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EXCLUSIVE: Shahid Kapoor - Mira is a full Rangoon supporter, she's a Vishal Bhardwaj fan!

Shahid Kapoor talks about Rangoon, Padmavati, working with Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut, daughter Misha Kapoor in an exclusive interview with us.
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Shahid Kapoor is in a happy space currently. 2016 ended on a high note for the actor as his film Udta Punjab did exceptionally well both critically and commercially. He bagged top honours at award shows too and also announced his collaboration with Sanjay Leela Bhansali as he came on board for Padmavati which also stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in the lead. On the personal front, Shahid and his wife Mira were blessed with a baby girl - Misha. And if you thought that's all, then let us tell you, Shahid has two big ticket releases - Rangoon and Padmavati in 2017.Padmavati in 2017.

As the versatile actor is bracing up for another exciting year, we managed to sit down for an interview with him. Casually dressed in a ripped jeans and a white t-shirt, Shahid was trying to grab a bite in his vanity, when I was asked to shoot questions at him, as there was a massive time crunch. And while I was feeling bad that I was disturbing him during his 'me' time, Sasha, as he is fondly called, was more than happy to be talking to me. In a quick tête–à–tête, Shahid talks about Rangoon, Padmavati, working with Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut and his little princess Misha Kapoor. Read on...
2016 was a good year for you with Udta Punjab doing well, you signing Padmavati and Mira and you being blessed with Misha...
My strongest memory of 2016 is that it was a very tiring year. There is a lot of work that happened. And for me, 2016 will always be the year that I was blessed with Misha. The rest of it has been an ongoing journey. In the last 3-4 years, I have been doing the kind of work I really wanted to do always. And I feel very happy today that work is being recognized and appreciated. I feel very fortunate to have got the films that I have got and for all of them to have turned into good films is overwhelming. A lot of times what you think about a film, it doesn't turn out that way and vice-versa. So I feel I have been lucky and I feel fortunate that people have given their love to it because all of it wasn't conventional. It was experimental and people have been very kind and I just want to give them a cinematic experience every time they enter a movie theatre. That is the effort. I have just started doing that and I hope that I continue to do it.
2017 too looks exciting. There's Rangoon, followed by Padmavati. Are you excited?
Oh yes, and I am very excited for this phase of my career. To be coming from Haider and Udta Punjab and going to Rangoon and following it up with Padmavati is a very good place to be in. I hope I can do more work like this. It doesn't happen often that you have this kind of ensemble. I hope I do good work and people like my work.
Your last two collaborations with Vishal Bhardwaj - Kaminey and Haider were successful both critically and commercially. What do you expect for Rangoon?

I hope people give this film the opportunity that they gave the last two films - Kaminey and Haider, because the intent is the same. A sensible film with great entertainment. Rangoon is wider in its range because it is not a high concept film. It is not a genre that people won't be sure of. It is possibly Vishal's most accessible film. I hope the audience we feel can connect with the film, do connect. It is a completely new character for me. My dad saw the film and came out and said 'I don't see any Shahid Kapoor in Nawab Malik'. That was a huge compliment for me. And that is essentially the journey. The journey is to create a new character and give them someone new to remember.

Will it be a hat-trick this time?

I hope it is a hat-trick. Of course we want it to be loved by people and be appreciated that it is a good film.

In a day and age when people avoid being a part of two-hero films, you have lapped it up by doing Rangoon and Padmavati. Your comment?
I think when an actor starts thinking like that when he starts thinking all about himself, usually their downfall starts. Sometimes you are very successful and you are going through a very good phase, then you can continue doing it, and some years later, you understand that you spent on the wrong track. In today's times, I don't think you should think about such things. It is a very outdated thought. Today we need to be smarter and be a part of good content. The best actors in the World, the most talented people are recognizing that. You shouldn't be thinking one actor or two actors. That kind of approach will make sure that you are out of the race very soon.
But was that a botheration for you ever?
Not at all. I want to be a part of good films and want to do exciting content. If I think my role is good then I will just do the movie.
How was it working with Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut?
With Kangana I would say the experience was interesting. She is a very talented actress.. And with Saif, We didn't have too much work. But he is a very chilled out guy. I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that everything was pretty smooth and chilled out.

There were reports that on KWK, Saif and you exchanged daddy tips. Any truth?

No, I think both our babies happened well after Rangoon was completed. But yeah we did... I have been on Koffee with Karan essentially with Mira but since they had Saif and Kangana, they asked me to join in. I thought it was cool to go and promote Rangoon. So I went in and we both congratulated each other.

