Top 15 Bill Murray Movies: From Rushmore To Groundhog Day

Bill Murray, the master of his art, has given some phenomenal performances throughout his career. Here’s a look at the 15 best movies by the actor that spell wonders.

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Bill Murray via IMDB

Bill Murray stepped into the industry in the 1970s as an actor who would do comedy roles as well as perform serious ones. From Lost In Translation to Rushmore and Groundhog Day, Here’s list of Murray’s best work over the years. Have a look at the Emmy winner’s top 15 films of actor’s filmography. 


1. Rushmore

Rushmore via IMDB

One of the best works of Bill Murry, Rushmore, is directed by Wes Anderson, who tells a complicated love story. It is all blunders when Murray’s character falls in love with a teacher who is his son’s crush as well. This 1999 film did wonders at the box office but was not nominated for a single Oscar. 


2. Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation via IMDB

For Lost in Translation, Bill Murray was nominated for his first Oscar. The narrative, which was directed by Sophiya Coppola, centers on a middle-aged man who travels to Japan to film a commercial and strikes up a conversation with a local. The 2003 film got Murray a bag of awards, including the BAFTA and honors from the National Society of Film Critics. 


3. CaddyShack

The 1980’s film grew quite popular among the audience as Bill Murray had recently shifted to the big screens from TV. The dialogue in the movies was written by Murray’s brother. The narrative follows Murray’s character, who wants to take revenge on a gopher who tries to ruin the groundkeeper's work. 


4. Stripes

Stripes via IMDB

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In this 1981 film, Murray is seen in his comedic element, which he is best known for. The actor plays a loser who decides to join the military, after figuring out nothing else suits him more. Though the movie did average numbers, Murray was quite liked by the audience. 


5. Tootsie

Out of all the Bill Murray movies, Tootsie was the one well acclaimed film of the era. The 1982 is a story of a struggling writer. When he finally completes writing one, it is hilarious to see how it all unfolds. The movie did well in numbers as it was the third highest grossing film of 1982. 


6. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters via IMDB

One of the iconic movies of Bill Murray’s career. The 1984 movie Ghostbusters united some of the legendary artists together including Aykroyd, Ramis, and Reitman. Though the movie has its remake, it was not well taken by the audience as this one. The movie is directed by Ivan Reitman, and can be listed as the greatest comedy movie of all time. 


7. Hyde Park On Hudson

Hyde Park On Hudson via IMDB

Yet another impressive performance by Bill Murray. Trying his hands on something different from his regulars, Murray killed it with his role as President Roosevelt. The 2012 film got the actor his fourth Golden Globe nomination and applause from the audience.


8. Meatballs

Before working on Ghostbusters, Reitman and Murray worked together on Meatballs. The film shows the actor as his typical comic character. The movie was the first step for Bill to enter the Hollywood industry. The film hit cinemas in 1979, while the legend was still working at Saturday Night Live. It is fun to watch on a light and breezy day. 


9. What About Bob?

Apart from the humorous characters, Bill Murray has played some dramatic ones and played them really well. What About Bob is one of those movies where the actor was liked more than the storyline. The 1991 film did average at the box office, but Murray gained fame through his character and acting. 


10. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Wes Anderson and Bill Murray did wonders together. While this was the fourth film that the two collaborated on, it was a little less liked by the critics. The audience, however, enjoyed this different narrative from Anderson in the 2004 film. 


11. Get Low

Get Low via IMDB

Murray plays a supporting character in Get Low. The role of a funeral director is well defined in this 2002 movie. The story goes as a client who wishes to have a funeral contacts Murray for help and offers a good amount of money. 


12. Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day via IMDB

The narrative of the film follows a weatherman who is bound to live the same day again and again. The 1993 film is one of the most popular works by Bill Murray, as he reunited with Harold Ramis. The film was declared a superhit by critics and fans for its perfect casting and cinematography. 


13. The Hat Act

The Hat Act follows a magician who finds himself in a village situation. He picks up a poor guy and teaches him a few magic tricks. While initially the boy uses his tricks to steal money, he eventually comes out as a good person in the end. The 1973 movie shows Murray as a fresh face of the industry. His work was loved by the viewers, giving him different roles in the future. 


14. The Man Who Knew Too Little

The Man Who Knew Too Little via IMDB

Billy Murray’s act was quite appreciated by the critics in this 1997 film. The movie follows a man who is mistaken for an agent and has to stop the high-profile leaders from getting killed. The film keeps its audience at the age of their seats as it progresses towards the climax. A must-watch, for sure!


15. Ed Wood

With Johnny Depp playing the main character and Bill Murray in a supporting role, the 1994 film is all about director Edward D. Wood Jr., who wishes to make a film but gets into trouble due to lack of talent. It is one of the finest movies in cinema, as its dialogues and screenplay are near perfection. Murray, Depp and Sarah Jessica Parker shine in their roles. 


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