Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal at ITA Awards 2012

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Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal at ITA Awards 2012
OMG I have such a crush on this girl!!!!! For me she's the number one actress on TV right now!!!!


OMG its Sanaya Irani

The post if flooding with comments Zenny!
FAB =)

aww Sanaya Irani as always looks just so utterly gorgeous!!
sigh..she is not just the best looking lady on TV right now, but indeed pretty much the only good looking one!!
She is such a stunner!!! And for a change immensely talented too!!
She deserves to win every best actress award on TV!!

Sanaya u r looking gorgeous... U are the definately best actress on television, Sanaya u have won our hearts by ur flawless acting.

Sanaya deserves best actress... She is the most versatile actress television

Sanaya u r the best actress on television... Love u Sanaya Irani

Sanaya as KHUSHI Best versatile Actress of Television....ITA suck at rewarding real true talent.

I cant stand this woman and her over acting, always try to act like kajol from K3G and I hate her straight hair, why don't she change it at least once.... It doesn't suits her,try some curls lady your forehead is not to go with straight hair, seriously that forehead reminds me of oldies...

@ She is beautiful more than Bollywood actress..loll lol loll

Boring. She is so average.

Sanaya... Best Actress for me :)

It makes me sad that award shows don't appreciate her amazing talent and hard work

AHHHH IT'S SAJAAAAAN! (SAMRAT AND GUNJAN!) love them both to death.esp as a couple. miss MJHT:(

love you Sanaya are so beautiful....................

She's just average looking.

god..damn these awards............ya r true winner.........barbie doll...n we ol noe tat

thank you so much zenny!!!!!
Sanaya is the number 1!!!!! You Rock girl

Yay Sanaya!
Absolutely love her

Sanaya Irani is an awesome actress!!!!! She's the best.......

Why don't we see girls like these in Hindi films instead of the hyped up plain women like deepika, anuskha, sonakshi, sonam, etc.....

why is he holdin the award whenhe didnt even won. such a show off

@indigo oh wow...that's cool!!! i never saw MJHT, first time I saw her in Fanaa and i really liked her, than I saw her in Radhaa ki betiyaan...but i never imagined that one day i will be such a big fan of her!! :D

Sorry, but can someone please tell me if these two are film or TV stars ? I have never seen them in any movies so far.

@Zenny: I've been a Sanaya fan right from her MJHT days...never loved any actress or celeb (except for srk) the way I love her. I wish though that she was more assertive about things coz ppl just take her for granted:(

sanaya irani you are the best
love u so so much
hate this stupid award ,u deserve more than that
my princess you are the BEST

@indigo wow!!! an other TinTin fan on Pinkvilla!!! :D
Your welcomes girlsss!!! :)

Thank You so much

love Monaya. They rock. Got to see them. So happy.

Sanaya Irani is the best actor ever! Stupid awrds dont give her anything, but she is truly the best!

I knew this girl wud make it big the moment I saw her in fanaa as kajol's friend! Love her n mohit together !!!!

i love you Sanaya
you r beatifull

Sanaya Irani
you r amazing n beatifull
i love u dammit

Wow...I don't watch TV but she looks more beautiful and classy than most Bollywood heroines.

Sanaya irani
you are beatiful like angel

Thanks a lot for sharing. Sanaya looks great. Wish she had won an award as well, she truly deserved it!

i love you Sanaya Irani

Wooowww Sanayaa looks gawjusss tfs

zenny thank you so much for this

i m in monayaland and *dead*

Sanya looks so beautiful

Thank you so much :D
MOnaya Rocks!!
dy are most januable couple!!

BEAUTIFUL Sanaya. She's TOO hot to handle. Her beauty is lethal. Thank you soo much for these exclusive images of our Princess.

Zennyy!!! THANK YOU!! FOr posting these pics. We both now how much we love Sanaya! =)
She's looking so pretty

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