'People Were Going To Troll Us': She-Hulk Star Tatiana Maslany Responds To Recent Marvel Backlash

Tatiana Maslany talks about handling fears and facing sexist criticism in Hollywood. Maslany reflects resilience by advocating for fair wages, impacting her future in the Marvel franchise.

Published on Jun 10, 2024  |  10:28 AM IST |  35.5K
She-Hulk Star Tatiana Maslany Responds To Recent Marvel Backlash
Tatiana Maslany (PC: Instagram/tatianamaslany)
Key Highlight
  • How Tatiana Maslany faces her fears and overcomes backlash in Hollywood's turbulent journey?
  • Tatiana Maslany's advocacy for fair wages raise doubts and an uncertain Marvel future
  • A low-down on Tatiana Maslany's career path from a child artist to a Hollywood maverick

Tatiana Maslany opens up about her fears and how she overcame them, she said, 'I'm terrified of everything'. The She-Hulk star drew a parallel with her reel-life character Jennifer in her new animated film, Butterfly Tale. Jennifer is a butterfly scared of heights but determined to confront and conquer in every possible way. And just like Jennifer Maslany, "I tend to push through those nerves and the fear of it because conquering it and feeling that rush is quite exciting."

Tatiana Maslany offers insights into her approach to navigating fame and facing backlash!

Maslany exuded an approachable demeanor during a Zoom interview from her apartment in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. She reflected a sharp contrast to the Hulk's intensity.

Despite receiving positive reviews, She-Hulk received criticism from some who attributed it to Marvel fatigue, a feeling brought on by the constant influx of superhero spin-offs, particularly those centered around female characters such as Echo and Ms. Marvel. Maslany took on the role of the titular character and bravely faced the backlash as an expected hurdle. While she was commended for her performance, the series sparked heated discussions among some male viewers who struggled to embrace the progressive storytelling.

She said, "I think what's exciting…" – she pauses for a moment – "… exciting, ha. I think what's fun about it is that [series creator] Jessica Gao built into the story that people were going to troll us." A scene was shown on a made-up social media platform where someone commented about Maslany's character, "Why do all superheroes have to be female now?" Maslany handled the criticism with a blend of practicality and wit. She discovered the unwritten rule of not crossing industry insiders and the importance of maintaining a delicate balance between fame and vulnerability in the entertainment industry.


Tatiana Maslany Marvel's role uncertain after raising voice over fair wages for actors

Although there have been high uncertainties for a possible second season, Maslany's role in the franchise remains doubtful due to her public criticism of Disney CEO Bob Iger. He had dismissed the actor's demand for fairer wages as 'unrealistic', forcing Maslany to voice her opinion. Chances were Maslany's impassioned response would jar further negotiations.

Maslany admitted: "In those moments, you're so heated up. It's hard to articulate yourself in a way that you want when you're on the picket line with everybody." Maslany also raised concerns about broader industrial practices like the impersonal nature of auditioning.

She described it as disrespectful and emotionally taxing as the actors invest time and do not get feedback. A cycle of uncertainty perpetuated due to no connection between the actors and casting directors. She said, "You're filming yourself and having to edit yourself, which is also the stuff that makes you so self-conscious."


Considering the emotional abuse in the industry, Maslany's reflected an unwavering compassion and resilience. Maslany's empathy has been shaped by her own experience.

Tatiana Maslany's Hollywood journey from an 11 years old child actor to an Emmy winner

Maslany started acting on the Canadian kid's TV when she was just 11 years old. Next, she opted for small roles in film and television. In her adulthood she got a breakthrough, she was cast as the con artist Sarah Manning in the sci-fi series The Orphan Black. The 38-year-old Canadian star could easily establish herself as a Chameleonic character actor for seamlessly playing different characters.

In 2016, she was rewarded with an Emmy and The Guardian called her acting of Olympic-level.

Maslany shared filming the exhausting five seasons and recalled an acupuncturist work on Maslany and who was like, 'What do you do?!'" Maslany said, "Because there were all these weird, different energies coming out of my back. I don't know what she saw but it felt true. There were all these little people living in me and I had to pull them out."


Maslany even starred with Nicole Kidman in Destroyer before her Broadway debut with Bryan Cranston in Lee Hall's stage adaptation of Network in 2018. In, Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery in the London production, she took the role of a ruthless TV executive. Her performance was commendable as she reinvented a scene in which her character reaches orgasm.

She-Hulk- A career milestone for Tatiana Maslany and working with Mark Ruffalo

The lead in the Marvel TV series was a challenging role for her. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was released in 2022, Maslany played Jennifer Walters, a single thirtysomething attorney who is also a superpowered Hulk.

Walters played the role of cousin Bruce Banner, the Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo since 2012. Ruffalo is a four-time Academy Award nominee. He has appeared with Maslany in the series and also helped her as her Marvel mentor,

Maslany said "He was very kind, very humble. And I think the biggest lesson for me watching him is how new he makes everything. He's played that character for 10 years and still comes to it with this childlike wonder and curiosity."

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