Box Office Report: Kangana Ranaut-Shahid Kapoor-Saif Ali Khan's Rangoon shows no growth on Day 2!

Rangoon shows no growth on Saturday and Jolly LLB 2 shows limited growth on second Saturday.
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On January 24, 2017 - Vishal Bhardwaj's highly awaited film Rangoon was released with a star-studded cast including Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. Set in the backdrop of World War II, the movie revolves around a love triangle between Julia (Kangana), Rusi (Saif) and Nawab (Shahid).
While the first day had a poor start with INR 5.06 crore which could be accounted for as it was the occasion of Mahashivratri, Day 2 showed no growth either. On Saturday, it collected only INR 5 crore approx which brings the total till now to INR 10.06 crore only. The film required at least 60-70% growth and has unfortunately sealed its fate and the numbers today and on Monday will not matter.

Despite the poor box-office numbers, the movie has been appreciated for its unique storytelling and Kangana, Shahid and Saif's performances have been praised. 

Meanwhile, Jolly LLB 2 which released on February 10, 2017, and is directed by Subhash Kapoor had limited growth on its second Saturday. The movie which stars Akshay Kumar, Saurabh Shukla, Annu Kapoor and Huma Qureshi saw a good Friday as it was Mahashivratri. On Friday is collected INR 1.75 crore and Saturday collections stood at INR 2 crore. Sunday should be a good day for the movie as well. The total box-office collection for Jolly LLB 2 now is INR 100.23 crore approx.
The movie crossed the INR 100 crore mark recently and Akshay held a success press conference for the movie. 

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The main problem is sometimes people just want a fun feel good entertainment film. This film doesn't really appeal to younger generation not to mention, the three actors don't really have pulling power. Good actors maybe but big stars No

It was a good film. I dont understand why it isnt more successful kangana was amazing

Because Indians are ore interested in the crap Khans make.

Hello, for the person who is worried about Hrithiks career and ranks Kangana above him , how delusional are you? Kaabil was a hit ( not a blockbuster) and he got rave reviews. He is back in good terms with his ex wife living a peaceful life. And he is anyway anytime 10 times bigger star than self proclaimed queen Kangana. She is a good actress but her rudeness, arrogance and pure psychotic statements makes her extremely unattractive. If anyone needs to refocus it's Kangana. At this rate no one will want to work with her.

Viacom18 losing around 50 crore. Man that is heartbreaking. Vishal has always lost money on BO. And shahid/Kangana/Saif's BO records have also been dismal.

Plus 2 crores deposited with the courts.Too much negativity surrounding this movie..I personally liked some parts of the the movie and the performances.

I watched this movie.The performaces were good but the movie is flawed.And as one anonymous has mentioned-"the movie has everything going but people just hated the movie on personal issue towards the stars especially kangana. very sad".This movie reminds me of the fate of Bombay Velvet.The audiences/fans were so angry at Ranbir and Kat at that time that they showed their frustration and anger on the movie.Kanganas behaviour and attitude after the success of TWMR alienated a lot of people.Indian audiences do not/can not separate the real from the reel.Therefore this outcome.But putting this aside I request people to please watch this movie once for the sake of all the others involved in this movie.This is one of the rare first time I see people on Pinkvilla actually requesting others to watch this movie despite their hate for Kangana.I am doing it because of India Cinema.I want to watch good movies in the future.And it will only happen if we support movies like Rangoon.People we have 2 weeks to change the fate of this movie before a new movie hits the screen.Please don't disappoint.

I find HR and DP fans hilarious. You are only as good as your last film. xXx and Kaabil were flops. In fact, HR is in the worst position of the lot because his last two films were trashed, as was he (paid critics don't count). Not a hater here of any of them btw. I like all three as actors. HR is one of my favourites actually, but he needs to reevaluate his film choices and think about where he wants his career to go. A Sanjay Gupta film is never a good choice. Same goes for DP, who was willing to do a 2 bit role of a hot piece of a** in that trashfest of a film xXx and leave her Bollywood career where she was ruling. Critics in India appreciated her, but internationally she wasn't even mentioned. But in India people are going to go gaga no matter what just because it was a Hollywood film. Rangoon may also be a flop, but as an actress Kangana excelled. Not one neutral person who has watched the film has one bad thing to say about her. In fact, she's unanimously been considered the best thing in the film, which is huge considering it's a VB film co-starring powerhouse talents such as Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. As of now, if I were to rank them in an order based on their last films, it would be as follows:

1) Kangana Ranaut

2) Deepika Padukone

3) Hrithik Roshan

Purely as an audience member, I hope the failure of Rangoon does not discourage Kangana, and she continues to do films which she believes in. I hope DP comes back to Bollywood and signs some fantastic films and shines brighter than ever. And I hope Hrithik gives a huge blockbuster next and reclaims his spot as a superstar.

