Katy Perry's American Idol Run Comes To An End After 7 Years; Check Out All Of Singer's Posts For Season Finale Ahead Of Exit

Katy Perry bids farewell to American Idol with a heartfelt performance and a fitting tribute from the Top 12 contestants, marking the end of an era for the herself and the singing talent show.

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It's the end of an era for Katy Perry and American Idol alike as the Dark Horse singer bid farewell to the singing talent show on Sunday, May 19, following the program picking Abi Carter as the winner of Season 22.

However, Perry did not depart without one last well-deserved performance of her own on the show. The pop star took the stage with third-place finalist Jack Blocker for a mesmerizing duet of her single What Makes a Woman. Additionally, the ladies of the Top 12, in a fitting gesture, performed a tribute to the veteran judge, singing a medley of some of Perry’s biggest career hits. The singers gave it their all as they performed Teenage Dream, California Girls, and Dark Horse, while Perry enthusiastically, albeit a wee bit emotionally, cheered them on.

Before the show kicked off, the singer took to both X and Instagram to give fans a sneak peek of her special finale ensemble, which included a golden metallic top with seven roses. “7 roses for 7 seasons,” she captioned the carousel post.

Below are all the posts Perry made leading up to her American Idol exit. Take a look!

Here’s how Katy Perry teased/hyped her American Idol exit before the Season 22 finale of the show

In one of the many X posts, Perry stated in a matter-of-factly manner, “#idol finale tonight.” The said tweet came with a picture of butterflies, which seem to hold personal significance for the singer. "All set for a special day on Idol" Perry reposted a fan art next, featuring her many looks throughout her American Idol journey. “Bye Girl,” the Hot N Cold singer wrote in another of her many tweets.

This X post came as a repost of a fan tweet featuring girls wearing pink Bye Katy t-shirts. Again, the butterfly which has now become synonymous with the Katy Perry brand, made a return. In a different X post, Perry urged the fans to vote in a dramatic/fake emotional video. Returning with the butterfly effect video, Perry signed off with "143," which, as we all know, means "I Love You." In the caption of the video shared on X, she wrote, “143 #idol.”


Why did she throw a pizza in the crowd? 

Perry wore a dress featuring a portrait of every American Idol hopeful this season during her aforementioned performance with Jack Blocker. 

Check out the abovementioned X posts below!

Here’s how Katy Perry announced her American Idol deprature

The Harleys in Hawaii singer, 39, appeared as a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show on February 12, where she was, coincidentally or not, asked by the show host about how long she was likely to continue her stint with the singing reality show.

Perry replied, “Well, you know, this fall, this September, I'm going to be doing this huge music festival in Brazil called Rock in Rio. It's really exciting. It's a big deal for people all over the world, especially my Brazilian fans.” She continued, “So I think this will probably be my last season for Idol.”

Following a few huffs and puffs from the live audience, Perry added, “I love Idol so much. It’s connected me with the heart of America. But I need to feel the pulse of my own beat.” And as if the impromptu bombshell announcement was not enough, when Kimmel asked if her fellow Idol judges knew about her departure from the show, Perry fired back saying, “Well, they'll find out tonight.”


Perry became a judge on American Idol in 2018 when the show was revived by ABC.

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What reason did Katy Perry give for leaving American Idol?
Katy Perry explained that she loves American Idol and feels connected to the heart of America through the show. However, she expressed a desire to feel the pulse of my own beat and pursue other opportunities.

How long has Katy Perry been a judge on American Idol?
Katy Perry joined American Idol as a judge in 2018, following the show's revival by ABC. She served as a judge for seven seasons.

Did Katy Perry's fellow judges know about her departure before she announced it?
No, Katy Perry revealed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that her fellow judges would find out about her departure that night, implying that it was a surprise to them as well.

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