What to Talk About with a Guy to Keep Him Hooked?

If you’re thinking about what to talk about with a guy, look no further. We have all the best topics to keep the conversation going and get all his attention on you.

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Flirty Topics & Things to Talk About with a Guy to Keep Him Interested
Flirty Topics & Things to Talk About with a Guy to Keep Him Interested

What to talk about with a guy when you don't know him well can be tricky. It's crucial to keep their hobbies and views in mind when you try to come up with things to discuss. It would be ideal to choose a subject that both of you are interested in and can converse about. Use the list of questions on this page as a guide. If you continue to study these topics, you can stay out of awkward situations and put an end to the feeling of impending doom. Look it up!

1. Hobbies and Interests

Don't you enjoy talking about the things you find enjoyable? The same is true for men. Asking him about his interests or hobbies is a terrific approach to starting a conversation. It also aids in figuring out whether you two will get along.

2. Funny Stories

When there is a pause in your chat with him, tell him any amusing or meaningful memories from your past. You can say "That brings to my mind an incident from my first visit to this town."

3. Favorite Movies and Tv Shows

Which type of movies and TV shows do you prefer watching? Do you both have that in common? If so, a wonderful way to start a conversation topic with a guy is with this. You can put a specific question to him, such as, "Did you enjoy how Game of Thrones ended? I'm not sure how I feel about it," or anything similar.


4. Food and Drink

Young Couple Eating Together at a Restaurant

Everyone likes good food, so it makes for a good icebreaker. To start a conversation with him you can ask him "What's your favorite cuisine?" "What are your favorite foods?" or "Can you cook?"

5. Travel

Do you find him to be touristy? He might often be found sporting outdoor gear, theme park clothing, or a bracelet with a pattern you're familiar with. You can then comment, "That seems fascinating." "Do you enjoy traveling?"

6. Pets and Animals

Animals can bring people together in almost any situation. Asking the guy you're chatting to about his favorite animal or ideal pet is a terrific approach to getting to know him, even if he doesn't have one. You might also start the debate by sharing a picture of your animal companion.

7. Career and Education

Another "default" subject or one that typically comes up in a first discussion is this. "So, what do you do for a living?" or "With whose company are you affiliated?"

8. Childhood

Man and Woman Sitting on Folding Chairs

"What's your favorite memory?" you could ask. You've essentially extended your talk with him by at least one more narrative. By being more particular, such as by mentioning his favorite high school recollection or a childhood memory, you may keep the conversation continuing.

9. Love and Relationships

Everybody has a perspective on love. Let's face it, if a guy piques your attention, you undoubtedly want to know about his dating history. Talking about his love life is a terrific approach to discussing something deep and significant, regardless of whether he is already in a relationship or you are simply looking to be in one.

10. Compliments

When he says or does anything that impresses you, don't be shy. Compliment him. You'll see that he starts to like you even more right away.

11. Social Media

This one is simple. Is he a user of social media? Or simply ask him: "Are you on Instagram?" and he might just pull out his phone to display his profile and images to you.

12. Zodiac Signs

A Man and Woman Having Conversation while Sitting Near the Wooden Table


Astrology is a popular ice-breaker topic. This subject could lead to a highly interesting discussion of whether he is extremely knowledgeable about astrology or completely clueless about it. Ask him something like, "Do you know what your zodiac sign is? " or "Do you believe in horoscopes?"

13. Goals and Dreams

Guys enjoy sharing their aspirations and dreams. What are your plans for your life, you may ask him? And observe how ambitious his objectives are. Give him a chance to impress you even slightly.

14. About Yourself

By introducing yourself, you can avoid the conversation becoming solely about him. He will have the chance to get to know you better and feel more at ease opening up to you if you talk about yourself.

15. Sports

You can start a conversation right away if he's wearing a sports shirt, a baseball cap with the insignia of his team, or a college football jacket. Simply remark, "Hey, lovely hat. You're also a Niners fan?

