EXCLUSIVE: Adhyayan Suman: I have forgiven Kangana Ranaut completely and moved on

Adhyayan Suman talks about moving on from Kangana Ranaut and the new lady in his life.
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Last year, when Adhyayan Suman had spoken about Kangana Ranaut and why the relationship went wrong, it raised the hackles of a few feminists and left Bollywood shocked by his revelations but all that is in the past now. As the actor quips, that it was a different phase last year and it’s a different phase now. He is ready to begin a new career as a singer. The actor has also fallen in love (buzz is that she is Dr. Stuti Sharma, Clinical Audiologist & Speech Therapist) and has moved out from the dark space he was in ever since his break-up with Kangana Ranaut. Today he has finally given closure to that chapter in his life, forgiven the actress and moved on.

An interview with Adhyayan as he pours his heart out on life, why he didn't talk about Kangana Ranaut this year and being in a happy space today...

Was it tough not to talk when media wanted you to talk against Kangana during Simran’s release this year?

Not at all because when I had given the interview last year (to you), I had said it was going to be only once. These things should not be repeated because you don’t have a hidden agenda behind this, except for telling the world what your side of the story is. After I have said what I had to, there is no point, going to other papers and TV channels, saying the same thing. The truth is out there for the world to see and to be honest, I am in a great space right now where I don’t even care what people think about.

Did the backlash of criticism that you faced last year after that explosive interview make you wiser?

Yes, because it was important for me to be able to see a lot of things with clarity. Till then I had been sheltered and protected as a child and didn’t know the reality of people. It’s a crazy world out there till you learn how to be thick-skinned and learn to grapple with the curve balls life throws you. I am not going to sit and complain who hasn’t given me a break or treated me like shit, no yaar. It’s a battle and you win it however you want to. If it’s written in your destiny and meant for you, you will get it. Agar nahi likha hai, aap kuch bhi kar lo, aap ko nahi milega. Let’s keep everything simple and move on.

They say when you are in love you can forgive and forget. Have you done that with Kangana today?

Yes. I have forgiven Kangana completely. Being in love with the right person has helped me to forgive, forget and move on in life. The song I have sung, Mainsaare nu chadiya, is a prime example of that fact and my answer to everybody out there. In order to move on, you have to forgive and forget. I always tell people jokingly that I was a bad student of history as I couldn’t learn all the facts. Now I can say with clarity that relationship (with Kangana) for me is history. I don’t remember or want to remember anything now. I want to seriously move on - be in love, work, have a family, love my parents and give them everything I should… Let me just flow in the wind.

Please continue…

I am not saying that I am a great singer or I have an outstanding voice. All I am saying is – please just let me be. Don’t judge me constantly, let me happy. You can tell me I don’t know how to sing, that’s your personal opinion. I have realized one thing in life, aaj nahi toh kal, karma comes back to you and I let the karmic cycle take its own course in life. All I wanted to do was just be out there and tell my side of the story and people who wanted to believe me did while some didn’t and that’s fine. But it wasn’t for the world, it was for me. For all the people who felt that Adhyayan Suman could not speak up for himself, I just want them to know that I am one of the luckiest man in the world to have such amazing parents who have been there by my side. I hope someday when you guys need support and feel lonely that your parents are there for you the same way mine was for me.

Where do you see yourself today?

I am a guy who lives in the moment now. That was a different phase last year and this is a different phase now. I have been going through my own set of turmoil, my relationships, being in the media, being judged, being called a failure, and all this why? Just because I spoke my heart out about what happened in the relationship! It was very unfair for people to target me that way, and I thank the people who did support me too. But people who felt that I am a failure and nobody – well thank you very much. That has given me more strength and power to wake up and stand up and nothing better than success and work to prove them wrong.

