Marry My Husband Ep 5-6 Review: Park Min Young, Na In Woo's twist-filled romance continues to excite fans

The latest episodes 5 and 6 of Marry My Husband featuring Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and. Song Ha Yoon have been released. Let's review the recent developments in the series.

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Marry My Husband (Image Credits- tvN)
Marry My Husband (Image Credits- tvN)

Name: Marry My Husband (내 남편과 결혼해줘 in Korean)

Premiere date: January 1st 2024

Cast: Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon

Director: Park Won Guk, Han Jin Seon

Writer: Shin Yoo Dam (Webtoon writer: Sung So Jak)

Number of episodes: 16

Genre: Fantasy, romantic-comedy

Language: Korean

Where to watch: Prime Video, tvN 

Marry My Husband Plot

Adapted from Sung So Jak's web novel, Marry My Husband tells the story of Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young). Confronted with a terminal illness, she discovers her best friend Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon) having an affair with her husband, Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung). Tragically, Kang Ji Won becomes a victim of murder orchestrated by Park Min Hwan. However, fate takes an unexpected turn as she is transported back 10 years into the past. In this alternate timeline, she collaborates with Yoo Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo), the head of a department in the same company, to seek revenge for the betrayal and injustice she endured.


Quick recap of episode 5 and 6 of Marry My Husband

At the beginning of Marry My Husband Episode 5, we delve into the past connection between Yu Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo) and Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young). It's revealed that they had previously met during their college days. Ji Won, in a drunken state, was taken care of by Ji Hyeok, leading to a heartfelt conversation. The next morning, Ji Won disappeared, and Ji Hyeok found her at her college. As Ji Hyeok reminisces about this memory, it becomes clear that he had developed feelings for Ji Won but was unable to confess, leaving him with a sense of guilt.

In parallel to Ji Won, Ji Hyeok also transforms, both physically and mentally, with a determined resolve to save Ji Won this time. Meanwhile, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon) continues to cause trouble for Ji Won, both professionally and personally, by revealing to Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung) that Ji Won's mother had an affair. This revelation prompts a violent confrontation between Min Hwan and Ji Won, with Ji Hyeok stepping in to save her. Post this they have a conversation where Ji Hyeok confesses his feelings for Ji Won. Later Ji Hyeok faints due to stress.

Episode 6 opens with both Ji Hyeok and Ji Won at the hospital. Ji Hyeok assures Ji Won that he won't act on his feelings unless she approves. Meanwhile, Min Hwan gets closer to Soo Min, sharing intimate moments together. The following day, Ji Hyeok confronts Min Hwan, urging him to break up with Ji Won and never abuse her again. Later, Kim Kyung Wook called Ji Won and Yang Joo Ran to discuss the proposal and removed Ji Won from the project. Disheartened, Ji Won grapples with finding a way forward.

Ji Hyeok later invites Ji Won to practice self-defense with him, and during their session, Ji Won, inspired by Ji Hyeok's wise words, finds a way out of the mess. Using her wits Ji Won exposes the corruption within the company, leading to the disposal of everyone involved in the project. Ji Hyeok later congratulates Ji Won, and in a surprising turn of events, they accidentally reveal to each other, by mentioning BTS songs from the future, that they both are indeed from the future.


Review of episode 5 and 6 of Marry My Husband

All the episodes of Marry My Husband have been a complete hit, featuring engaging characters, an amazing plot, great acting, and super engaging twists. These two episodes continue the same tradition. While the past connection trope in K-dramas can be overused, it fits well here, adding depth to the storyline and highlighting Ji Hyeok's love for Ji Won and his selfless dedication to saving her. Watching Ji Won handle being unfairly cut off from the project with professionalism was truly satisfying.

The story has maintained a well-paced narrative, and despite the need to conclude it in 16 episodes, it feels right. While it may be a bit faster than the Webtoon, it remains satisfying. Ji Won's less active involvement in pushing Soo Min and Min Hwan closer still works well, showcasing that even without her intervention, they naturally find ways to grow closer, which is delightful to watch. Ji Hyeok and Baek Eun Ho are portrayed as complete sweethearts, with Ji Hyeok shining in these episodes due to his selflessness in helping Kang Ji Won, and the confession scene is truly heart-flattering. Additionally, Hee Yeon's role as a supportive friend beside Ji Won has been an absolute treat.

One of the most humorous and well-executed points in the series was the ending of episode 6. Through the use of BTS' future hit songs, Dynamite and Spring Day, Ji Won and Ji Hyeok accidentally reveal to each other that they are from the future. The scene is so lighthearted and funny that the delivery of one of the biggest revelations in the show becomes a complete highlight and steals the spotlight in these two episodes. Now that they are aware of each other's past, it will be intriguing to see how they proceed with Ji Won's revenge.

Acting Performances in episode 5 and 6

Na In Woo truly stood out and stole the scenes in these two episodes. His portrayal of Ji Hyeok, his care for Ji Won, and his selfless love made him a complete star. Na In Woo was not only serving looks visually but also delivering an overall treat with his exceptional acting. Park Min Young too showcased her acting prowess as Kang Ji Won, proving to be a force with her stunning and strong performance. The dedication and effort she brings to the role are evident, making it easy for viewers to relate to and root for Kang Ji Won. Her remarkable facial expressions and acting skills make us cheer for her every step of the way.


Lee Yi Kyung continues to excel in his role as the dimwitted Park Min Hwan, portraying him as the biggest self-centered and hypocritical character in the show. His entire aura makes you perceive him as a detestable villain, and the way he mistreats Ji Won despite getting closer to Soo Min adds to his hypocrisy, evoking strong negative emotions.

Song Ha Yoon truly embodies the cunning and detestable villain who hides behind a mask. Her manipulation of characters like Kim and Yang to ensure everything goes against Ji Won is portrayed exceptionally well. Ha Yoon delivers this type of character with precision, making her a convincing and formidable antagonist in the story.

Lee Yi Gwang and Choi Gyu Ri bring delightful energy to the screen with their sunshine personalities. Every time they appear on-screen, their presence instantly lifts the mood and adds a positive vibe to the narrative.

How different are episodes 5 and 6 of Marry My Husband from Webtoon?

Many episodes of the series have diverged from the Webtoon, introducing its own unique touch and a fresh sense of storytelling. Some changes have proven to be amazing; for example, Ji Hyeok in the series is portrayed as a much greener flag, straightforward, and kinder to Ji Won than in the Webtoon, making him even more likable. The way they first met is also different, and their past connection seems sweeter and more feasible than it was in the Webtoon. Additionally, Eun Ho and Hee Yeon meet much earlier in the series than in the Webtoon, allowing their plot to develop differently as well.

While some changes in the series have been positively received, others might not have lived up to the standards set by the Webtoon. For instance, the whole proposal plot, which was Ji Won's master plan in the Webtoon and a central storyline, felt fast-paced and significantly different in the series. Yang Joo Ran's character, one of Ji Won's biggest supporters in the Webtoon, appears more indecisive and timid in the series, easily falling victim to other people's manipulation. Ji Hyeok's belief that he might die in the coming years, a plot point not present in the Webtoon, adds a different dimension to his character in the series.


Despite the differences, there seems to be a good balance in the series, with certain plots introduced earlier than they were in the Webtoon to tie it up neatly at the end. It will be interesting to see how the story progresses, keeping viewers engaged with the twists and turns introduced in this adaptation.

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