16. Ask About His Drink

Happy Couple Toasting

In a setting where everyone is likely to be carrying a drink, such as a bar or a party, this is a nice topic for a fun conversation to start with guys. "I've never seen that cocktail before, you can ask him. It is what? Is it decent? ”

17. Compliment His Fashion Sense

What do you like about his dressing style? Inform him about it. When he thanks you for the compliment, you might simply say, "Hey, I like your shirt," or "That's a nice hat," and he might tell you a tale about where he bought it from.

18. Books You’ve Read

The conversation becomes unpleasant after three to five minutes of small talk. That's your signal to continue the conversation and establish a genuine connection. How do you go about that? A nice choice would be novels you've both read.

19. The Weather

Don't merely remark on how lovely or unpleasant the weather is. Instead, dig deeper; such a discussion might lead to enjoyable activities to partake in when it's cold, warm, rainy, etc.

20. Jokes You Recently Heard

Jokes You Recently Heard


Wait for a minute in the conversation before telling a guy a joke that your interaction with him makes you think of.

21. Faith, Religion, and Spirituality

Even though it may be controversial, this is a crucial subject to bring up when looking for a long-term companion. A part of your relationship's long-term success depends heavily on your shared spiritual beliefs.

22. The Last Thing That Surprised Him

Ask this question if you anticipate an awkward silence to observe what happens. If he has the social skills to continue the conversation, he will respond to your query.

23. What He’s Most Proud of?

Do you find yourself comparing your chat with him to amusing exchanges you've had with other people? This is a wonderful way to go when he's discussing his past, especially his accomplishments. When you inquire about what a man is most proud of, you'll be astonished at what you find out.

24. Funny Conversations

Do you find yourself comparing your chat with him to amusing exchanges you've had with other people? You are invited to contribute a tale as long as it is pertinent to the conversation starter. Additionally, he might tell you a few stories about his personal experiences.

25. Biggest Ambition

Man and Woman Holding Cups

Your greatest aspirations and dreams are likely to come out as your conversation with him progresses. You can enquire about his dream job. You can try to find out if he likes his current role. What does he envision for the company he is currently employed by? You might also ask him if he has any other goals.

26. Plans for Life

Everybody dreams. Every individual has a plan, so you might find out what he is. He will eventually give in, even if he initially acts timid. You might end up being more than just a date for him if he agrees to talk to you about his unrealistic dreams. Believe that!

27. Daily Routines

It's a creative approach to learning about his schedule, making it much simpler to book a second date if you like him. Don't forget to thank him and share your daily schedule with him.


28. Greatest Fears

The worst fears are one of the subjects that come up most frequently. You can ask one another, "What are your greatest fears?"

29. How You Both Want to Grow

Every individual should always work to elevate themselves and become a better person. Maybe you wish to improve your ability to save money. He wishes to know more about different cultures. Encourage and push one another. This will serve as a reminder of the benefits of being in each other's life.

30. Shared Interests

Shared Interests

You'll unavoidably discover common interests as your conversation progresses. Get specific when you discover interests you both share. Ask follow-up questions, narrate tales, and provide insider information.

31. Current Events

Whether local, national, or international, current events are an interesting topic to discuss. Having said that, it's preferable to use a sense of humor to address the news that is amusing, positive, or controversial.

32. His Current Obsession

Another excellent segue topic is given here. Before changing the subject, say to him: "Let's shift gears a little. What do you currently have completely obsessed on?

33. Important People in His Life

Ask about his close friend. How did they first meet? Why have they remained close for so long? Knowing these things reveals a lot about him to you. Is he loyal? Do they have a lasting tie or is their relationship based on secrets? Share how your friendships have affected your life as well.

34. Favorite Memory

Inquire about his most treasured memories. By being more particular, such as by mentioning his favorite high school recollection or a childhood memory, you may keep the conversation going.

35. Greatest Weakness

Person in Black Pants and Black Shoes Sitting on Brown Wooden Chair

What do you consider to be your greatest weakness? He may not be willing to be open and vulnerable with you until you've previously developed a rapport, but the question compels him to be with you.

