Project K: From Prabhas to Deepika Padukone, here’s how much actors are getting paid

Not just the star cast, but the budget of Nag Ashwin’s Project K is also getting bigger. Each member of the cast has been paid a hefty amount for their participation in the film.

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 (PC: Pinkvilla)
Nag Ashwin’s Project K: From Prabhas to Deepika, here’s how much actors are getting paid (PC: Pinkvilla)
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The budgets allotted to our homegrown movies have gone to a whole new level in recent times. At present, budget is not a hurdle for a filmmaker to craft a world in theaters that is close to the one they had in mind. This is indeed true for Nag Ashwin’s upcoming directorial venture, Project K.

The talented filmmaker is leaving no stone unturned to create the ideal setting for his highly anticipated film. Starting with the cast, which comprises actors at the top of their games, Nag Ashwin seems to not rest until he creates a film beyond all expectations. 

The cast including Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, Deepika Padukone, and Disha Patani is enough to pull people into theaters. And to no one's surprise, a huge chunk of money has been spent to get these huge stars on board.

 The Budget 

This film is made by a talented filmmaker, so the chances of it being a worth-watch are high, as are the chances of it being a box office success, owing to the long list of crowd-pulling cast. 


Reportedly, 600 crores is being spent to make this multi-starrer film. The production cost is rumored to be 400 crores, while the actors' remuneration for the film is more than 200 crore. 


Well, this certainly adds Project K to the list of films that can be called the most expensive in Indian cinema. 

Actors and their remuneration

In recent years, audiences have become more interested in the process of making a film. They want to know who works behind the scenes, who is the director, and who is on the technical staff. One aspect that seems to interest many is how much each actor has been paid for their respective roles, especially when the film in question has an ensemble cast. 

There have been rumors floating around about the reported remuneration that each of the stars received for the film. As the film's cast consists of a list of popular faces, the interest of fans is a little too high for this one. 

As per the reports, Amitabh Bachchan has been paid 18 crore for the film, while Kamal Hassan has been paid 20 crore. Their co-actors in the film, Deepika Padukone and Disha Patani, have been reportedly paid 20 crore and 2 crore, respectively. But none of their remunerations comes close to that of its leading man, Prabhas, who has allegedly charged a whopping 150 crores for the film.

The curious case of Prabhas and film budgets

The failure of his last three releases does not seem to have impacted Prabhas in the slightest way. Even though his last three releases flopped owing to the problems in the film, the crowd did initially come in to watch the film due to the star power of the leading man. That may also be the reason why Prabhas has been paid such a hefty amount. Well, let’s just hope he finally gets a film that stays true to his star power and charisma. 

If rumors are to be believed, Prabhas charged 100 crores for Adipurush and a similar amount for his release before that, Radhe Shyam. The actor was paid 70 crores for  Saaho.

All signs point to the fact that Project K is just the film that can help the actor turn around his career. 

Project K poster

Project K has everything 

For a film to be a box office winner, there are multiple factors that have to turn out right. But what is the most crucial ingredient for a film to be deemed a success? There can be several answers to this question. Some may say the acting performances, while others may pinpoint good writing. Project K scores in the former as well as the latter. It is written by the same person who also wrote Mahanati, and it has a stellar cast about whom a lot has already been said.


Project K is one of those rare films that has everything going in the right direction for it.

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