A Good Day to Be a Dog Ep 8 review: Cha Eun Woo lifts Park Gyu Young’s curse; Lee Hyun Woo shows true identity

A Good Day to Be a Dog, starring Cha Eun Woo, Park Gyu Young, and Lee Hyun Woo, dropped the latest episode of the fantasy romance drama. Read the recap and review of Episode 8 here.

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A Good Day to Be a Dog (Image Credits- MBC)
A Good Day to Be a Dog (Image Credits- MBC)
Key Highlight
  • A Good Day to Be a Dog has released
  • Cha Eun Woo broke Park Gyu Young's curse
  • Lee Hyun Woo turned out to be a mountain spirit

The fantasy romantic K-drama A Good Day to Be a Dog, featuring Cha Eun Woo, Park Gyu Young, and Lee Hyun Woo, released its 8th episode on November 29nd KST. Adapted from a webtoon, the series charmingly tells the story of Han Hae Na (portrayed by Park Gyu Young), cursed to turn into a dog with a kiss, and her quest to break the curse. Assisting her in this unusual journey is Jin Seo Won (played by Cha Eun Woo), who surprisingly has a fear of dogs.

A Good Day to Be a Dog episode 8 recap

In episode 8 of A Good Day to Be a Dog Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young) has a week left but she is afraid to tell Jin Seo Won (ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo) her secret because it might ruin things between them. Hae Na heads out to meet Seo Won, and just as they're about to meet, Seo Won spots a strange man nearby. Without hesitation, Seo Won rushes over to safeguard her. That strange man turns out to be Hae Na’s father. Hae Na’s father and Hae Na later have a heart to heart where he cheers her up.

Kang Eun Hwan (Kim Min Seok) threatens Hae Na and asks her to meet him. Hae Na, Yu Na (Ryu Abel) and Song Woo Taek (Choi Jin Se) go out to meet him. Eun Hwan meets up with Hae Na, demands money and threatens her using Yu Na’s video he obtained from her ex-boyfriend.  Everyone in Hae Na’s family gathers to devise a plan. Seo Won gets worried when Hae Na doesn’t show up for work. He leaves porridge for her at her door. Hae Na and Yu Na emotionally vent out their feelings as they feel sorry for each other.


Hae Na’s mother and father along with Woo Taek go out to punish Sang Soo Yu Na’ ex-boyfriend.Through him they get Eun Hwan’s address. Seo Won, after viewing the video that Eun Hwan posted, specifically targeting Hae Na, decides to track him down.After reaching Eun Hwan's studio, Seo Won is appalled by the extent of Eun Hwan's stalking of Hae Na and her family. Driven by anger, he immediately confronts Eun Hwan and delivers a beating. Seo Won relentlessly pursues Eun Hwan as he attempts to escape.

As Hae Na's family arrives at Eun Hwan's studio, they take decisive action to eliminate all evidence. Meanwhile, Eun Hwan resorts to using dogs to mess with Seo Won. Later, he contacts Hae Na and demands her return to the location she visited yesterday, threatening to harm Seo Won if she refuses.Upon Hae Na's arrival, Eun Hwan compels her to sit in front of a live telecast setup, attempting to record her transformation into a dog. However, just in the nick of time, Seo Won intervenes, rescuing her from the dangerous situation.

While Hae Na flees, Seo Won pursues her. In a moment of emotional confession, she attempts to reveal the truth about her transformation into a dog, stumbling over her words. Instead of waiting for her to finish, Seo Won, sensing her distress, tries to uplift her spirits and assures her of his unwavering support.Later, Hae Na transforms into a dog right before Seo Won's eyes. Rather than fearing her, Seo Won picks up the dog Hae Na and kisses her, triggering her return to human form.

In a shocking twist, Lee Bo Gyeom (Lee Hyun Woo) is unveiled as the one responsible for cursing Hae Na's family, as a flashback unfolds, shedding light on the past. In the present, Bo Gyeom confronts Eun Hwan, employing his supernatural abilities to erase all memory from him. Another flashback reveals Bo Gyeom's true identity as the mountain spirit, a celestial being. The narrative takes a poignant turn as it is disclosed that Bo Gyeom once held a deep affection for someone in the past, now identified as Min Ji Ah (Kim Yi Kyung), who, in her previous life, was Cho Young. In the epilogue of the episode we see Hae Na and Seo Won confess their feelings to each other and share a sweet kiss.


A Good Day to Be a Dog episode 8 review

Episode 8 of A Good Day to Be a Dog gave us a lot to unpack. First things first, the visuals in this episode were on point. In the rain scene featuring Cha Eun Woo and Park Gyu Young, both looked stunning but Cha Eun Woo definitely stole the scene with his unparalleled visuals. Secondly, it was great to see the storyline progressing at a good speed without dragging anything out.

In this whirlwind of an episode, Cha Eun Woo faces his long-time bully, while both he and Park Gyu Young strive to shield one another. The tension peaks as Park Gyu Young's secret nearly becomes public knowledge. A pivotal moment unfolds as Cha Eun Woo discovers the truth about Park Gyu Young's curse. The climax sees Park Gyu Young breaking her curse with Cha Eun Woo's help. The episode concludes with the revelation that Lee Hyun Woo is the mountain spirit responsible for placing the curse on Park Gyu Young’s family. Whew! That’s a lot of twists in one episode.

For those familiar with the Webtoon, much of the storyline may be anticipated, but what stands out is the show's commendable pacing. Notably, the swift and efficient resolution of subplots, such as the one involving Kim Min Seok, adds to the overall satisfaction without unnecessary dragging. 

A noticeable plot hole emerges in how Cha Eun Woo seems to instinctively know that kissing Park Gyu Young while she's in her dog form would break the curse, even though there's no explicit information given to him. We could potentially address this gap by suggesting that it's a common motif found in fairytales. The idea that a true love's kiss can break a curse is a well-known narrative trope, and Cha Eun Woo’s character might have drawn on this cultural understanding to make an educated guess in the context of the story.

Even with a few plot holes here and there the overall episode was fun, sweet and engaging to watch. The epilogue gaining the most attention in terms of romance. 

The episode showcased a mix of performances, with Cha Eun Woo's acting standing out prominently, especially during the emotional confession. Park Gyu Young continued to deliver a brilliant performance as expected. Lee Hyun Woo, though not extensively featured, left a lasting impact with impactful moments on screen. 


However, the true stars of the episode were Han Hae Na's parents, Jung Young Joo and Kim Hong Pyo, who stole the show with their impeccable comedic timing and unwavering support for their daughters Hae Na and Yu Na. The overall episode was a delightful watch, with every moment perfectly balanced, leaving viewers eager and anticipating the forthcoming episodes.

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