Astro Note Episode 3: Takumi’s Rival Has Appeared! Release Date, Where To Watch, What To Expect, And More

Takumi faces a new challenge as Showin, claiming to be Mira's fiance, appears. Can Takumi secure his place in Mira's heart? Find out in Astro Note Episode 2, and discover the release details here!

Published on Apr 17, 2024  |  04:48 PM IST |  57.6K
Kimiko Ueno, Telecom Animation Film, Shochiku, Crunchyroll
Astro Note [Kimiko Ueno, Telecom Animation Film, Shochiku, Crunchyroll]

In the tranquil world of Astro Note, where the mysteries of the universe intertwine with everyday life, Takumi's journey takes an unexpected turn as a new character emerges on the scene. Episode 2 left us on the edge of our seats with the sudden arrival of Showin, claiming to be Mira's fiance. As tensions rise and emotions stir, Takumi finds himself faced with an unexpected love rival.

Will Takumi be able to navigate this newfound challenge and secure his place in Mira's heart? Or will Showin's arrival disrupt the delicate balance of their budding relationship? Find out in Astro Note Episode 2, and keep reading to discover the release date, where to watch the episode, what to expect and a recap of the previous episode.

Astro Note [Kimiko Ueno, Telecom Animation Film, Shochiku, Crunchyroll]

Astro Note Episode 3: release date and where to watch

Astro Note Episode 3 is scheduled to release on Friday, April 19th, in Japan at approximately 10:30 pm JST. For international viewers, the episode will debut around 1:30 pm GMT / 6:30 am PT on the same day. Please note that the exact release time can vary depending on individual time zones.


In Japan, Astro Note Episode 3 will be broadcasted on various channels including TOKYO MX, BS Asahi, TV Hokkaido, KBS Kyoto, and Sun TV. Additionally, the episode will be available on the d Anime Store and other similar platforms. For viewers outside of Japan, Crunchyroll will serve as the primary streaming platform, available in Japanese dub with subtitles.


Astro Note [Kimiko Ueno, Telecom Animation Film, Shochiku, Crunchyroll]

What to expect in Astro Note Episode 3?

In Astro Note Episode 3, Showin's sudden appearance might actually expose Mira and Naosuke's true identities to Takumi, potentially putting their mission at risk. It’s likely that Showin's will try to stay at the lodge as well, in turn creating friction as he adjusts to life on Earth and forms connections with the other members.

Furthermore, Astro Note Episode 3 may delve deeper into the backgrounds of Wid, Planet Hub, and other planets, offering viewers valuable insights into Mira and Naosuke's origins and the broader universe they hail from. As the secrets of these distant worlds unfold, fans can expect to uncover hidden connections and mysteries that will shape the course of Mira and Naosuke's journey on Earth.

Astro Note [Kimiko Ueno, Telecom Animation Film, Shochiku, Crunchyroll]

Astro Note Episode 2 recap

Astro Note Episode 2 begins with a flashback to the night Mira and Naosuke arrived on Earth, cleverly disguising their spaceship among Maneki-Neko figures. Fast forward three months, Mira stands before the Astro Lodge with Naosuke, recounting her experiences in a letter to an unknown recipient. She reflects on her efforts to gain ownership of the building and her ongoing search for the key hidden within.

Meanwhile, Ren Wakabayashi leaves for school as Masakichi Yamashita takes Naosuke, who is masquerading as a dog, for a walk. As Mira laments the pressures of her royal life on Wid compared to the simplicity of Earth, Naosuke reminds her of their mission to find the key and restore peace to the universe. Despite Mira's frustration, Naosuke insists on the importance of their quest, emphasizing that whoever possesses the key will rule Wid, linking it to achieving universal peace.

In Astro Note Episode 2, the scene shifts to Mira searching the courtyard for the hidden key, and she encounters Yamashita, who questions her about her persistent search. Their conversation leads to revelations about the lodge's former owner, Shimotakaido Tasuke. Yamashita shares anecdotes about Tasuke's dedication to the lodge and his lifelong connection to its inhabitants.

Later, Takumi learns gossip about himself while shopping and prays for Mira's well-being at a shrine. As evening falls, Ren discovers a peculiar vacuum robot in his room, leading to an investigation with Yamashita. Meanwhile, Mira contemplates a picture of the previous lodge owner and a tree in the backyard, sparking a conversation with Takumi about how the tree’s plums probably made the umeshu in the cellar. Their discussion leads them to the cellar, where they become trapped during a power outage caused by the malfunctioning robot. As they share a drink and conversation, Takumi clears up his misconceptions about Mira's marital status.


The next day, Takumi serves Mira breakfast and gives her some hangover medicine for the umeshu as well. He later brings onigiri to Mira's room, and they bond over their shared experiences. Astro Note Episode 2 ends with the unexpected arrival of a mysterious man claiming to be Mira's fiancé, leaving Takumi stunned.

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