Was it difficult to get into the role of an army man in a period drama like Rangoon?
This is the first time I am playing an army jawan and this was the most exciting thing for me. Nawab Malik is the most heroic character I have done till date. And he is the most heroic character in the film. I don't want to say much and want you guys to watch the film first. But we have seen many such people who have put their country and duty before themselves and it is great to get an opportunity to do a film like that. Also, Nawab was at a time when India was going through this huge change. There was British Indian army and there were so many of them and he was one of them. There was also this Indian National Army, the Japanese Indian army but the man who loves India so much, was a part of the Indian British Army and that was the irony. So it was great to play the conflict.

Rangoon releases on your birthday weekend. How excited are you to see the audience's response to your film?

I won't be in the city. I am never in the city during my birthday. But of course, it better do well, because I want to be happy on my birthday. Because it is special. It is my first birthday after Misha is born, so obviously it is special. I am usually petrified before a release, like most actors. And the actors who say no, they are lying. It is the nervous moment.


Does a film's box-office performance affect you?

Today the two things are kind of related. If a film is good and is liked, regardless of its opening numbers, it will do good. If a film is not liked, regardless of its opening number, it will under perform and fall fast. So what you are waiting to hear is if people have liked the film. If people have liked the film, you know it will grow and will do better than it is projected. If the reports are positive people will come and see, if they are not, then no one can save it.

Has Mira seen Rangoon? What was her reaction?

Yes, she has seen the film. She is a Vishal Bhardwaj fan and has liked mine and his movies together. She is a full Rangoon supporter and she is looking forward to seeing what people have to say about the movie.

You recently released Misha's first picture that you were going to unveil on your birthday. What made you come out with it earlier?
No you know, actually I wasn't interacting with the media that much before that. After Misha happened, I was in the home zone. But when I started promoting Rangoon, everybody started asking. So the first time when I was thrown that question, later at the same event I was asked for like 4-5 times, so I thought okay maybe, I will put it out this month. Then I went home and I asked Mira, we discussed and she said yeah put it out. So yes then we revealed it. I didn't wait for any special moment. 
Do we get to see her pictures often now?
I guess maybe. I haven't decided yet.
Your brother Ishaan Khattar recently began shooting for his debut film Beyond the Clouds. How overwhelmed were you?
I felt very proud and very emotional. I am sure he was nervous but he is in very good hands.
Up next is Padmavati and you are undergoing an immense transformation. What's in store for us?
I am already in half of my Padmavati look. The other half is hidden and tucked away. There are some actors who like to show their looks, I like to hide them. And I will hide the look till the film releases. It better surprise all because I am working really hard on it. I have managed to do that in the last few films and Padmavati is a huge opportunity. I am very excited and it will be very surprising for people to see me in that role.
What was it like working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the first time?
He is a great guy and I have had the most fun time working with him, of all the directors I have worked with till date. SLB has been the most exciting and most enriching experience so far.
How has it been working with Ranveer and Deepika in Padmavati?
I haven't shot with Ranveer yet. Talking about my co-actors, let's save it for after Rangoon.
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Yes Shahid, we know she was a supporter of Shaandaar too and is going to be a supporter of Padmavati !!

On ur face haters!!! Rangoon receiving UNANIMOUS PRAISE FROM CRITICS...
pv post!!!

Err...Rangoon also stars Kangana and Saif. Shahid will remain a man-child despite the success and/or praise from Rangoon.

Mira alwats clamied she wasnt a shahid kapoor fan but how come she never liked shahid from kaminay or haider? Lies much? she seems so fake to me with an innocent face. And, she sure doesn't enjoy these celebrity wife picture! Poor girl!

This was a good interview actually. I'm glad that they've finally started to talk about the film lol. As an actor I do actually think that Shahid deserves success so it's great to see that he has such a good line up and hopefully he can do more good work! It's only as a person that I'm not the hugest fan of his interviews and all but that doesn't really matter - I would still go watch him on screen.

It is understandable that she comments here and praise herself. After all she doesn't have a job or an identity, the only things she has in life is attending BW parties, events, lunch dates, calling photographers and commenting on PV and praising herself.

Bored of this couple.

don't know how mira stomachs him. i suppose the money and fame helps

she is a good life-partner and so you also

They irritate me. Fed up with this Mira.

Beautiful. One keeps talking about the kid. Other on about the wife. LOL

Such annyoing couple. Mira or her family is in the coments section praising themselves

The baby is so so blissfully beautiful & cute like shahid

i love reading his interviews :)

He sounds very normal and grounded.

Beautiful baby!

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