Will Song Joong Ki's Vincenzo be getting a season 2? Here's what we know; Ending explained

Vincenzo has officially ended and fans are left clamoring for the second season already!
A still image from Vincenzo starring Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin. A still image from Vincenzo starring Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin, courtesy of Studio Dragon
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Vincenzo has officially come to an end after a rollercoaster ride of emotions, laughter, love, and revenge. Featuring one of the best slow-burn romances in the history of K-Dramas, the final episode was strongly poignant on the one hand, heartbreaking on the other and overall the most magnificent ending ever. To summarise, Hong Cha Young gets shot in the shoulder, Han Seo sacrifices his life for Vincenzo and passes away, Vincenzo wraps everything up nice and clean, with Choi Myung Hee and Jang Han Seok receiving fitting torture and subsequent death for their crimes. The entire world mourned for Han Seo and cheered for Vincenzo. He escapes South Korea and goes back to take care of his Mafia family, only to return a year later as the Mafia Boss. He mentions that he now owns a private island in Malta, a refuge for exhausted fighters, family and most importantly, a place for healing. Hong Cha Young and Vincenzo kiss, initiated by Vincenzo first and then Hong Cha Young. Even though the episode leaves us at that, a confession and a kiss, it also deliberately hangs the temptation of a second season in front of us. 

As Vincenzo signs off, he makes sure to mention that he's still a villain - one that cleans up the scum of the earth and that he will continue to do so because as long as evil exists, Vincenzo will too. We're given a little too much detail about what's to come in Vincenzo's life and just enough about Hong Cha Young and Vincenzo's romantic future. While it is a clean ending, episode 20 is definitely not THE end. Now, whether this narrative will be extended into a second season is undoubtedly a question whose answer is beyond us but if we were to guess, it is most probably not happening any time soon. Firstly, it is incredibly difficult to get the same cast together owing to their varied schedules, and secondly, such a grand scale production comes once in a lifetime. This was perhaps also the reason why Vagabond never got a second season even though the final episode for it was all but set up for a season 2. As such, while it would be a beautiful daydream to imagine a second season, for now, it is a daydream nonetheless. 

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Anonymous 10 hours ago

Love to see more of Vincenzo and HCY , they are such a fun couple to watch, very natural chemistry

Anonymous 2 days ago

Even after watching many kdramas Descendants Of The Sun was always my top drama. But now Vincenzo took that throne. I have never wanted a season 2 this bad for any other drama I watched. Song Joong Ki was my favorite actor from DOTS and now Jeon Yeo been is my favorite actress. Their chemistry is on fire. It's unmatched. I desperately want a season 2 but 90 % we won't be getting a season 2.

Anonymous 2 days ago

They are perfect for each other not only in the movie, but it real life couple that is surely will last because they both believe in the importance of family, to love faithfully, and to take care one another. In this instance, one of them has to give up a career to be with the person you love and care and to support each other no matter what... :)

Anonymous 3 days ago

I really want a second season of Vincenzo...I just loved it♡♡

Anonymous 3 days ago

I really wish vincenzo is going to have a season 2

Anonymous 4 days ago

He and she are fine actors. He’s my favorite actor.