Carnie Wilson Weight Loss: How She Dropped 40 Pounds without Ozempic!

Carnie Wilson’s weight loss story proves that making small changes in the diet can go a long way in losing weight and sustaining it. Here’s how she lost 40 lbs.

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 Carnie Wilson Weight Loss Secrets Revealed
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In most cases, successful weight loss stories start with a ‘Why.’ Some people want to shed weight to deal with their health issues while others just want to get into a fitter shape and feel better. In the case of Carnie Wilson, it was both! Carnie Wilson's weight loss journey began in 2023 after she went through “gastrointestinal hell” and wanted to ditch poor dietary habits to be healthier. 

With a well-balanced diet, Wilson successfully lost 40 lbs and flaunted her figure in 2024 via her Instagram handle. She spilled the beans on how she lost weight, crediting her success to a sugar and gluten-free diet. 

For all those trying to slim down, Carnie’s weight loss story can prove to lift their spirits and inspire them to indulge in healthy food habits. Want to get all the deets on how the popular star lost weight, getting answers to the questions, “Did Carnie Wilson have weight loss surgery” or “Did Carnie use Ozempic?” — well, here we have answers to all the questions, diving deep into the singer’s amazing weight loss transformation. Let’s get started! 


Who Is Carnie Wilson?



Known as a fantabulous singer, songwriter, and TV personality, Carnie Wilson started her career in 1989, as a co-founder of Wilson Phillips, a pop music trio with her sister Wendy. She started hosting shows and appearing as a guest star after 1995. 


Today, she is a renowned name in the music and television industry, and has various hit albums to her name, including Hey, Santa!, The Wilsons, and Christmas in Harmony. Apart from being a singer and TV personality, Carnie has ventured into business adventures too — she along with her childhood friend Tiffany Miller, launched Love Bites by Carnie, a bakery in Portland that makes gourmet cookies. 

She got married to Robert Bonfigilo, a musician and producer in 2000. The couple are blessed with two daughters. 


Carnie Wilson Profile


Name: Carnie Wilson

Date of Birth: April 29, 1968

Age: 56

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, television host, baker, co-founder of Love Bites by Carnie

Carrie has never shied away from discussing her health journey in front of the public — in 2013, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. This condition is characterized by a sudden onset of muscle weakness on one half of the face and is usually treated by the help of medicines and physiotherapy (1).


She also underwent surgeries (more on that later) and shed 40 pounds to get fitter. Here’s everything about Carnie Wilson's weight loss journey!


Carnie Wilson Weight Loss Success Story Unraveled



Carnie after going through various health battles like gastrointestinal problems and joint pain, decided that she needed to take things into her own hands and change the way she eats. In an interview, she expressed that there was a voice in her head and she knew she had to focus on dietary changes for her health. 

She knew that the journey wouldn’t be easy, but she was determined to embark on it and bid adieu to the health issues she was facing. What diet plan did she incorporate? Let's know that in detail below!


Carnie Wilson’s Dietary Changes for Weight Loss



The singer and songwriter revealed that she eliminated added sugars and gluten from her diet – two food items that were triggering her digestive issues. Gluten, a protein found in wheat plants and other grains, is commonly used all around the world. However, it has its own benefits — consuming gluten-rich foods when you have a sensitive gut can make the condition worse and cause gastrointestinal side effects. 


Gluten is known to trigger the symptoms of IBS and other inflammatory intestinal disorders, which is why people with weak digestion or gluten sensitivity often minimize or completely eliminate the use of gluten in their diet (2). 

Since Carnie was facing gut health problems, she decided to ditch gluten. However, not everyone needs to do that — gluten has several health benefits too — it provides people with proteins and other healthy nutrients. 

A gluten-free diet is a necessary approach for people with celiac disease or other gut-related issues. Hence, talking to your doctor first is important before going for a gluten-free diet (2).



Other than gluten, added sugars were another thing that Carnie said no to for achieving her fitness goals. There is no denying the fact that added sugars are a major culprit in today’s times and contribute majorly to obesity, heart problems, inflammation, fatty liver disease, and so on (3). 

While naturally occurring sugars in fruits help the body get its nutrients, added sugars do the complete opposite — hence, removing these from the diet is always a good move. 

