EXCLUSIVE: Shahid Kapoor's mother Neelima on grandson Zain Kapoor, Misha's reaction to little brother and Mira

Shahid Kapoor's mother Neelima Azeem in an exclusive chat spoke about welcoming Zain Kapoor in the family, Mira's health and much more. Read on.
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On September 5, 2018, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput welcomed a baby boy into the family whom they have named Zain Kapoor. The power couple is already blessed with a baby daughter Misha Kapoor and this is their second child together. Shahid shared the news on Twitter and thanked everyone for their wishes. The happiness on their faces while exiting the hospital on Friday was very much palpable. Twitter has been exploding since last evening with people gushing over Zain's name. Zain means beautiful and graceful and Zain Kapoor is everything his name represents. 

While we wait to catch the first glimpse of the baby boy, we got in touch with the grandmother Neelima Azeem, who couldn't contain her happiness in her voice. On welcoming grandson Zain into the family, she said, "It's been joyous. the family is complete, Shahid and Mira now have a beautiful son and a daughter.. so it feels great. Misha has got a young brother and we have got wonderful grandchildren, so the feeling is difficult to describe in words but I guess, I feel on the top of the world and very grateful. It is very exciting as there is so much to do."

When asked Misha's reaction on having a young brother to herself, Azeem added, "It is definitely a sweet and exciting part in her life. Now, she has got a brother and a companion. Misha is basically a very soft and tender child. She is full of energy and fun, there is a lot of sweetness in her. Even when she goes to the beach, she will play with the puppies and babies there.. she is like that with everyone and now it is her own brother. But, of course, it is a little emotional adjustment for all the children so that will happen. But I think her parents are handling that very beautifully. They are balancing the act nicely. All the credit goes to Mira and Shahid."

On Mira's health, she said, "She is a rockstar. Mira is like another level of braveness and coolness. She is strong, very strong, doesn't make a big thing about anything."

When asked if the family had any specific desire to welcoming a boy or a girl, Neelima stated, "No, No, I think both Shahid and Mira were very open to a girl because they are madly in love with Misha. Given that, they were happy to have a girl also but obviously, now it's balanced out the act. Now, there is a boy and a girl in the house so both the energies are going to run in together. Mira, Shahid, Misha, and Zain are there.. so it is perfect."

On naming the baby boy Zain, she said, "I think it is the name that has been running in everybody's mind for a long time but obviously, it was his parents who decided to call him Zain. But this name has been there in the family. I have a nephew with the same name. It is a beautiful name."

Will a naming ceremony be hosted? On this, Azeem earnestly said, "I don't think they are too much into ritual. Both Shahid and Mira love celebrations, get-togethers and party and have fun and all but I don't think they are majorly into traditions. They are traditional in some ways but they are not too much into rituals but I guess, you never know. They always come up with beautiful ideas, Mira is very good with that and Shahid is very happy to embrace it and give suggestions."

On a parting note, Neelima added that the excitement in the house is next level. "These two babies have brought so much happiness in our lives that it is impossible to spell it out," she concluded. 

Congratulations to the couple!


Where is Supriya Pathak?? She used to be very close to Shahid

I am sure she still is... in an interview last week (some rapid fire), Shahid called her his mom so things are fine. Please dont worry. Neelima is, of course, his biological mom so lets respect that.

what is meaning of "zain"? Sounds like Jain

It means Beautiful

Grand parents are the happiest when there are little children at home. I see my own parents eyes sparkling when my kids and my sister's kids are around. God Bless Misha, Zain and the entire family

Mira is very pretty

How sweet :)

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