The Bear Season 3: Carmy's Berzatto Family Tree Explained; Who's Who?

With the highly anticipated Season 3 premiere on Wednesday, June 26, the dynamics of the leading Berzatto family is further explored, much like Season 2.

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The Bear Season 3 (YouTube/FX/Official Trailer)
The Bear Season 3 (YouTube/FX/Official Trailer)

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to suicide and drug addiction

The Bear started out with Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy Berzatto struggling to make ends meet as he tried to keep his late brother, Mikey’s beef shop running. The eventual seasons have, however, dived deeper into the complex relationships and family dynamics of the Hulu show’s characters. 

With the highly anticipated Season 3 premiere on Wednesday, June 26, the dynamics of the leading Berzatto family is further explored, much like Season 2. Jamie Lee Curtis will return to play the Berzatto matriarch while the show offers glimpses into the Berzattos.

Following are the members of the Berzatto family tree:

Donna ‘Don’ Berzatto

The awaited performance of Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis in Episode 6 was a highlight for Season 2. The FX drama featured the Hollywood star playing Donna ‘Don’ Berzatto, the matriarch of the Berzatto family in The Bear’s sequel season even though she had been referenced multiple times earlier. 

Carmy and Sugar do not think fondly of their mother, Don while recalling an unhappy Christmas from their childhood. A Season 2 flashback episode showed Donna trying her best to make the perfect Christmas meal, the Feast of the Seven Fishes but eventually finds herself in despair of a lack of appreciation from her family. 


Her struggle with mental illness and alcohol is brought to light during the show which clarifies the Berzatto brothers’ deep familial troubles. 

Carmen ‘Carmy’ Berzatto 

Jeremy Allen White stars as Carmy Berzatto, one of the three Berzatto siblings. He lived far away from his family in New York, working as a successful chef but if forced to come back home to Chicago following his brother Mikey’s death. 

Carmy stands out from the Berzattos owing to his calm nature, often keeping a safe distance from the antics of his dysfunctional family. Before the flashback episode, he was the sole representation of the Berzattos. However, after Carmy pulls into his house on Christmas, viewers can understand the disparity between him and his family. 

However, he gets along with his sister Natalie, as they both share a similar instinct to refrain from creating drama. They are the youngest Berzattos, hence, their opinions are often not paid heed to. 


Carmy develops a romance with Claire played by Molly Gordon and thinks of his restaurant crew more as a family than his real one.

Natalie ‘Sugar’ Berzatto

Abby Elliott plays Natalie ‘Sugar’ Berzatto, the only Berzatto sister. She was briefly introduced in Season 1 but became a central character in the sequel seasons. Sugar and Carmy team up to run their late brother’s restaurant to success, but she is often bogged down by the challenges of the culinary industry. 

Despite their differences, Sugar and Carmy are able to build a good bond as siblings over time. In the flashback Christmas episode, Sugar tries to calm Mikey down as he quarrels with Uncle Lee. Hence, Carmy and Sugar share a similar demeanor of calmness and patience, unlike the other Berzattos. 

Michael ‘Mikey’ Berzatto

Played by Jon Bernthal, Michael Berzatto is the character who dies by suicide in Season 1 and leaves his restaurant to Carmy. 


Despite his limited screen time, Mikey is a central figure in the entire The Bear storyline as his death leads to the unraveling of all the events, from Carmy moving back home, to him starting a whole restaurant crew/family and later vaulting The Original Beef of Chicagoland to success. 

Mikey mostly appears in flashbacks and shall continue to do so. While little was known about his character arc in Season 1, viewers got a deeper glimpse into his personality after he got loud and aggressive in the Christmas episode. Season 2 also showcased his past drug addiction that turned him into an erratic individual, also leading to his suicide. 

Regardless, the oldest Berzatto sibling was portrayed as a charismatic man whom the family was proud of. 

Michelle Berzatto

Another crucial character with little screen time, Michel Berzatto is taken on by Sarah Paulson. She is the Berzatto siblings’ cousin, who also attends the Christmas celebration in Season 2 with her friend, Steven. 

She roots for Carmy from behind the scenes and also offers him to crash at her place after the Christmas mishap before he goes back to work in New York. 


Chris Witaske plays Pete, Natalie’s husband and a series regular in The Bear. He is not really embraced by the Berzatto family owing to his insensible nature. 


In the infamous Christmas episode, Pete is frowned upon after he brings in the eighth fish, a Tuna, for the traditional seven-fish feast. 

After the family drama unravels that night, Pete finds himself backing up without any efforts to subdue the chaos. 

Cicero ‘Uncle Jimmy’

Uncle Jimmy is played by Oliver Platt and has appeared since The Bear’s debut season. He loans Mikey money to kickstart his beef shop, which the latter never paid him back. Jimmy is portrayed as a wealthy and influential character, who later partners with Carmy to add more investments into the restaurant business. 

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts, anxiety, going through depression, is suffering from a serious mental illness, or struggling with drug addiction, reach out to a nearby doctor, mental health expert, or an NGO for immediate help.​ There are several helplines available for the same.

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