So while you have forgiven Kangana, you haven’t forgiven all the negativity people threw at you after you

spoke on her?
No. I can’t always be the guy who has to forget and forgive. There were times when I have sat there in my home with my parents, watching very nasty things being said about my parents. While I have become thick-skinned, it was hurtful seeing my parents suffer. It was very unfair what happened to them. I don’t come from a space of arrogance or can say that I am going to mess with you – no, I won’t do that. But there was a part of my heart that was deeply hurt at the negativity swirling around me last year and that’s something I cannot forget in my life. I was down and out and it’s very easy to run me down then. But very difficult for me to get up and have the confidence to do something different like singing.

What changed for you?

My girl whom I call Doctor saab. I cannot reveal who she is as I would like to respect her privacy. She met me at a phase when I was going through a lot of negativity and doing things which weren’t about me. I am not a guy who is into fun. I am about commitment and being in love. I am happy being in love. She just held my hand and said why are you doing this? This is not you, so don’t try to be somebody else. That was the time when I started going back and once someone positive enters your life, the cycle of positivity continues from there. For me, it was important to move on from the dark space I have inhabited for the last few years since my breakup. While singing the song in the studios, I was picturizing Doctor saab, as I needed my inspiration from her.

Now that you have become a singer does that mean that your

will take a backseat?
There is no backseat or front seat – we are all co-passengers. I am an entertainer and for me, singing is as much a part of entertainment as acting. I have been here for seven years and if I am not getting the kind of films I want to do, I am not going to sit and while away my time. I am going to move on but to move on you need a plan. If you want to sing, you have to sit for months and plan and prepare how to do it.

What’s the plan now?

I want my song to do well so that there are more people investing in my music so I can create original content. When I went to one of the owners of a music label with the song, he said ‘Yaarlekin kya hai na, jo purane gaane hote hain, those remixes gives us the views.’ That was disappointing. I didn’t want to do that. It has to be my song. I have put my heart into the song. A lot of musicians out there are trying to create original content but there are also a couple of people who are comfortable within the space of picking up an old song, rehashing and releasing it. Why aren’t we working towards original content? It’s not that I am in it to buy a sports car. I have been there done that. That phase is over now as I am not 28 anymore. The kind of happiness and excitement music gives me is amazing. It heals me.
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why would a doctor date such a failure!!

I belive in u adhyan.. karma is true.. keep going ! Congrats for ur love life and song :)

dude just checked out his girlfriend.. she cant be doctor saab.. hot !

if u are rising again after falling then good luck.. it takes lot of strength and support to fight

Singer can only sing in love or breakup.. whatever inspires him the most will reflect on his voice . waiting for it man .. best regards

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He should think of it as good riddance. He let go of past so he finally has a beautiful present!!!! He deserves better than Kangana

Takes a lot for a man to get up after being pushed down so much. Congrats for new endeavours and good luck for this new journey!

Where were u all these years? Don’t just be Kangana’s ex be someone with his own reputation . Work hard :) god bless

Adhyayan bro keep going ur on the right track
Don’t let ur ex mess ur life , she is history like u said

Don’t date actresses . U know the reality of the industry and you have enough exposure to behind the scenes :/ happy to finally read positive news about you

What he went through is what we all go through in life .. only because he is actor it is hyped. And it is more tough to deal with all this in public eye. Wish u luck wish ur doctor cures all your troubles

Adhyayan I want to see u do well yar, when u have amazing parents , amazing girlfriend then plzzz dnt pay attention to Kangana now .. she doesn’t deserve it ! Fly now and touch the sky

I loved your performance in heartless .. but why u dated a heartless woman like ranaut?

We all need good respectable actors in the industry. What u went through is very difficult and hats off for coming out in the media and speaking ! Let your work speak volumes now. Best wishes and power to your girl who supports you through all this :’)

Consider urself grateful that you escaped the clutches of a Sick Patient and found urself a Doctor :)

Whoa Just saw the pictures of Stuti Sharma! She is a Doctor n Model. Beauty with Brains. Lucky guy! Happy for him, he seems to be a Nice guy

If she is not from industry then u will be like shahid n mira kapoor. Only mira is not so educated

Ha ha doctor saab. Cant wait for ur music album and to finally hear more about ur work.

