A Good Day to Be a Dog Ep 7 Review: Cha Eun Woo meets past bully Kim Min Seok who threatens Park Gyu Young

A Good Day to Be a Dog, starring Cha Eun Woo, Park Gyu Young, and Lee Hyun Woo, dropped the latest episode of the fantasy romance drama. Read the recap and review of Episode 7 here.

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A Good Day to Be a Dog (Image Credits- MBC)
A Good Day to Be a Dog (Image Credits- MBC)
Key Highlight
  • A Good Day to Be a Dog has released episode 7
  • In the episode, Cha Eun Woo confronts Kim Min Seok
  • Park Gyu Young is also threatened by Kim Min Seok, who plans to expose her curse

A Good Day to Be a Dog, starring Cha Eun Woo, Park Gyu Young, and Lee Hyun Woo, unveiled its 7th episode of the fantasy romance K-drama on November 22nd KST. Based on a webtoon, the series charmingly unfolds the tale of Han Hae Na (played by Park Gyu Young), cursed to transform into a dog upon a kiss, and her journey to break the curse with the help of Jin Seo Won (Cha Eun Woo), who unexpectedly harbors a fear of dogs.

Recap of episode 7 of A Good Day to Be a Dog

Episode 7 of A Good Day to Be a Dog starts out with Kang Eun Hwan (Kim Min Seok) reading a post about a woman who turns into a dog and finding out that the person in the post is Jin Seo Won (Cha Eun Woo) who he used to bully. Eun Hwan enjoys spreading rumors and fake news on the Internet and wants to spread Han Hae Na's (Park Gyu Young) story. Song Woo Taek (Choi Jin Se) and Hae Na have a soft moment where he asks her to break the curse sooner.

Later Hae Na goes out to confess to Seo Won about her curse when she watches Seo Won run into Eun Hwan. Eun Hwan tries to confront Seo Won, but the latter asks him to back off while throwing away a secret camera pen Eun Hwan had carried for recording. Eun Hwan tries to bother Seo Won by bringing up the past, but Seo Won asks him to leave. Hae Na is waiting to talk to Seo Won, but she changes into a dog as the clock strikes midnight. But this time, she is caught by Eun Hwan, who steals her clothes.


Hae Na’s mother visits her to find out which of the two sisters is under the curse. As she is in the house, Hae Na transforms into a dog, leading her mother to ask Hae Na’s sister to bring the guy she kissed home. Hae Na’s sister, Han Yu Na (Ryu Abel) invited Choi Yul (Yoon Hyun Soo) to pose as Hae Na’s boyfriend. Funny interactions occur as Yul tries to pose as Hae Na’s boyfriend in front of her mother with the help of her sister, Yu Na. 

Hae Na’s mother has a heart-to-heart with Yul as she highlights their curse. She asks Yul if he knows about everything and Yul replies that he does, which eases Hae Na’s mother’s heart, who then explains how difficult it is to trust someone with their secret. Yul further explains to Hae Na’s mom that he wishes that Hae Na would see herself as someone more worthy and says how sweet, warm, and kind she is. Hae Na’s mom believes that Yul truly loves Hae Na, hearing Yul’s heart start to beat louder.

On the other hand, Seo Won practices having dates and confessing his love to Hae Na. Hae Na later confesses to her mother that Yul isn’t the guy she kissed as her mother forces Yul to stay the night. Hae Na apologizes to Yul for dragging him into this. Yul later invites her over for Seo Won’s birthday dinner, to which she happily agrees. 

Eun Hwan further tries to dig into Hae Na’s life through her ID. Hae Na and Seo Won, along with Yul, enjoyed his birthday dinner. Han Hae Na presents gifts and a cake she brought for Seo Won, and they have a great time together. Later, all three of them go to an arcade where they play games and click pictures. Seeing the two of them closer, Yul feels a little sad and left out. Yul, after taking on the hints, leaves for home. Eun Hwan continues to dig deeper into Hae Na using illegal ways. 

Hae Na and Seo Won go for drinks, where Seo Won tries to confess his feelings. She struggles when Hae Na stops him and tells him she also has something to confess. Hae Na goes into the restroom first, where she practices how she will reveal her curse to Seo Won. As she comes out of the restroom, she struggles to confess. Seo Won stops her from confessing this time, saying if it is too hard, she doesn’t need to confess. They drink in silence.


Seo Won drops a drunk Hae Na home while walking. They share a sweet moment together as they look at flowers. Eun Hwan further tries to investigate Hae Na’s family and goes to her father’s shop with a hidden camera. He tries to see Hae Na and Yu Na’s faces, but their mother stops him. After being unsuccessful, he stands outside their shop, prying on their conversation. There he discovers Hae Na’s uncle through their talks. He sends his friend to Woo Taek’s hospital. His friend, disguised as a customer, sets up a hidden camera at the hospital.  

We later see Min Ji Ah (Kim Yi Kyung) performing a rite through which we catch a glimpse of her past life and the scarf hiding in Lee Bo Gyeom’s (Lee Hyun Woo) secret room. She later tries to break into the secret room when she is caught by Yul. Yul helps her out in return for her helping him. But as they try to break in, Bo Gyeom appears, leading them to go.

Eun Hwan reaches Garam High School to lure some students into giving him Hae Na’s contact information. But another teacher arrives, leading them away. As they are leaving, Seo Won spots them. He later watches Eun Hwan’s videos to find his location and reaches there. Walking down the paths, he remembers his past memories of being bullied. But determined, he reaches Eun Hwan’s house, where he warns Eun Hwan to stay away.

Hae Na, Yu Na, and Woo Taek discuss her future plan in the hospital, which is being recorded. Hae Na informs them that she will confess to Seo Won about her curse. We see Yu Na’s back story and how her ex-boyfriend mistreated her. Eun Hwan, listening to all this, contacts Yu Na’s ex-boyfriend and buys Yu Na’s transformation videos from him. After negotiations, they decide to take a voice confession from the ex-boyfriend on how Hae Na’s family turns into dogs. In the final scene, Seo Won spots a mysterious man near Hae Na and rushes to her, embracing her protectively.

Review of Episode 7 of A Good Day to Be a Dog

The episode added more mystery, making viewers anticipate what will happen next. The adorable chemistry between  Cha Eun Woo and Park Gyu Young is heartwarming, but Yoon Hyun Soo as Choi Yul shines throughout the episode. Him being a gentle and caring person, keeping Hae Na’s secret safe without sharing it with anyone, is truly heartwarming. However, in this episode, witnessing Hae Na’s mother express her concerns and Yul's comforting support was incredibly touching and sweet.


Seo Won being so protective and sweet towards Hae Na was also sweet to see. Although their romance feels a bit rushed, it is somewhere still understandable as there are only 14 episodes. Lee Hyun Woo wasn’t seen much through the episode, but the brief amount of screen time he had set up a stage for the upcoming mystery revolving around him and Ji Ah. Kim Min Seok as Kang Eun Hwan is a true treat, a detestable character that you will definitely hate in the upcoming character. And as good of an actor Kim Min Seok is, he has definitely pulled off his character well with a hint of anxiety running throughout the episode.

The show's pace is much faster now, and the overall vibe has changed from just a heartwarming slice-of-life to a dark mystery. Alongside the color palette of the show is also much warmer, indicating the darker plot that is ahead of us.

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