Box Office Report: Poor weekend for 'Katti Batti'

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Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan's 'Katti Batti' has had a poor weekend at the box office. The film that opened to Rs. 5.25 crores on Friday, couldn't manage to go beyond it on Saturday and Sunday.
According to Box Office India, 'Katti Batti' managed to collect Rs. 5.25 crores on all three days and the film's three day collection stands at Rs. 15.75 crores after the opening weekend. On the first Monday, one would expect a drop of almost 50% in the movie's collections.
With films like 'Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon' and 'Calendar Girls' releasing this weekend, it would be interesting to see how long can 'Katti Batti' pull off, given that it has been panned by both the critics and audiences alike.

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Take it kangana in your face :D I just feel sad for imran, he is nice guy

Ohuuu!!!! I am so happy :):) you very much deserve it kangna....good for u

People in this country have no knowledge about cinema, they are just blind followers. Not that I am saying that KB was a superb movie but the problem was not with Kangana's acting. Its just that writers, story tellers in this industry do not think differently and do not really try to make a story unique enough. The result is that there are only 3-4 movies in a year that you can consider a success in all aspects.

Kangana didn't deserve all the awards for that boring snooze fest movie, Queen. It was nothing but a one-time watch, but overactive PR somehow convinced the Indian audience that Kangana & the movie were both so amazing. What was so amazing about it? It dragged on & TWMR did not hold my attention either. Seriously, how do they rank the standard of excellence in Bollywood? Can someone please tell me?

At this point I like imran more than kangana and I certainly loved him in bkb with dp. That movie did not get the credit it deserved. Good luck Imran !

All you haters wait!!! Kangana is busy negotiating her pay which came down from 11 crores to 1 crore.


Thank you lord. she will now quite down.

If will this movie super hit, you say to through Kangana. Right?

never take succes for granted. it can go so quickly. vidya balan learnt that lesson as well.

u deserve it kanganna...n even worse...u need to keep ur foot on the ground

All the negative comments aimed at dp have dried up !! Wonder what caused that ? KR needed a dose of humility. Those with glass houses should not throw stones.!!!

People, pleeeeeeease let's not be negative simply because Kangana was mean! Let's just ignore her pomposity.

Kangana, You have a lot to learn. You think you arrive. You became haughty and allowed Media operatives to draw you out. They played you well - you talked and you talked and you talked too much. You are stoned by many for the failure of this movie because you made a lot of enemies due to your pompousnesss. You became so haughty that you refused to act with the Megastar ... Your head was up in the clouds and you refused to see the Megastar who I thought was a friend to you. The best advice to you is to STOP TALKING AND CONCENTRATE ON YOUR WORK.

I hope was Imran Khan and Kangana haters happy. Thats it! Katti Batti will flop. Start the celebration!!!!!

Ok Kangana, WHAT you saying now that your movie is a big FLOP. Deepika (Katti) as you called her is still on top of her game and still has two hit movies on the way, put your money where your mouth is. I just feel sorry for Imran Khan.

LOL, good for you Kangana. If you don't learn a lesson after this flop, not sure if you will ever learn to be humble and normal ever. You might remain a negative person all your life and destroy yourself with your own insecurities.

I think if Kangana was at her diplomatic best, humble and showed humility for her success, she would have won the hearts of many people and people would have warmed up even more towards her to go watch her movie. I think she PI$$ed a lot of people off, including a lot of her die-hard fans (one is me) worked against her. Being kind, polite, diplomatic, politically correct when making comments about others and the industry is NOT an easy thing. It is easy to bash others, get angry, upset and resentful. That is NOT being honest and upfront...that is being unclassy, trashy and ill-mannered. Just like we learn good habits and good manners as we grow up...badoo ka aadar karna...chotee ko pyaar karna...galti jo karoo maaph karna...etc. etc., so that we learn how to treat others kindly and to say kind things, learning the trick of the trade is also an ART in itself. It is funny how everyone keeps saying she is SO honest and upfront and this and that....well, she is paying for it, isn't she....because apparently, that does not make you a WONDERFUL and NICE person. At the end of the day - how you treat people when you reach the top is more important than how you are treated when you are at the bottom. Because, let us get real....even we don't give a dime to people who are unsuccessful and at the bottom no matter how much we say bichara! Success and "being at the top" is the only thing that people see, and so while you are that visible to the world....make the best of it...not the worst, which is what Kangana is doing. She needs to change her comments and statements. She can say tell the same stories, She can still be honest and upfront, but without being negative and pulling others down. She needs to win people's hearts as well. I hope she does. I was going to go watch the I will watch it on DVD.

Welcome back to the planet earth Kangana ROFL!!!

15 cr weekend in 1200 screens is good. kangana is female superstar

Expected. Why is Imran Khan still in movies? This guy doesn't know how to act!

Imran Khan very nice in this movie. Just people are very much prejudiced him. Imran is striving hard but you don't like him.

Number 1 Actreesssss HOW ARE YOU ??? ARE YOU OK or ???:/ lol

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