He deserves a second chance. Acting industry isn’t easy .. and bro if you read this , please don’t take kangana’s name anywhere ! She doesn’t deserve limelight. You keep ur work in focus and keep your love life safe!

Doctor Sahab lol
Ur girl looks pretty.i think she can cure Kangana of her psychotic problems

Media should focus on ur present now which is beautiful ! Ur past is ugly and glad u have forgotten it and moved on !

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With a face n body like that, tothli dialogue delivery, her fans want to believe that she cud hv bagged a lead role without Aditya Pancholi help. She is the epitome of nepotism who just got lucky

With a face n body like that, tothli dialogue delivery, her fans want to believe that she cud hv bagged a lead role without Aditya Pancholi help. She is the epitome of nepotism if any who just got lucky

Dude, u look great n your new girl is Beautiful! Time to ignore the shit face

Really happy for u....but u shudnt hv talked about her in the interview......coz this is kangana thrives on....ATTENTION......Infact u shud thank ur stars as she s out of ur life....She has become a retard now.No one deserves a nasty and manipulative person like kangana in thier life.

This guy is such a looser... he keeps on digging the old skeletons from his past and then says he has forgiven her... a real looser like his dad..

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I would have never noticed this shitbird if he were not one of Kangana's exes! He knows it too, and will keep milking his past relationship to stay in news. LOSER.

I would have never noticed this shitbird if he were not one of Kangana's exes! He knows it too, and will keep milking his past relationship to stay in news. LOSER.

He was open minded enough to give her a chance despite her stinking affair with married old man n she tortured the hell of him.That dark souled woman is incapable of love as she is too self centered, egoistic n jealous

Was he blind when he dated her? She looks so ugly even with tonnes of makeup

Was he blind when he dated her? She looks so ugly

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All the best for ur future.

Even the Paid people supporting her here will not marry her or get her married to their brother. That woman is Bad news n has a Evil mind


During both Rangoon n Simran, she kept talking about him. Even dragged in Aditya Pancholi kids. No respectable person will ever support such a shameless opportunist uncouth woman who can't even promote a film without creating controversies

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This guy deserves a second chance, people should respect his life too. He is entitled to make mistakes and learn from them. He tried acting and it didn't work out, at least he has the decency to try other things. Live and let live people.

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Shut up lposer

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HR PR ON fire! Lol

Hope your legions on new fans on PV continue supporting you!

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Who is he?

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U look great in your new pics. Good that poison is out of ur life. Life is all about accepting an apology u never got. May you lead a happy life.

Kangana has been out of his life since 2011 FYI.

But he has found new love now

good and i hope his dad can move on too as he tweets so often about Kangana.

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All these comments are by kangana only. She is sitting pretending to have a broken leg and commenting here. I am sure she was suffocated that there was no news about her so here you are...

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More power to you! That woman uses victim card when bullying more successful big wigs but uses success card when bullying less successful persons. Success or not, you are better person than she will ever be. Glad you found love. God bless

When asked you forgive. Genius!

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When did she ever talk about the Sumans? It was Pancholi who she mentioned.

I thought Kangana was being honest when she spoke about adhyayan. How does it affect or relate to one's stardom or acheivements or status?

Is it about time, go and find something worth doing and stop going on and on about kangana, she did not force you into anything or do anything bad to you, you had a relationship with her you parted so be it .

PV please post.

How can a guy like him, who isn't even decently educated and hasn't achieved anything in his life, get a girl who is a Doctor???? Seriously??

Just like she got him despite her dirty past of Pancholi keep

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Saw ur interview. U are a very nice guy. U deserve all the happiness in ur life. All the Best!

She has changed her entire face using plastic surgery

But I, my dad, my driver, my cook and my astrologer comment every time there is a controversy surrounding her.

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U go,boy! Wish u all the success n happiness.

Happy for him. U shud thank ur lucky stars that u dumped her at the right time. As she has gone full retard now. The new girl in ur life looks beautiful.

Then shut up

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