36. Ideal Life

Ah, the classic conversation opener. What would you do with the rest of your life if money weren't an issue? It's always entertaining to consider, enabling him to communicate with you about his most ardent aspirations.


37. Plans for the Weekend

When you're enjoying the chat so far, you should ask this one because it's easier to answer. “What are your plans for the weekend, then?".And if he has plans, he will invite you to join.

38. When to Meet up Again

Sometimes the chat you have with a guy is so enjoyable that you just have to get together again at some point. You may say, "This is fantastic. We should get together again soon. How do you feel?

39. An Event You’d Like to See

"My favorite band is coming to town, and I've always wanted to see them in concert," tell him more about the concert. Next, determine if he shares your perspective on what happened.

40. Activities You Both Haven’t Tried Yet

A Couple Trying Kite Surfing

Have you ever wanted to attempt something in your real life but you never got that chance till now? That is a nice question to ask a guy. You can discuss a few things with him that you've always wanted to try but haven't.

41. Talk About His Views on Sex and Dating

Speaking of being more than just friends with a guy you just met, if you're feeling brave, you can direct the conversation in this direction. You could also inquire of him, "What are your dating objectives?" or "In the dating game, what are you searching for?"

42. Your Views on Love and Romance

You may say, for example, "Marriage is lovely, but I don't think it's for everyone," if you don't like the concept of getting married. I can't say that I find it appealing. What about you? You might also say, "I think it's awful that the dating scene has become so promiscuous," if you genuinely enjoy the notion of getting married.

43. Your Previous Relationship Experience

Use discretion when bringing up this sensitive subject. If you can, only discuss your ex-partners in a neutral or favorable light when talking about your former relationships.

44. What He Likes in a Woman

It's a risky question, but if you sense a "spark" developing between you two, it will help you push the conversation in the desired direction. Ask him: "What do you look for in her?".


45. His Idea of the Ideal Date

His Idea of the Ideal Date

What's your concept of a good date? is another excellent "romantic" query. He will share with you his idea of an enjoyable outing.

46. His Celebrity Crushes

You can learn more about the types of girls he likes by asking this question. See if you can guess the names of the women he mentions when you ask him, "Who are your celebrity crushes?"

47. Play The “Would You Rather” Game

To get to know each other better, play this enjoyable game. You can start by asking him inquiries like these “Would you rather become 10 years younger or have a million dollars but age ten years?” or "Would you rather be a famous villain or an undiscovered superhero?"

48. Let Him Ask You Any Question

When you utilize this one, I hope you're prepared. Say this to him as you two get to know one another: "Okay, just for fun. No matter what, you are welcome to ask me a question, and I will respond. Make it great!

49. Family and Friends

The best time to reserve this one is when you're certain that he is "the one" and that you want to date him right away. Then, ask about his friends and family to gauge how much information he is willing to share about the people who matter the most to him.

50. His Work Life

Talk about the organization he works for, his schedule, his boss, and whether he likes his job. Similarly, discuss your work. You can discover the relationship he has with his colleagues. Alternately, you might describe times when you changed jobs to grow your career.


51. Play “Never Have I Ever”

A Couple Having Fun Playing Pillow Fight

The enjoyable group game can also be played one-on-one with him. This is how it goes:

  • You both grab a beverage, ideally an alcoholic one.
  • You each share a life-changing experience with the other. For illustration, you could say, "I've never gone skinny dipping." And if he sips from his drink, he has been involved in skinny dipping and can explain it to you.
  • It continues until your claims (or drinks) are exhausted.


What to talk about with a guy aren't queries that have a clear "yes" or "no" answer. They are intended to start a new conversation and keep things moving. Take things gradually and watch out that you don't start gushing about yourself out of anxiousness because a good discussion is two-sided! Be imaginative, flirtatious, and interesting, and don't forget to give your input as well. Make it clear that you want to learn more about him. That will make it simple for you to establish a deeper connection.

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