Everything Fans Need to Know About Miley Cyrus's Plastic Surgery Speculations

Besides her new song and relationship status, Miley Cyrus plastic surgery is the most trending topic, and we bring out all the details about the pop star for her fandom.

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Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery
Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery
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From being the Disney A-lister as a teenager to releasing record-breaking songs, Miley Cyrus has come a long way in her entertainment career in Hollywood. She has been on the news headlines for various accolades, gossip, interviews, relationship speculations, red-carpet moments, and off lately, for her cosmetic surgeries. Miley Cyrus plastic surgery is one hot topic that has piqued the interest of her fandom. While some believe that the changes in her appearance are solely due to age, puberty, and weight variations, others believe that in the realm of the industry she belongs to, her surgeries are inevitable. 

Ahead, we discuss the plausible surgeries Cyrus might have undergone, her reactions to the speculations, and what the fans on Twitter are saying regarding the same. 

Who Is Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery

Miley Cyrus is a popular actress and singer, synonymous with her famous and beloved character, Hannah Montana. The 31-year-old pop idol was born in Franklin, Tennessee, and began her acting career in 2006. She first auditioned and landed the series, as Hannah Montana, along with her father Billy Ray Cyrus. This project included her music album, follow-up series, singing tours, etc. until the final episode that aired in 2011. Meanwhile, she featured in her chart-buster hits like Party in the U.S.A. (2010) and starred in movies like  The Last Song (2010). Her versatile singing career saw many global hits like  We Can’t Stop, Wrecking Ball, etc. Her most recent hit is the song titled Flowers (2023).  



Cyrus was also called ‘smiley Miley’ due to her infectious gummy smile and full cheeks. It is rumored that a lot of her facial features are supposedly altered with celebrity surgeries and other procedures. What’s the truth? Let’s find out. 

Has Miley Cyrus Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Has Miley Cyrus Undergone Plastic Surgery?

The audiences have seen Miley through all her phases, whether as a tween with a blonde wig on the TV or as a bold woman, showing off her body with rather skin-exposing outfits. This brought her under the inevitable scrutiny of fans who alleged and gossiped about her having a breast augmentation. This was her first instance of coming under speculations in 2011, which led her to swiftly respond via a tweet and clear the air. She thanked everyone for the compliments and mentioned that her breasts, calling them ‘babies’ were all hers. She also wished that everyone must realize that one does not need to be fake, to look beautiful.

Almost a year later, Cyrus faced similar accusations about getting lip fillers, to which she responded with yet another tweet. Cyrus firmly stated that she certainly did not get her lips injected and showed disregard towards the fact that people do not believe in natural beauty and get so much stuff ( cosmetic procedures) done on their faces.

Time and again Cyrus has tried to prove that her looks are all-natural. Talking about her appearance in regards to her skin, she told Elle back in 2002 about how her diligent and strict skincare routine has helped her maintain her appearance. During her interview, she recalled that her acne concerns were due to her lifestyle involving juggling school, work, and filming which also included all the stage makeup. Cyrus further spoke about her skincare journey being closely associated with mental wellness. She shared that she had realized there is no one-size-fits-all solution and while some things work for her, some things might not. However, the most important thing according to her is mental health wellness and taking care of oneself from the inside out. In 2021, Cyrus joined Him & Hers by Telehealth platform as a creative advisor, advancing her skincare experience and extending personalized solutions to the audience. 


Her opinions and instances of public interaction make one wonder if she really got any plastic surgery done to herself. The following section sheds light on the topic for some clarity. 

What Kind of Plastic Surgery Has Miley Cyrus Had?

Based on what fans and close observers of Miley Cyrus believe, we discuss ahead the plausible surgeries and treatments that she might have undergone since she first stepped into the industry. It is unanimously agreed that her facial features and expressions have altered, but the controversy revolves around the causes behind it. 

Buccal fat removal:

It is posited by some fans that her hollowed cheeks and more chiseled countenance are due to the cosmetic procedure called buccal fat pad removal — wherein the buccal fat pads present in the cheeks are surgically removed. This is done to achieve more defined facial angles and contours. 

Cheek implants:

Some fans are of the opinion that her weight loss along with cheek implants may also be the reason why her facial expression looks different. Cheek implant surgery is done to add volume and firmness to the cheeks. Many celebrities opt for a malar cheek implant which delivers a higher projection, making the contours of the face more snatched and defined. 


One of the most common surgeries undertaken by celebrities is the nose job, technically termed rhinoplasty. It is a plastic surgery procedure related to nasal reconstruction, to change the size and shape of the nose. Cyrus was also believed by many to have followed suit, since her bulging nose has gone, appearing rather petite. 


Another feature of Miley’s that caught fans’ attention was how her hooded eyes were gone. Compared to her past pictures, her eyes look bigger and more open. While there are many things that makeup can do, removing excess skin from eyelids is not one of them. It is strongly believed that eyelid surgery, termed blepharoplasty, is the answer to her sudden change. A blepharoplasty procedure is a plastic surgery operation that is performed on the area around the eyelids. It can be done to correct any defects or alter the way the eyes appear. The multipurpose surgery may include the process of eliminating drooping eyelid skin to remove excess fat as well. 


Chin and gums contouring:

Adding to the list, fans have unabashedly called her out for getting chin implants, since her jaw and chin appear much defined and receded. Along with this, some fans have gone out to make remarks on her altered gummy smile, claiming that she may have opted for gum contouring to reshape her gum line. 

Fans And Doctors React on Twitter to Miley Cyrus' Plastic Surgery

Social media went all frenzy when Cyrus’ before and after pictures were making rounds. On some of her posts, people commented how she looked like a spitting image of Madonna, while others pointed out how she is almost unrecognizable. Here are some of the recent tweets by fans:

Plastic Surgery Miley Cyrus Before And After Photos


Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery


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A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus)


Miley Cyrus has been an icon for her fans since she first starred as Hannah Montana in 2006. For so many years she has faced the scrutiny of her audience, be it on her talent, her appearances, or even relationships. In the last decade or more, Cyrus has shown numerous transformations, from her choice of fashion and hairstyles to the kind of music that she creates. To this list, fans add her alleged plastic surgeries and other cosmetic treatments. Based on her past appearance and pictures, she is rumored to have had rhinoplasty, lip fillers, cheek implants, chin implants, jaw shave, brow bone, etc. However, Cyrus has refuted a few of these allegations in the past and has never responded to others lately. Nonetheless, she is beautiful and loved by her fans for her great songs and bold personality.


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Did Miley Cyrus have gum surgery?
It is speculated that she might have had gum contouring to reduce the excessive gum skin over the teeth.

When was Miley's vocal cord surgery?
Miley Cyrus underwent vocal surgery in 2019 after she was diagnosed with Reinke’s edema.

How old was Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana?
Miley Cyrus was 12 years old when she first appeared in the show Hannah Montana.

How tall is Miley Cyrus?
Her height is 1.65 m.

How did Miley Cyrus lose so much weight?
Miley Cyrus's workout regimen which includes yoga and pilates and a healthy plant-based and previously vegan diet, along with her alcohol-free lifestyle has led to her skinnier and toned body.

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