas are a beautiful way to shun the belief that long-distance relationships don't work. Create a positive and loving atmosphere in each other’s life with these online dating ideas. Never let the distance between you and your partner make them feel sad or alone. Embrace each opportunity to make them feel loved and connected.


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