EXCLUSIVE: Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia on personal nostalgia & everything that makes her collection a glorious one

We quizzed Designer Prreeti Jain Nainutia, the founder of 'Nirmooha' to drop some tea on her latest collection. From design techniques to ways to style an outfit from 'Retro spection', here are all the deets you need.

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EXCLUSIVE: Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia on personal nostalgia & everything that makes her collection a glorious one
EXCLUSIVE: Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia on personal nostalgia & everything that makes her collection a glorious one

If you're so into the retro style, we get why it is an undying penchant. It was last week when Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia, designer of 'NIRMOOHA' re-acquainted us with the glam of the 60s at the FDCI x LFW on day 5. Her collection, 'Retro-spection' also came wrapped with the Bohemian style. It was an eye-arresting show for every fashion bug. 

Prreeti has often taken the leap to prioritise the empowerment of women as well as promote Indian Crafts at a greater length by choosing the sustainable fashion route that protects the beauty of our environment and the rich culture we hold. The tone of her designs often embodies exceptional embroideries, colours, and patterns all of which see the light of day with the adept work put forth by artisans of India. She often draws inspiration from the global world to provide the best outfits and accessories for the world. 

‘Retro-spection’ was the one collection that recently fed the wanderlust in us to grow a level higher. While we journeyed through the nostalgic trip one western outfit at a time, we stumbled upon sparkly sequins, floral embroidery, complex prints, vibrant colours, frayed fabric belts, jumpsuits with a harness made of thick threads, and more than made gorgeous appearances with the so 2021 update. 


Post the show we caught up with the woman behind this genius of a collection who put every bit of her heart to offer something intriguing to the world.

1) What’s the purpose behind having chosen the retro route for Lakme Fashion Week? 

It's always a warm feeling to recreate energies in fashion. Retro is that era people cannot detach themselves from so why not fuse classics with something new? It is a flashback in a trending language of style.

2) Where does the inspiration stem from? 

The collection was born out of personal nostalgia. Going through family albums in the 2nd lockdown fascinated me with the daring and fun styles of the 60s and 70s. The old-school retro glamour attracted me the most. It was my homage to the carefree and experimental fashion choices of the original street style to the retro period. 

3) How would you associate Nirmooha with 'Retro-spection'?


Mixing embroideries with modern requirements is quite a trick and Nirmooha practices the best techniques to make it happen. Retrospection is such a way to express this indefinite beauty in design as Nirmooha's USP.

4) Since bralettes are quick to enter many closets today, can you give us 4 tips on the unique ways to style the embroidered bralette with waist tie-up from this collection?

1) Always pair it with an accessory.

2) Bralette would look great over a plain chiffon saree with an embroidered waist belt. 

3) Bralette with skinny ankle-length jeans and strappy sandals for lunch. It’ll look great!

4) Bralette teamed with a cool tiered gypsy skirt is a fantastic option for Mehendi functions.

5) Which is your most favourite accessory or outfit under the 'Retro-spection' collection? 

My favourite accessories would be our corded harnesses. They look bold and are absolute head turners. Team it with even a basic white shirt and you are sure to make a bold statement. 


6) To bring this collection into reality, have you used new techniques of designing? 

Yes, techniques like cording and pleating run well on such fabrics. Consumes a lot of time but results are fruitful.

7) What message do you have to share with people who fear experimenting with prints, bright hues, and shimmery outfits or accessories?

It's now or never. Life is short so take that risk and enjoy the process. Why play safe when we have so many elements to explore, play, and indulge in fashion?

8) What makes this new collection stand out from the rest of Bohemian-inspired creations?

It has citrusy hues that are magical to experiment with when it comes to sassy cuts in both men's and women's wear.

9) Is there anything you wished you could add to this collection post its launch? 

As a capsule it completes itself perfectly but adding Indian charm to it will prove it to be exceptional. Maybe we will come up with that. A few more outfits for men and a festive rendition of the same concept is in the pipeline. Some cool sarees, light-weight, and fun Indian wear. 

10) How would you sum up the effort that went into making this collection live? 


Compared to the final look, I love to emerge myself completely in the process that goes into making each outfit. It was an effort to blend new cuts with retro moves. It feels like a disco in summer and the colours are super cool to wear.

Did you like this collection? Which is your favourite pick? Let us know in the comments below. 

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