21 Things That Men Look for in Women

Looks, brain, heart, or something else - what do men look for in a woman, anyway? Sulk no more; we are here to your rescue, ladies! Read on to win your man.

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21 Things That Men Look for in Women
21 Things That Men Look for in Women

Human beings are indeed social animals. And the desire and longing to meet their perfect better halves have been etched into men and women for ages. Over time, some women learned to be a bit more vocal about the emotions, feelings, needs, and qualities they wished to see in their men. On the other hand, even today, it is a speck of mystery what men look for in women!


While the qualities men look for in attractive women may vary, their end goal is to find a woman who can love them equally at their best and worst. And that is the reason they take time to analyze a woman's behavior before settling for the right one. This article will help you understand what men look for in a woman physically, emotionally, and mentally. Read on, ladies, and win your man!


1. Can You Become His Best Friend?

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

This is probably one of the finest qualities that men look for in a woman. Contrary to popular notion, friendship plays a significant role in strengthening the bond between couples. Being silly, laughing together at PJs, being a partner in crime, and sharing both serious and intimate moments is something any man would appreciate from his woman. As Shahrukh Khan once said, love is friendship!


2. Family-oriented

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

No, we are not saying that you must have a similar close equation with your family members. However, understanding the fact that one of the basic things that men look for in women is that they should value both their families. Plus, ladies remember, a visible effort goes a long way and will be appreciated by everyone, especially your man!



3. Mutual Respect

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

An essential factor of any healthy relationship is mutual respect. This respect can either be in the form of accepting each other's boundaries, bodies, work, or personal space. And if you struggle to respect your man, he may not consider you their ideal romantic partner. So, even if you want to oppose his opinion or contradict him over some issue, try to be respectful. Not only will this gesture melt your man, but he will also actively listen to your point of view!


4. Thoughtfulness

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

If you can make people smile, and get out of even the most uncomfortable situations effortlessly, then you become irresistible to your man. Along with charm comes thoughtfulness. Charm alone cannot win your man until he does not realize that you really care for him and are thoughtful towards him. So, a charming persona fused with thoughtfulness is what men look for in a woman to marry!



5. Reliability

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

Reliability and building trust are like stepping stones in any relationship. And both men and women equally need to work on the ability to truly trust each other. Once they do, the comfort to rely on each other will definitely bring you closer than ever. The feeling that life may throw whatever at him, but his girl will be there by his side is something that men look for in attractive women.


6. Consistency

Build trust, and back it up by being consistent. Being consistent works towards building compatibility in a relationship. So, the more you will show your man that your feelings and intentions are genuine, the more inclined he will be toward you. Once again, we are not suggesting compromising or changing yourself to fit the criteria of your guy. We simply mean that you assure your man that he won't notice any sudden changes or mindless unpredictability, regardless of the timeline of your relationship. In other words, do not be sweet now only to be excessively volatile in the future.



7. Putting in Equal Effort

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

Let us get one thing straight - effort is COOL. Now, by an effort, we do not mean that you go out of the way to do things for your guy and exhaust yourself. You may, but remember, showing small and subtle yet significant efforts always means more in the longer run. For example, try paying for the snacks if he buys the movie tickets, make his favorite drink when he seems caught up in a hectic day, or hug him when you see him drifting in the burden of responsibilities. Another crucial factor is to appreciate and applaud his efforts as well. Often people forget to appreciate the efforts shown by their partner and regret when the person shuts down.


8. Are You Supportive?

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

In everyday life, a relationship thrives when you both are supportive of each other irrespective of your dreams, opinions, goals, and wants. Support is yet another quality that men look for in women because that kind of support from your romantic partner means half the battle has already been won. So when your man sees you supporting him, he finds the courage and comfort to fight any battle or self-doubt that may come in the way of his relationship.



9. Empathy and Understanding

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

Alongside support comes compassion, empathy, and encouragement toward your significant other. All these qualities together play a critical part in creating a happy and successful relationship. Men or women - nobody wants to be with a person who is always bringing up petty issues or complaining all the time. Even a man wants a woman who understands them in their challenges and times of need. So, empathizing when they may need a shoulder and encouraging and motivating them to pursue their dream is what men look for in a perfect woman.


10. Actively Listen to Him Without Judgements

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

Probably the first rule of any relationship is to listen actively to whatever your partner has to say. And respond only once they are done expressing themselves. Period. No ifs, no buts, and certainly no judgments. Even if you think your man is being a tad bit foolish, let him. Maybe all he needs is to vent. And ladies, don't we all know how crucial venting is? So, let him be vulnerable and know that you still got his back.



11. Affection

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

Affection is often ignored but plays a huge role in a relationship. Mere gestures like holding hands, hugging, or being close to your romantic partner in a physical way, are crucial. Not only do they form a connection, but they also fill your partner with a warm, gentle, and loving feeling. So, while checking off your list of what men look for in a woman, highlight affection too!


