EXCLUSIVE: Shekhar Suman breaks silence on being accused of politicizing Sushant Singh Rajput's death

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EXCLUSIVE: Shekhar Suman breaks silence on being accused of politicizing Sushant Singh Rajput's death

One actor who had been constantly rallying to bring justice to Sushant Singh Rajput from the very beginning has to be Shekhar Suman. The veteran actor has been fighting and running a campaign in the Kedarnath star's death case ever since the police announced it a suicide. But in the process, several including Sushant's family members had accused Suman of politicizing the Bollywood star's death. 

Right after the unfortunate demise of Sushant, the veteran actor had visited his hometown to pay his condolences to the family. But he had also organised a special meeting, which involved a few political faces from Bihar. It's then that the family leveled serious allegations against him, complaining that he wanted to leverage the situation to further his political career. Now, in an exclusive conversation with us at Pinkvilla, Suman has finally responded to all the detractors and made his point clear.

He shares, "I was the first one to start this (campaign) and I went to Patna because I wanted to share his father's grief. I went there to gather political support for the movement I start #justiceforsushant. Tejashwi Yadav came but Nitish Kumar ji couldn't meet me. I met the Governor here. How is it politicizing? It's political support and now, we are moving ahead with that only. Of course, there will be political parties politicizing it. But how would I politicize it?"

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He further adds, "I needed support because nobody was coming forward from the industry to speak for him. I was absolutely alone and had a few fans helping me in the movement. So I went there to gather that support and it's absolutely idiotic to say that I'm politicizing the situation. Tejashwi Yadav had asked for a press conference where they specifically began it saying that it was a non-political meeting and it was only to support the forum. It's foolish to say anything else. The truth is out, and I don't need to say anything anymore," he signed off. 

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Anonymous : Shekhar Suman ji is right,it is only idiocacy to say politizing,look when the family members messaged police that Sustant Singh was in wrong company no action was taken by DGP,so if Ankita Lokhande,Cook,and others were all silent it would be advantage for Rhea, showik they would be posting literature and getting publicity,more over Sushant family should have guts to take Rhea to task even before anything would happen.Shekar Suman and public want justice, culprits must not roam freely, and motivate for more crimes.It is just Humanity.
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : Someone has to tk a lead of course tht person will bear all the burnt . But sir u have nothing to loose . You will only gain love ❤️ from SSR fans
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : Thank you Shekar Suman! Dont worry, only the mafias think so..
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : Kangana doesn’t like these so called Bollywood mafias so she got a reason to bombard them..Shekhar Suman is from Bihar that’s one reason but he seems to be angry with Bollywood bullies..but am glad he started #justiceforsushant movement
REPLY 9 11 months ago
Anonymous : Shame on all those actors who make movies on social cause but fail to show guts when needed! Thank you Suman sir.
REPLY 21 11 months ago
Anonymous : Thank u shekar sir for this movement.hope ssr get justice
REPLY 14 11 months ago
Anonymous : He and Kangana are the only two people from the industry who spoke up and I am grateful for him. It shows what spineless pathetic self absorbed "people" are in Bollywood. I will never support them. NEVER.
REPLY 50 11 months ago
Anonymous : sushant fans &supporters are highly grateful to him,kangana,arnab,rupa ganguly,swamy sir&ishkaran.
REPLY 46 11 months ago
Anonymous : payal rohatgi as well was instrumental
REPLY 30 11 months ago
Anonymous : Thank you , you were genuine in your efforts to bring justice to sushant .. ignore the rest
REPLY 40 11 months ago
Anonymous : He was one of the first people to speak up! He supported Sushant’s fans and kept the conversation going. So people who say he is politicised should get lost. Someone lost his life, he deserves justice, they should pray something like this doesn’t happen to their family.
REPLY 42 11 months ago
Anonymous : You were the first one to fight for Sushant's justice genuinely sir. Thanks to you and people like Arnab Goswami, we are able to get CBI investigating the case now.
REPLY 38 11 months ago
Anonymous : Thank you Shekhar Suman
REPLY 39 11 months ago