EXCLUSIVE: Birthday girl Juhi Parmar on her show Tantra and being a single mother to Samairra

Birthday girl Juhi Parmar opens up about her new show Tantra, her balancing both professional and personal life and more. Read EXCLUSIVE interview.
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Actor Juhi Parmar, who rose to fame with Kumkum, has returned to television screens with the supernatural show Tantra. The actor, who has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past year, has left everything behind to look forward to a better career and above all being the best mother one could ask for. As Juhi celebrates her birthday today, we asked her about her return to TV, being a single mother and much more. Without much ado, here's an excerpt from the interview:

You are back to the small screen with Tantra after what can be called as a rough patch, what are you looking forward to the most?

Luckily, on the work front, its all been good. Shani was on air till March, and now, before the year ends, Tantra is beginning. I had the last few months to spend time with my daughter before getting back to work. I am back to playing a positive character, and this one is very different from my last role; hence, I'm looking forward to a new journey!  


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Having played some positive and negative characters now, you are launching yourself into the supernatural genre, how pumped are you? 

Oh I am extremely excited because I am a horror/supernatural buff myself. I love the adrenaline rush that comes with such content, and hence, I am extremely excited to give my audience the same thrill. 

Supernatural genre is gaining momentum in India. What makes Tantra special? 

While I believe that I would rather have you watch the show to see how its different, what I can tell you is that the quality of the show is excellent. The VFX and the sets are excellent and the story and the characters are very relatable, which will definitely stand out amongst the lot in the genre. And the biggest plus point is that this show is a blend of supernatural and family drama, which is different from other shows.  


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How much do you resonate with your character in Tantra? Do you believe in such supernatural creatures in real life?

Sumati (her character) is a binding thread in the family who keeps the family together. As a mother, of course I relate to her and her care towards her children and family. As far as believing in supernatural being goes, I don't know if I believe in the supernatural but we all do believe in positive and negative energies. I believe in the vibes that people have and keeping one's positive and optimistic wall strong to barricade those.  

How do you manage to look so young and bright and remind of us Kumkum days, despite so many years?

Thank you!  That's a huge compliment which is coming from many people. Let positivity resonate, work on yourself and keep yourself surrounded by the right people.  


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Being a single mother hasn't been a cakewalk, but you have been doing well. What keeps you going in times of difficulties?

My support system, which is my parents as well as my daughter and her unconditional love. A child loves without any inhibitions and it is her love that keeps me going through the toughest days.  

Having been through a rough patch in relationships, do you think you understand them better now and so does your daughter?

Every relationship is different..as people are different..I just hope that I have better understanding about how people can be and not to go by face value.

You play a doting mother on the show. Would you call yourself a doting mother in real life as well?

Oh yes, of course! I do whatever it takes and whatever is in my capacity to give my child a happy and healthy life. My world is around Samairra and every decision I make begins with thinking about her first.  

How do you manage to find time for your daughter given the deadly hours of shooting for TV? 

I try that I get an off on weekends, especially Sunday if possible. We also keep exchanging voice notes during the day so that we are able to keep each other posted on what we are up to.  

Finally, what's been your mind space like?

Currently, its all positive and I am happy to be back to work and outside work my world is Samairra. And I'm sure you can see the inner positivity radiating outside! 


I like her acting. All the actors from ekta Kapoor shows are brilliant actors

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