12. Honesty and Trustworthiness

After all, honesty is the best policy. Also, behind all the games and flirting, men really ache to find a woman whom they can rely on. However, remember honesty does not mean that you need to share every single thing with him. No. Be honest and truthful but also understand the boundaries. Moreover, show your man that he can confide in you. And you will see your relationship blooming.


13. Willingness to Communicate Openly

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

Most people tend to shut down or withdraw in case of difficult conversations. This, in turn, leads to secrets that may later harm your connection. Instead, be open, honest, and most importantly, comfortable when communicating with your partner. Plus, the simpler things you will keep, the happier and healthier the relationship will be!


14. Do You Hold Similar Values and Mindset?

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

From differences in upbringing, culture, beliefs, likes, and dislikes to what we expect from our partner - our values often form the basis of any relationship. This also holds true if a person is coming from a broken family or has dealt with trauma. Having an honest conversation and understanding of where your partner is coming from goes a long way when building a connection. Remember not to confuse values and mindset with opinions. You can always form a great bond despite distinct opinions, but a different mindset will leave you dissatisfied frequently.

15. Do You Have a Sense Of Humor? Are You Friendly?

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

Although a very basic skill, a sense of humor triumphs over a lot of things. This is why, it is crucial that a couple remains best friends while teasing, playing, and joking around. Similar to how a woman is attracted to a man with a good sense of humor, men are drawn to women who can make them laugh. Men have mostly been working hard and putting up with a lot of responsibilities. Once they come home, all they may need is for their woman to put a smile on their face and kiss away the stress. This also holds in case of arguments, rough patches, or amidst friend circles.


16. No Irrational Pressure or Stress

Aren't there enough hardships already? Why would you want to invite more stress into your lives? Understand that stress is not only work- or finances-related. Putting irrational pressure or stress also means constant suspicions and accusations, demanding money or gifts he cannot afford, making him feel guilty about his work, or frequently blackmailing him to break things up. Imagine if it happens to you, would you like it?


17. Are You Intellectual and Ambitious?

Imagine talking to a super attractive guy, and he just lacks intellect. Fail, right? However, when you indulge in a beautiful, meaningful conversation with a guy, don't you feel butterflies in your stomach? Even men appreciate the same quality when they look for their ideal woman. No man would want a girl who is full of herself or indulges in shallow conversations. It definitely is a buzzkill, no matter your beauty.

Furthermore, men also tend to notice how your eyes twinkle when you talk about something that ignites your passion and reflects your ambitions. And, trust us, nothing can beat how proud your man feels at that moment!



18. Self-confidence and Smartness

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

In today's era, being confident and smart has also become an essential trait of survival. Quick solutions, flexibility, and on-the-go thinking are a few things men look for in a woman today. Plus, isn't that what makes a power couple?

19. Do You Have a Pleasant Personality?

While physical appearance may not be a priority for every man out there, they would still appreciate it if you know how to take care of your body and mind. Also, no we do not mean slim when we say a healthy body. Maintain your physical appearance with a cheery, pleasant face, and a fit body (eat well, sleep well, and work out at least once a week). Not only will this quality make him fall in love more, but it is also beneficial for your own confidence and personality.


20. Self-acceptance or Self-love

21 Things That Men Look for in Women

No, you do not have to become a perfect woman. However, self-awareness merely implies that you are willing for self-improvement. In other words, work on yourself to know yourself better and build a sense of security. This hugely benefits your partner and the relationship in a long run.

21. Kindheartedness

Last, but not least, kindheartedness is a quality that can overpower a few others mentioned on this list. It isn't wrong to say that men are also scared to see the malicious side of their romantic partners. Some mood swings are okay. However, if you frequently behave differently on good and bad days, it is a major red flag for your men, especially when looking for a long-term relationship. On the other hand, a kind, gracious, warm, sincere, and loving woman with a heart of gold is what men look for in an attractive woman.

Wrapping up

Apart from subtle gestures, what men look for in a woman is a blend of brain, beauty, and heart. So, check out our curated list of qualities and let your man tick off his checklist with a huge smile on his face! However, amidst all this, never forget to prioritize yourself and also keep an eye on his behaviors and efforts as well.

What qualities do you prefer in your ideal partner? Let us know in the comments section below!

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What do men find in attractive women?
Apart from physical appearance, men find a woman attractive by her good nature, sense of humor, and compassion.

What does a man look at first in a woman?
Trust, reliability, and understanding are a few things that men look at first in a woman.

What 5 things a man needs from a woman?
Kindhearted, intellect, compatibility, honesty, and support are the top 5 things a man needs from a woman.

What features do guys notice first? What do guys notice about your looks?
Bright smiles, healthy hair, and curves are some of the physical features that guys notice first about your looks. Although remember that every guy's preference is different.

What do men look for in a woman to marry?
Love, support, respect, appreciation, and consistency are the qualities that men look for in a woman to marry.

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