PV, post this please.

Thank god one sensible person.
I am a DP fan but have not watched her Xander.And I agree with the above .She should stay in Bollywood and make good movies.Rangoon had good performances but the movie was flawed.I want to see more good movies from Kangana.How about working for a common goal and making Indian cinema great again please.

I was excited about this movie and about Saif playing a grey character again in a Vishal Bharadwaj movie - loved him in Omkara! Skipped watching Rangoon purely because of Kangana - her constant bitchy remarks about all of her costars (male and female) have disgusted me. Won't pay money to watch her in the theatre, sorry. Looks like many others feel the same way. What say now, miss "major movie star"?

Rangoon, i don't know, I really like Kangana and Shahid, i used to like Saif Ali Khan. I don't think we should blame the actors, they have done their jobs. Maybe the story was not good enough.

I feel really bad for Shahid & Saif. Infact I was really excited to watch when I first got to know that they were in it. But I hate kangana;'s habbits of this past year and therefor I decided to skip it. The way she uses feminism to her own profit and her nastiness towards other people/ collegues is really disgusting. I don't think I am the only one who feels like this about her.

I saw it at AMC Kips with my rainbow of friends. We loved it but we did decided it could have done with 20/30 mins shorter. *mm*

Saw the movie . It is flawless. Oscar worthy. pleople please go watch the movie. It is not slow. It's gripping and classy. the movie needs support. Put your money where it is worth.

Strange!! I enjoyed this movie. I guess it s more class-oriented and is not for masses. BLOODY HELL!!

Yes. me too. I was surprised with KR and SK chemistry. WW

Sad this movie isn't doing better so more arty films can be made. Kangana is talented and she is far from finished. Her salary demands and roles offered might dip a bit and i'm not her fan but she is a fighter and will make it if she wants to.

Got but does it make a difference really if it's a good film with good performance. I don't go to watch actors.

All thanks to arrogant and flop kangana.

365 days 2 months se HR ko harass kar rahi hai. First by hounding him in mails, when he ignored her advances, she planted lies in media. And once her lies got exposed, by playing women card n targeting him every day. All this Just for her Cheap Publicity. Bcoz she wanted get publicity like DP gets for her Star BF. Wat she got after all this drama? Babaji ka Thullu LOL Pls post,PV

1 or two film wonder and kagana started causing havoc to directors, editors,producer and her colleagues.

Kangana has delivered hits since her debut. She singles handedly gave 150 crore blockbuster TWM 2.

Kangana has delivered hits since her debut.

in your head kangana. You have only given 2 or 3 hits in her entire career. infact her debut movie was also semi hit.

Year Film Collection (cr) Verdict 2006 Gangster Semi-Hit 2006 Woh Lamhe Flop 2007 Shakalaka Boom Boom Flop 2007 Life in a… Metro Semi-Hit 2008 Fashion Semi-Hit 2009 Raaz 2 Semi-Hit 2009 Vaada Raha Disaster 2010 Kites Flop 2010 OUATIM Hit 2010 Knock Out Disaster 2010 No Problem Flop 2011 Tanu Weds Manu Hit 2011 Game Disaster 2011 Double Dhamaal Average 2011 Rascals Flop 2011 Miley Naa Miley Hum Disaster 2012 Tezz = Disaster 2013 Shootout at Wadala Average 2013 Krrish 3 Blockbuster 2013 Rajjo Disaster 2014 Queen Super Hit 2014 Revolver Rani Flop 2014 Ungli Disaster 2015 Tanu Weds Manu Returns Blockbuster 2015 I Love New York Disaster 2015 Katti Batti Flop

Kangana Ranaut -Hits, Flops, Blockbuster : Box Office Analysis

ATBB – 0 Blockbusters – 2 Super-Hits – 1 Hits – 2 Average/Semi-Hits – 6 Flops/Disasters – 15 Washouts – 0 Hit Ratio (Hit or Above) – 19.23% Success Ratio (Average or Above) – 42.30%


Ha ha she really gets to you heh!!

haha nice way too hide your embarrassment.

she tried to destroy hrithik's career but now it's hers that is ending.

Hi Hrithik!

kangana please leave hrithik now. He is happy and too busy with his life. he doesnt give a damn about you.

she tried to destroy hrithik's career but now it's hers that is ending.

she tried to destroy hrithik's career but now it's hers that is ending.

For her publicity , she can spread any kind of lies against others with no proof. Most Manipulative person I hv ever seen in my life.

Her career is over and for good. I bet crying baby must be crying in her house.

Hahaha and must be ranting tu hai mera hrithik.

Party time.