Other than this, Carnie stopped consuming butter — butter contains saturated fats that increase cholesterol, giving an invitation to a plethora of health problems (4). 




Healthy food items became her BFF during the weight loss journey — she revealed that she loves eating blueberries, turkey bacon, cottage cheese, and nuts for breakfast. Carrots and hardboiled eggs are other go-to dishes for her. 

Wilson admitted that she has been incorporating more fat into her diet with nuts and cheese, but cutting down on these food items for some time proved to be a game-changer. She stated that she believes in being realistic when it comes to changing dietary habits and that she has adjusted her eating habits to satisfy her taste buds but not in an extreme way. 

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Carnie didn’t hesitate to confess that the weight loss journey wasn’t easy for her because food literally became an addiction for her. She revealed that she used food as an excuse to manage her emotions and sugar became her “kryptonite.” 

But once she ditched it — the process became easier. Having said that, she sometimes gives in to her food cravings as well — after all, weight loss doesn’t mean you always deprive yourself of your favorite foods.

She confessed that she eats corn tortillas, not flour ones, and also eats brown rice — and that she doesn’t deprive herself of any food items. It’s just she doesn’t eat sugar or gluten and cuts down on fats. 


However, the cooking show host misses eating bagels — in an interview, she revealed that she doesn’t get that enjoyable feeling with gluten-free bagels as they are not really the same as regular bagels. Further, she said that it’s good that she is not tempted anymore and has control over her hunger pangs and cravings. 



Wilson feels delighted after losing 40 pounds and calls the journey a “miracle.” Plus, she is committed to her diet and said it’s not temporary and she wants this to be forever! 

But did diet alone help her lose weight or did Wilson indulge in a specific workout to execute her weight loss plan? Let’s find out!


Carnie Wilson’s Fitness Routine



Carnie Wilson solely relied on dietary changes to lose weight. Having said that, she is well aware of the importance of a fitness routine and shared that she needs to start exercising more to be lean and fit. Her exact fitness routine is unknown — however, most people resort to cardio exercises, hiking, pilates, and high-intensity interval training for weight loss (5). 


Did Carnie Wilson Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Yes, Wilson underwent bariatric surgery, a surgical procedure done to manage obesity when diet and exercise alone haven’t worked — she got the surgery done when she weighed about 310 pounds. But this time, she lost weight with diet changes. 


Carnie Wilson Opinion on Ozempic



Ozempic is a medicine used to manage blood sugar levels, while it’s not solely for weight loss, it can help lose some weight (6). This weight loss drug is quite a rage among celebrities, with many of them using it to get into a slimmer shape. 

However, Carnie didn’t want to use it — despite her doctor suggesting she to use it and curb her appetite, she was highly scared of the potential side effects and didn’t want to take a chance. In an interview, she said that even though the drug works for some people, given the fact that she has had gastric bypass surgery and a lap-band surgery, she didn’t want to take any chances. She wanted to lose weight the healthy way, which she did! 


What Does Carnie Wilson Have to Say to Those Trying to Lose Weight?


Wilson is blessed to have her family’s back — she revealed that she had her family’s support during the impressive weight loss journey, which was an encouragement for her. 


As someone who was teased for being overweight, she wants people to spread kindness instead of negativity. She candidly revealed that when she was body shamed, her mother would tell her to be confident and feel good about herself. Carnie advises people to be kind, focus on their well-being, and feel happy and grateful. 


Carnie Wilson Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Carnie proved that achieving weight loss goals is possible if you are determined to make some changes in your lifestyle. Her unwavering dedication made her lose 40 lbs and she felt really happy about the success. Below is the amazing 40-pound weight loss transformation of the American singer and songwriter!








There are a few weight loss stories like that of Carnie Wilson that help people find light in the darkness — where the world is running behind fad diets and quick fixes, she decided to take it slow and lose weight healthily. 

By ditching added sugars, butter, and gluten from her diet — she managed to lose 40 pounds. And she isn’t stopping — Wilson revealed that she wants to be fit and healthy always and hence will be upgrading her exercise regimen. Anyone trying to manage their body weight can look for motivation from Carnie Wilson's weight loss story and embark on a healthy journey to stay fit and happy. 



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