Why Did Elizabeth Thornton Change Her Hairstyle In When Calls The Heart Season 11? Actress Erin Krakow Reveals

Elizabeth Thornton Feels Good About Felicity Comparisons Due To Her New Hairstyle.

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Elizabeth Thornton Debuts A New Hairstyle In When Calls The Heart Season 11
Erin Krakow (PC: Getty Images)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for When Calls The Heart.

Erin Krakow, who has played the Hope Valley schoolteacher on Hallmark Channel's small-town drama When Calls the Heart for 11 seasons and counting, discusses why she and the writers decided that the character's hairstyle change would be ideal for the April 7 season premiere in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

Erin Krakow debuts a new hairstyle

Erin Krakow, 39, who also serves as the show's executive producer, says, "We were trying to figure out a story that would illustrate Elizabeth's desire to create some real change in her life. There are countless options available to her. We debated a few possibilities back and forth. Still, ultimately, we decided that Elizabeth's haircut would be so striking and daring that it would be a fresh experience for our audience."

Erin Krakow

Of course, throughout the show, Elizabeth and her loved ones are struggling with a great lot of uncertainty. Elizabeth's ex-fiance, Lucas Bouchard (played by Chris McNally), the incoming governor of Union City, was shot during his inauguration, and his assailant was reportedly apprehended in less than an hour. However, the scene where Elizabeth Thornton sat in front of her friend Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and prepared to change her hairdo for the first time was historic on a television program like WCTH, which in 2024 portrays so many stories of powerful young women in the early 1900s for a predominately female audience.


Erin Krakow

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Before Rosemary started, Elizabeth looked confident and answered directly to a question about whether she was delighted that she had decided to split up with Lucas and stay in Hope Valley. Elizabeth was wearing a haircutting cape. "I am, and I'm confident I made the proper choice. Elizabeth said, "I'm so happy that everyone I care about is safe," just before her companion took the initial shot.

Why did Erin change her hairstyle?

Reminiscing about the scene from Felicity's second season, where Felicity (Keri Russell) chopped off her hair following her breakup with Ben (Scott Speedman), the scene's seriousness is evident. "It's fantastic if there are any Felicity vibes or comparisons to Keri Russell. I'm overjoyed and honored," Krakow exclaims, describing her short bob as "playful and delightful."

Erin Krakow

Elizabeth's romance with Lucas ends around the start of the 1920s, right before the town of Hope Valley transforms due to the construction of Governor Bouchard's resort, which would result in a spike in visitors. "Strong, independent, fearless women who are finding themselves in a world that is made for men," according to Krakow, are what this incredible, powerful moment on WCTH is an example of.


"And I say fearless, but I should follow that up by saying part of what I love about the way we tell these stories of these women is that the writers allow us to see into their more quiet moments where they're exposing some of their fears and vulnerabilities," she continues.

Erin Krakow has starred in numerous Hallmark films and television programs outside Hope Valley. In addition to starring in the newest movie, It Was Always You, Erin has starred in other Hallmark productions, including Sense, Sensibility, Snowmen, Finding Father Christmas, The Wedding Cottage, and a ton more! In addition to the Hallmark channel, she has starred in a few Lifetime films and beloved television series, including Army Wives.

When Calls the Heart airs on Hallmark Channel on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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