Oops 3 time national award winner still fails to bring audience to the theatres. Lol.

Rajjo, Revolver Rani, I love Ungli, Katti Batti, Rangoon r not flops but Disasters. Drama Queen shud be actually called Disaster Queen lol

the movie has everything going but people just hated the movie on personal issue towards the stars especially kangana. very sad

kangana, bring your arrogance to order, stop boasting of going after married men and audience will like u.

As expected. Anyways VB films are boring.

Pride always falls. Especially, Pride for no reason.

She accused DP to snatch this movie but fails to give evidence. Niw its confirmed that it was all made by kangana to promote her flop rangoon.

DP is not a saint. She has tried to snatch many films from other actresses. PV post it

Other actresses are not saints. They try to snatch films from Dp and other actresses. Dont single out Dp alone. Just coz your idol truth is out you are accusing DP. Post it plz pinkvilla don't ignore n biased please it's important

It's unfortunate for everyone involved. VB films aren't commercial hits though, wonder why the producer bankrolled such a high budget film f

at this point apart from SAlman Khan nobody can make a film hit just based on blind fan following. Everybody else needs good script. great actors have done disaster films and its a fact,

Now will this woman take responsibility for the failure? Or blame hrithik for it?

Why would she take responsibility?? There is no review that hasn't praised her performance!! If she hadn't done her job then she should be responsible. What an idiotic comment is that, you don't like her that is ok. mmmmmmm

There are atleast 3 reviews which have told she is a misfit, overacted and has hammed her way through. She is responsible more for her off the camera behavior during promotions where she kept insulting her own costars and others thinking it will bring her more publicity. Shame on her.

Lol.. Which 3 reviews??? All the top critics have praised Kangana's performance. PV post it

Witch review i would like to see it. I saw Anu chopra, R Masand, T Adarsh and NDTV and so on. All were good. Huu i thought otherway round SK were actually really mean to her in few interviews 1 was boolywood times but ok.


Flop Aunty. Time to give opportunities to those like Taapsi Panu, Richa Chadha n Swaraj Bhaskar. They r more talented n hv better dialogue delivery than this arrogant Characterless drama queen.

Kangana is responsible for this diaster. I really feeling bad for shahid and saif.

So much heatred for kangana, why? Becoz she is a women n speaks her mind?

nope just bcoz she is rude

No, bcoz she is a nasty person who thinks insulting each and everyone is called "speaking her mind". Its arrogance and mean behavior. Period.

Karma :)

This movie is a disaster . Bombay velvet of happy. This woman totally deserves it. .

am happy it falls flat cause of kangana. Sorry Shahid and Saif

Celebration time for all fandom. Finally this mad woman see her true WORTH. Finished

Well kangana deserves it. Feels bad for Shahid.

This film wud hv done much better if Kareena or Kat was heroine. Difficult to believe that 2 men wud fight over a Rakhi Sawant. Seriously.

I don't say anything bad to Saif or Shahid or K, I wish them good luck .. I wanna say something to some of Deepika fans which is Saying " Ranveer nothing without Deepikaaaaa " let me tell you one thing : Befikre trailer got 50K dislike- the Worst trailer reaction ever ( the most hated trailer of indian cinema on YouTube ) , with Deffinetly NEGATIVE WOM, with Adult content , the lead actrees got so many hate from audience, without Any popular actrees, witout popular supporting actors, without popular comeo or item number, only one hit song ( songs ain't a big deal at all - bbd example) non holiday relase ( after SRK's dear zindagi before Dangal) worst relase date . And ADITYA Chopra name can't help movie bcz except DDLJ none of his film loved by audience . Etcccc ... STILL Befikre opening was 10 cr , weekend was 35cr Lifetime -63cr , WW gross 103cr, and most important BOI gave it " BELOW Average" status .. Plz post pinkvilla let some ️Ranveer hater sees it!!

if you have to explain so much it means its not an accepted truth.

world does not revolve around RS...nor DP....who cares about Befikre?!!!


So much for Kangana boasting about herself and her greatness and her fans pulling all other actresses down like Kangana is a superstar. Revolver Rani, Rajjo, Katti Batti, Rangoon and so many other flop films. Kangana is no super star, she just lucked out with few good scripts. She better be more human and kind from now on instead of cribbing, crying, giving jealous statements about others and hating colleagues for no reason. She imagines too much in her head and speaks lies all the time.

Other than Media using her for their TRPs, nobody even gives a damn abt her.

Actually, what I am reading is that the movie has shown growth on Saturday and is expected to pick up more on Sunday.

Aur lo Hrithik ka Naam publicity k liye. Public sab Janti hai ki kaun kitne paani me hai. Got it, Ms. Rakhi Sawant?

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