Casting Coup: Varun Dhawan & Akshaye Khanna would be perfect if Catch Me If You Can is ever remade in Hindi

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Varun Dhawan & Akshaye Khanna would be an apt choice if Catch Me If You Can is ever remade in Hindi

It cannot be denied that former con artist Frank Abagnale’s life story was a perfect narrative for the big screen, and a lot of credit for bringing it alive in the 2002 biographical crime drama, Catch Me If You Can, should be given to it’s maverick director Steven Spielberg. Not to forget, the project got a lot more value when Hollywood heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks came on board to headline the cast. If I had to choose three adjectives to describe this edge on the seat drama then it would be - interesting, entertaining and eventful. 

Largely revolving around Frank Abagnale played by DiCaprio, the teenager's circumstances lead him to becoming a con artist. For his miscreants, Abagnale is chased by FBI agent Carl Hanratty, essayed by Hanks. This classic cat and mouse chase is a total thrill ride that makes you curious, laugh, smile, cry and even empathise at some junctures. It is indeed one of the most ‘complete’ films ever made, which has received a lot of love from the critics and the audience alike. In fact, it has stood the test of time and still resonates with the audience almost 19 years after its release too. 

Now we wonder if this movie was ever to be remade in India, which actors would suit the parts. DiCaprio’s Abagnale is charming and notorious yet has a certain amount of innocence within - no wonder how effortlessly he pulled off most of those scams. To begin with, I believe Varun Dhawan would be an apt choice to play this part. Being an able actor, Varun would be able to portray these characteristics well on the big screen, and will indeed make the part his own. 

Moving on to Tom Hanks’ Carl Hanratty, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Akshaye Khanna to play the role. Now I know that Akshaye has played a cop in the past too, but the actor is known for bringing newness to all the characters that he plays, and I am sure he won’t disappoint this time as well if a Hindi remake of Catch Me If You Can is ever made in India.


Christopher Walken had played Abagnale’s father Frank Abagnale Sr. in the Spielberg directorial, and Boman Irani would be a perfect fit for this part. Amy Adams had played Brenda Strong - Abagnale’s love interest, and if an Indian version of this American classic is ever made then Kiara Advani would be a perfect choice to play Brenda. 

Lastly, Catch Me If You Can is an important classic, and if someone ever attempts to make this film in India we hope it's done with utmost responsibility and respect for the original.

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Anonymous : No no no not that Kiara please it's a request. She is not perfect suitable.
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Anonymous : Varun is trolled for no reason. Most of his fans hate him for marrying that Natasha. If course she is shameless despite being knowing varun's fans doesn't like her she married him. Pv pls post
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Anonymous : Rubbish
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Anonymous : Varun is best.... everyone will love it he is the king
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Anonymous : oh come on that nepo kid over acting ki dukhan varun dhawan for di caprio #makesomethigoriginal
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Anonymous : Varun is the best. Though he is David Dhawan's son, he is talented.❤️❤️ He sure is a star kid, but is a phenomenal actor
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Anonymous : Please don't ruin a good film like that. Have some dignity and make something of your own.
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Anonymous : Varun is a terrible actor..
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Anonymous : varun will ruin it
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